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Frederick William Strange
2013 Arizona Cardinals season
1780 in sports
Alberto Ognjen triga
1781 in sports
2013 Houston Texans season
1782 in sports
John Sugden
Joe Sullivan (shortstop)
1783 in sports
Fleury Sullivan
1784 in sports
1785 in sports
Mary Anne Swainson
NFC Championship Game
Edvard Swartz
1788 in sports
Lajos Szikszai
Joseph Taillefer
1789 in sports
Georgia Dome
1791 in sports
1792 in sports
1793 in sports
1794 in sports
Asa Wentworth Tenney
1795 in sports
1796 in sports
Bayview 2DHunters Point, San Francisco
1797 in sports
1798 in sports
1799 in sports
1800 in sports
1802 in sports
1803 in sports
1804 in sports
1805 in sports
1806 in sports
1807 in sports
James Pyke Thompson
1808 in sports
1809 in sports
Walter F. Thornton
1810 in sports
List of defunct San Francisco Municipal Railway lines
1811 in sports
Nicolas Auguste Tissot
1813 in sports
1815 in sports
Pascal Tosi
Hunters View
1817 in sports
1818 in sports
1819 in sports
Josef Maty Trenkwald
Vittore Benedetto Antonio Trevisan de Saint 2DL on
1821 in sports
Timeline of San Francisco
1822 in sports
1823 in sports
R gis de Trobriand
1824 in sports
James Hammond Trumbull
1915 American Grand Prize
National Register of Historic Places listings in Mendocino County, California
John Randolph Tucker (politician)
1997 Webby Awards
Travers Twiss
1827 in sports
Alameda 2Dclass ferry
List of museums in the San Francisco Bay Area
1829 in sports
Apollo (storeship)
1830 in sports
1831 in sports
1832 in sports
Edwin Atherton
Gregorio Urrutia
1833 in sports
Uryu Iwako
California Historical Landmarks in Mendocino County, California
1834 in sports
Bank of Italy (United States)
1835 in sports
tienne Vacherot
1836 in sports
Bank of Lucas, Turner 26 Co.
List of breweries in California
1837 in sports
Pierre 2DVincent Valin
1838 in sports
Philip Vallance (cricketer, born 1803)
List of museums in the North Coast (California)
Berkeley (ferryboat)
1839 in sports
Tehama County, California
Glenn County, California
Jos Vel squez B rquez
Cummings, Mendocino County, California
Black Hawk (nightclub)
1842 in sports
Crowley, Mendocino County, California
1843 in sports
Merced County, California
1844 in sports
Farley, Mendocino County, California
1845 in sports
1846 in sports
Otto Volger
Bed ich Wachsmann
1848 in sports
Leonard Eugene Wales
1851 in sports
Camp Alert (California)
1852 in sports
Carter v. Burr
National Register of Historic Places architectural style categories
1854 in sports
National Register of Historic Places listings in the United States Minor Outlying Islands
1855 in sports
Christopher A. Walrath
1858 in sports
1859 in sports
1860 in sports
1861 in sports
James M. Warner
Robert Warren (Irish politician)
United States Senate elections, 2008
James F. Watson
Cooper Manufacturing Co. v. Ferguson
1864 in sports
Cosco Busan oil spill
United States Senate elections, 2006
John Watt (Australian politician)
Wilhelm Wattenbach
United States Senate elections, 1972
1866 in sports
United States Senate elections, 2004
Fred Weightman
1868 in sports
Stephen G. Wentworth
Abraham Carel Wertheim
Walter Westbrook
James Talboys Wheeler
1872 in sports
James Bain White
William Wickham (1831 1897)
The Eighth Promise
1875 in sports
Nelson G. Williams
Embarcadero (San Francisco)
1877 in sports
Newt Gingrich presidential campaign, 2012
1878 in sports
1879 in sports
William Wilson (mayor)
Contract with America
Flatiron Building (San Francisco)
William Charles Windeyer
Tiberius Cornelis Winkler
1881 in sports
A Contract with the Earth
Friedrich August Theodor Winnecke
Christian Wilhelm Wisbech
Ernst Witkamp
1883 in sports
Bickford's (restaurant)
1884 in sports
Statewide opinion polling for the Republican Party presidential primaries, January 2012
1886 in sports
1887 in sports
Laurin D. Woodworth
1889 in sports
Ephraim Milton Woomer
Charles B. Woram
Statewide opinion polling for the Republican Party presidential primaries, 2008
1890 in sports
Ashley B. Wright
1891 in sports
H. E. Wright
Myron Benjamin Wright
United States congressional delegations from Georgia
Yamaji Motoharu
Yang Changjun
Hetch Hetchy
Flaviano Yengko
Cook Partisan Voting Index
Charlie Yingling
Katherine Harris
United States House of Representatives elections in Oregon, 2010
Richard Youl
Hong Took Tong Chinese Dramatic Company
United States House of Representatives elections in Georgia, 2002
1900 in sports
United States House of Representatives elections in Georgia, 2004
John Matthew Wilson Young
Gregory II Youssef
Georgia's 4th congressional district
House of Air
Frederick Zetteler
Georgia's 11th congressional district
United States presidential election in South Carolina, 2008
United States presidential election in Michigan, 2012
1905 in sports
George Gammon Adams
Mary Adams (educator)
1907 in sports
Nikolay Afanasyev (composer)
United States presidential election in Alabama, 2008
Lesbian Gay Chorus of San Francisco
James Talbot Airey
Lone Mountain (California)
United States presidential election in Georgia, 2008
United States presidential election in South Carolina, 2004
Isabel Maria de Alc ntara, Duchess of Goi s
Charles Alford
Katherine Corri Harris
Katherine Harris (disambiguation)
Katherine Safford Harris
1916 in sports
Jack Allan (golfer)
Market Street Railway (transit operator)
George Baugh Allen
Market Street (San Francisco)
Mayoralty of Gavin Newsom
John Campbell Allen
Vern Buchanan
1920 in sports
George Allman (natural historian)
Ferm n Mar a lvarez
Jan Schneider
1922 in sports
Jos lvarez de Toledo y Acu a
1923 in sports
Melrose (ferry)
Carlie's Law
1926 in sports
The Mother of All Demos
William Anderson (Australian politician born 1853)
Sandra Mortham
William Anderson (engineer)
1929 in sports
1930 in sports
Niantic (whaling vessel)
1931 in sports
Focus (2001 film)
Adolphe Appian
Ocean Shore Railroad
1934 in sports
1935 in sports
Ernest R. Atwater
1939 in sports
Johann Jakob Balmer
William J. Quinn
Cathrinus Bang
Blue Velvet (soundtrack)
1942 in sports
Polly Barber
Recreation Park (San Francisco)
Abraham Andrews Barker
Henry Barkly
douard 2DAndr Barnard
1943 in sports
1944 in sports
The Saloon
Richard Barrett (Medal of Honor)
Hannah Ward Barron
San Francisco Air Defense Region
1947 in sports
San Francisco Artists and Writers Union
San Francisco Belt Railroad
1949 in sports
Georg Baur
San Francisco Comedy Condo
Erasmus W. Beck
William Sully Beebe
1956 in sports
Enlightenment in Western secular tradition
Enlightened moderation
Caspar Wistar Bell
1959 in sports
Network of enlightened Women
Enlightened People's Communist Party
Harry Bennett (cricketer)
1962 in sports
Santa Fe Railroad Tugboats
Nicholas Benois
Edward Hammond Bentall
1964 in sports
Shrimp Louie
Sierra Nevada (ferry)
1965 in sports
An g mi
Soon Hing v. Crowley
1967 in sports
Southern Pacific Transportation Company
Pyotr Bessonov
John S. Bigby
Joseph Strauss (engineer)
Thomas Bignall
Pieter Claude Bijleveld
1941 in Afghanistan
Switched 2DOn
Charles Blakiston
Women in conservatism in the United States
Henry Flesher Bland
Robert Blee
Business credit reports
Working Girls' Vacation Society Historic District
Axel Gudbrand Blytt
Edward August Bond
Edward Augustus Bond
Transamerica Corporation
Charles Booth (footballer)
Carl Borckenhagen
1982 in sports
Valencia Tool 26 Die
1984 in sports
George Bourchier (Indian Army officer)
1986 in sports
1987 in sports
Pervez Musharraf
1988 in sports
Isaac Bradford
1989 in sports
1990 in sports
1991 in sports
1992 in sports
1993 in sports
Samuel Myron Brainerd
1995 in sports
Bhagvat Singh
Alhambra Theatre (San Francisco)
1998 in sports
Noah Weinberg
Alphonse Briart
History of the Jews in Europe
Calvin S. Brice
2002 in sports
Big Al's
Borel 26 Co.
Military history of Europe
Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption
2006 in sports
Charles Hunter Brown
2007 in sports
John Brewer Brown
John H. Brown (Medal of Honor)
Magill's History of Europe
William Brown (New Zealand politician)
2009 in sports
2010 in sports
Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe
2012 in sports
Feusier Octagon House
2013 in sports
House of European History
Flood Building
Fog City Diner
2017 in sports
Fort Mason
Theodore Weld Burdick
2024 in sports
Isidor Bush
History of European consuls in the Ottoman Empire
Fyodor Buslaev
Hotaling Building
1999 2000 NFL playoffs
2000 Arena Football League season
James Lick Baths
2000 NFL season
Lombard Street (San Francisco)
John R. Calhoun
2000 Vaahteraliiga season
Louise M. Davies Symphony Hall
Henry Callbeck
Macondray Lane
Maritime Hall
1933 Major League Baseball season
George Campbell (footballer, born 1871)
McElroy Octagon House
1991 National League Championship Series
Pop Tate (baseball)
Ernest Cand ze
Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theatre
1932 Cincinnati Reds season
1992 National League Championship Series
Cobb Field
Gaetano Capocci
1932 Major League Baseball season
1932 Cleveland Indians season
1994 SEC Championship Game
Orpheum Theatre (San Francisco)
Chichester Parkinson 2DFortescue, 1st Baron Carlingford
1995 SEC Championship Game
Cyrus C. Carpenter
1996 National League Championship Series
Pier 35 (San Francisco)
1996 SEC Championship Game
Teodoro Caruel
Tichborne case
Rincon Center
1996 Summer Paralympics
Duncan Spears Casper
1932 NSWRFL season
Ritz 2DCarlton Club and Residences
1997 National League Championship Series
Samuel Bradford Caswell
1997 SEC Championship Game
Roxie Theater
Princess Catherine of W rttemberg
1998 National League Championship Series
Westin St. Francis
Patricia Dench
John Campbell, 2nd Earl Cawdor
Knut Bj rnsen
1998 SEC Championship Game
St. Patrick's Catholic Church, San Francisco
St. Paul's Catholic Church (San Francisco)
Mario V zquez Ra a
Saints Peter and Paul Church, San Francisco
San Francisco Armory
San Francisco Botanical Garden
San Francisco Cable Car Museum
Hebrew Benevolent Congregation Temple bombing
Buck Choquette
1932 NFL season
Super Bowl XXVIII
Louis K. Church
1935 NFL Championship Game
Jeremiah Watkins Clapp
American Sports Holiday
One 2Dgame playoff
James Clark (businessman)
Josiah Latimer Clark
Merritt Clark
James Vincent Cleary
National Football League lore
Samuel Clowes (Conservative politician)
Super Bowl II
Seal Rocks (San Francisco, California)
Super Bowl III
Stanford Court Hotel
1932 Portsmouth Spartans season
Abraham Code
Super Bowl VI
Super Bowl VIII
1932 New York Giants season
1920 APFA season
1932 Green Bay Packers season
1920 Cleveland Tigers (NFL) season
War Memorial Opera House
Akron Pros
Super Bowl XII
Wave Organ
Ned Connor
Super Bowl XV
Thomas M. Cooley
Super Bowl XVII
Jonathan Cooper (priest)
Canton Bulldogs
Pottsville Maroons
National Register of Historic Places listings in Alpine County, California
All 2DPro
Robert Coote (Royal Navy officer)
National Register of Historic Places listings in Amador County, California
Davey Cope
National Register of Historic Places listings in Butte County, California
Mart n Corchado
Fernando Cos 2DGay n
Sid Bennett
National Register of Historic Places listings in Colusa County, California
Art Webb
Charles Cecil Cotes
National Register of Historic Places listings in Del Norte County, California
Aaron H. Cragin
National Register of Historic Places listings in Fresno County, California
Joaqu n Crespo
National Register of Historic Places listings in Glenn County, California
Super Bowl XXXII
Super Bowl XXXIII
National Register of Historic Places listings in Inyo County, California
George Cull
National Register of Historic Places listings in Kern County, California
National Register of Historic Places listings in Kings County, California
1990 NFL season
National Register of Historic Places listings in Lake County, California
Robert Lewis Dabney
Wilhelm Dames
Super Bowl XLIX
George Christian Darbyshire
1999 Arizona Cardinals season
1993 NFL season
1999 Atlanta Falcons season
National Register of Historic Places listings in Merced County, California
1999 Baltimore Ravens season
National Register of Historic Places listings in Modoc County, California
1999 Carolina Panthers season
1999 Chicago Bears season
Theophilus Harris Davies
1999 Cincinnati Bengals season
Varina Anne Davis
William G. M. Davis
1999 Cleveland Browns season
1999 Dallas Cowboys season
Jason Turner (sport shooter)
1999 Denver Broncos season
Oscar Veniah Dayton
1999 Detroit Lions season
Pierre Antoine Deblois
Georg von der Decken
1999 Jacksonville Jaguars season
National Register of Historic Places listings in Placer County, California
National Register of Historic Places listings in Plumas County, California
1999 Miami Dolphins season
Turner Broadcasting System Asia Pacific
National Register of Historic Places listings in Riverside County, California
Turner Broadcasting System Russia
1999 New Orleans Saints season
National Register of Historic Places listings in San Benito County, California
1999 New York Giants season
1999 New York Jets season
Achille Desurmont
Ted Turner (disambiguation)
Giuseppe Dezza
1999 Oakland Raiders season
John H. Dialogue
Public forum debate
Metody Patchev
1999 San Diego Chargers season
Leopold Ritter von Dittel
1999 Tampa Bay Buccaneers season
Monday Night Wars
Nikolai Dmitriev 2DOrenburgsky
South Carolina's 1st congressional district special election, 2013
William Charles Thomas Dobson
Anderson Packers
Thomas Pleasant Dockery
Billboard bicycle
National Register of Historic Places listings in Shasta County, California
Luis L. Dom nguez
Bluefield Blue Jays
Sarah Dougherty
National Register of Historic Places listings in Sierra County, California
Barn advertisement
Samuel T. Douglass
KK elik
National Register of Historic Places listings in Siskiyou County, California
Johann Georg Noel Dragendorff
National Register of Historic Places listings in Sonoma County, California
William Leworthy Goode Drew
National Register of Historic Places listings in Stanislaus County, California
Pierre Dufal
Martin Duke
National Register of Historic Places listings in Tehama County, California
National Register of Historic Places listings in Trinity County, California
Flavien Dupont
National Register of Historic Places listings in Tuolumne County, California
H. E. Eastman
National Register of Historic Places listings in Ventura County, California
Adalbert Ebner
Dromid Pearses GAA
National Register of Historic Places listings in Yolo County, California
HC Dynamo Moscow
National Register of Historic Places listings in Yuba County, California
Theodor Eimer
Jos de Elduayen, 1st Marquis of the Pazo de la Merced
Empress Elisabeth of Austria
Russell C. Elliott
Aquatic Park Historic District
Achille Emp raire
Mathilda Enequist
Richard Enraght
Highway beautification
First and Third Trinity Boat Club
Constantin Esarcu
C.A. Thayer (1895)
SS City of Rio de Janeiro
IL Gular
etvrti Jul
Gwardia Koszalin
En riktig jul
Eppleton Hall (1914)
HC 46 Bardejov
Min Jul
Jul i Valhal
Hokkaido Nippon 2DHam Fighters
Tjuvarnas jul
Cornelia Adele Strong Fassett
Iola Cubs
James C. Flood Mansion
SC Langenthal
Girls Club (San Francisco)
John Carson Febiger
Lochaber Camanachd
Hercules (1907)
Lufkin Foresters
Man 2DO 2DWar GAA
International Hotel (San Francisco)
Marlfield GAA
SS Jeremiah O'Brien
Miami Eagles
Miami Seahawks
Modesto Nuts
Myponga 2DSellicks Football Club
Newburgh Hummingbirds
USS Pampanito (SS 2D383)
Pioneer Trunk Factory 2DC. A. Malm 26 Co.
Oneonta Red Sox
Curry Foley
Ozark Eagles
St. John's Presbyterian Church (San Francisco, California)
St. Joseph's Hospital (San Francisco, California)
Patriotas de Venezuela
Arthur Forwood
Stephen Clark Foster
Sir John Fowler, 1st Baronet
San Francisco VA Medical Center
Princess Francisca of Brazil
Refstad 2DVeitvet IL
Ferryboat Santa Rosa
Sabios de Vargas
Luigi Frari
Swedenborgian Church (San Francisco, California)
Trinity Presbyterian Church (San Francisco, California)
KK Slavonski Brod
Tubbs Cordage Company Office Building
HC Spartak Moscow
United States Customhouse (San Francisco)
Percival Frost
Daniel Fitzgerald Gabbett
Swatragh GAC
Thomas Gamey
San Francisco Board of Supervisors election, 2008
Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod
Calixto Garc a
San Francisco County Jails
Thomas Garnier (cricketer)
Tredegar Ironsides RFC
Alexandre Gavard
Sports in the San Francisco Bay Area
Valley Rebels
AT 26T Park
Victoria Athletics
Robert Gibbons
Visalia Rawhide
Giuseppe Gibelli
2013 Atlanta Falcons season
Walden Hummingbirds
2013 Baltimore Ravens season
Frank S. Gile
Waterloo White Hawks
Yokogawa Musashino Atlastars
Gottlieb Gluge
2013 Cincinnati Bengals season
2013 Cleveland Browns season
John Stenhouse Goldie 2DTaubman
Georg Goltermann
2013 Miami Dolphins season
Louis Th odore Gouvy
2013 New York Giants season
George Goyder
Wallace Wilson Graham
William Gray (cricketer)
2013 St. Louis Rams season
2013 Tampa Bay Buccaneers season
2005 Arizona Cardinals season
Charles Vernon Gridley
1934 NFL Championship Game
1940 NFL Championship Game
2009 Tampa Bay Buccaneers season
1963 NFL Championship Game
1933 NFL Championship Game
1937 NFL Championship Game
1941 NFL Championship Game
David Gruby
2012 St. Louis Rams season
Lu s Caetano Pereira Guimar es J nior
Wilhelm von G mbel
2014 Atlanta Falcons season
Laura Gundersen
John Gunn (Manitoba politician)
1956 NFL Championship Game
George Gutteres
2014 Jacksonville Jaguars season
Arthur Gwynn
2014 Oakland Raiders season
Charlie Hackett
Joseph William Hadley
Alverno High School
Ludwig von Hagn
Bolsa Chica State Beach
Bothe 2DNapa Valley State Park
1957 NFL Championship Game
Bill Hague
John Peter El Hajj
A. Oakey Hall
Indoor Bowl
Legends Cup (LFL)
Joshua G. Hall
Granite Hills High School (El Cajon, California)
Karl Hals
1938 NFL Championship Game
1939 NFL Championship Game
Alexander L. Harris
Edward Francis Harris
James Morrison Harris
1944 NFL Championship Game
1945 NFL Championship Game
1947 NFL Championship Game
1948 NFL Championship Game
1949 NFL Championship Game
1950 NFL Championship Game
1955 NFL Championship Game
George Hedgeland
Miller Research Fellows
Tony Hellman
Miss U.S. International
George Helm (cricketer)
1959 NFL Championship Game
John N. Hendren
Anthony Henley, 3rd Baron Henley
1960 NFL Championship Game
Onizuka Air Force Station
1961 NFL Championship Game
1962 NFL Championship Game
San Carlos High School
Sonoma State University
Victor Valley College
Aristide Hignard
1967 NFL Championship Game
A. F. Hileman
Horace Hiller
1968 NFL Championship Game
Charles Mills, 1st Baron Hillingdon
Paul Hinschius
Chairman of Committee Outreach
Harriet Duncan Hobart
Dean of the United States Senate
W. M. Hodgkins
United States Senate Democratic Conference Secretary
Rams Stadium
Ion Hamilton, 1st Baron HolmPatrick
Party leaders of the United States Senate
Frederik Winkel Horn
Al Worthington Stadium
Boldizs r Horv t
Senate Republican Policy Committee
Durham Athletic Park
Whip (politics)
Chief Whip
James Humphrey (convict)
Ferdinand Hurter
Party Whip (Canada)
Nils Pedersen Igland
Public Whip
Ulster Unionist Chief Whip
Henry Van Ingen
1991 Pro Bowl
Charles Donald Jacob
Theodor Julius Jaff
Olympics Grounds
Leopold Janauschek
1990 Arena Football League season
Providence Park
Canceled NFL games
Ludmila Jeske 2DChoi ska 2DMikorska
Hugh J. Jewett
Watt Powell Park
1921 APFA season
Marcos Jim nez de la Espada
Johan Christian Johnsen
San Francisco Maritime National Park Association
John Wesley Johnson
1925 NFL season
1928 NFL season
John James Jones
1929 NFL season
Michael D. Jones
Candlestick Point State Recreation Area
Cayuga Park
Kanda Takahira
1934 NFL season
Simon Kayserling
Duboce Park
Robert Garlick Hill Kean
1937 NFL season
1938 NFL season
1939 NFL season
Harry Keeling
Grand View Park
Hubba Hideout
1943 NFL season
Lafayette Park (San Francisco)
1944 NFL season
1946 NFL season
Lands End (San Francisco)
Edward Shirley Kennedy
Levi's Plaza
Anton Kerner von Marilaun
Lincoln Park (San Francisco)
1949 NFL season
Thomas Kershaw
McLaren Park
Le n Kilat
Mount Olympus (San Francisco)
1954 NFL season
1955 NFL season
Panhandle (San Francisco)
William Kington
1957 NFL season
Pioneer Park (San Francisco)
Emil Kl en
Chauncey L. Knapp
Tank Hill
Georg K berle
1969 NFL season
V clav Kosm k
Aggie Field
1971 NFL season
Gavril Krastevich
1972 NFL season
1973 NFL season
Franciszek Krupi ski
Bernhard von Kugler
1974 NFL season
1975 NFL season
Citrus Stadium
Joseph Alexandre Laboulb ne
John Elway Stadium
lie Lacerte
Paul de Ladmirault
1980 NFL season
Matador Soccer Field
1982 NFL season
1983 NFL season
1984 NFL season
Pioneer Stadium
1985 NFL season
Hilary Landsberg
1986 NFL season
Johan Lange
1987 NFL season
Emil Victor Langlet
1988 NFL season
Striker's Den
1991 NFL season
Torero Stadium
Augustus Laver
1992 NFL season
Aurland Stadion
1995 NFL season
Avanhard Stadium (Lutsk)
Cairo International Stadium
1997 NFL season
William Leet
1998 NFL season
Diyarbak r Atat rk Stadium
East Pyongyang Stadium
Endeavour Field
2003 NFL season
2004 NFL season
2006 NFL season
Micha Hieronim Leszczyc 2DSumi ski
L. C. Walker Arena
David Levi (Italy)
McMorran Place
Sergey Lvovich Levitsky
2012 NFL season
Palace of Sports, Kiev
Henry Liddell
Jean Jules Linden
140 Proof
Johan Lindeqvist
Warwick Farm Raceway
James Girard Lindsley
Franz Xaver von Linsenmann
Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
Haight Street Grounds
Advertising education
Advertising elasticity of demand
Angelo Lo Jacono
Leopold Loeffler
Francis Longmore
Olympic Club
Justin Rolph Loomis
Advertising Producers Association
TPC Harding Park
Advertising Standards Authority (New Zealand)
Paco de Lucena
Ambient media
Attention (advertising)
Evan MacColl
Alexander Macfarlane (politician)
Isaac N. Mack
Eric Mackay
Muhammad Ali Madali
Black doll
Cidade Limpa
Black gay pride
Black Hebrew Israelites
Black is beautiful
Otto Malm
John Manners 2DSutton (1822 98)
William Murray, 4th Earl of Mansfield and Mansfield
Black school
Princess Maria Antonia of the Two Sicilies
Direct Agency Rep Electronic Connection
The Black World Today
Marie 2DEug nie de J sus
Educational advertisement
Call and response
Cost per mille
Luigia Massari
Do 2Drag
Thomas Leeke Massie
Isaac Master
East Oakland, Oakland, California
Fourth screen
K saku Matsumora
The Future of the Race
William Maule (rower)
Auguste 2DFran ois Maunoury
Simpson McCall
Dalton McCarthy
Issue advocacy ads
Charles A. O. McClellan
Mary Frances McCray
Johnson Box
Kids club
Thomas David Smith McDowell
Labour Isn't Working
Bob McFarlane (footballer)
Life as a BlackMan
Marketing spending
Kelly Starling Lyons
Media market
Mutual Black Network
Media planning
Frederick Milbank
Charles Oswald Miles
One sheet
Archibald Campbell Miller
Nkiru Center for Education and Culture
Caroline Miskel 2DHoyt
Patient recruitment
Henry Mitchell (mill owner)
Modesto Omiste Tinajeros
Charles Moehle
Samuel Mohilever
Post 2DBlackness
Elisha Capen Monk
Recruitment tool
John Israel Montefiore
Lovro Monti
Lorenzo Mont far y Rivera
John W. Moon
David Moore (Australian politician)
Orosm n Moratorio
Spoken word
Social advertising (social issues)
Ebenezer Tilton Moseley
Social advertising (social relationships)
The Talented Tenth
Sponsorship broker
Surround sessions
Henry Mumbrue
Fintan Mundwiler
Swipe file
Time 2Dcompressed speech
Charles Townshend Murdoch
Van lettering
J. C. Neville
Argentine Coca 2DCola billboard
San Francisco 8
Alfred Newman (jurist)
John G. Nichols
Friedrich August Berthold Nitzsch
Coca 2DCola billboard
Coca 2DCola sign
Digital billboard
Evelyn Hunter Nordhoff
Letras de Ponce
Stephen A. Northway
Miss Me Yet
Maurice Noualhier
Pelaco Sign
Truckside advertisement
Peter O'Brien (Medal of Honor)
Joseph O'Dwyer
Armored booth
Nazaire 2DNicolas Olivier
L on Oll 2DLaprune
Stanis aw Olszewski
John Joseph O'Neill (U.S. politician)
Boundary marker
Bus bulb
Bus stop
Thomas A. Osborn
Dennis McCann (author)
Clever Bins
Albert Oss
William Monson, 1st Viscount Oxenbridge
Collection plate (postal)
Bertha Merrill Holt
Curb cut
Charles 2DEug ne Panet
Alexandru Papadopol 2DCalimah
Fire hydrant
Four 2Dquadrant gate
Marcus Floyd
Grit bin
Guard rail
Letter box
Ludlow wall box
Lewis S. Payne
F lix P caut
Park furniture
Robert B. F. Peirce
Samuel Marshall Perry
Pay 2Dby 2Dplate parking
Pietro Pezzati (artist)
Post box
Henry B. Pierce
Frederick Thomas Pilkington
Regulatory sign
Edmund L. Pitts
Jacob Van Vechten Platto
Lyon Playfair, 1st Baron Playfair
Street clock
Ebenezer W. Poe
Shelley Berkley
Taxicab stand
Town sign
Traffic calming
Ashley Ponsonby
Traffic count
Maria Louise Pool
Traffic light
Andrei Alexandrovich Popov
Iris Faircloth Blitch
August Potthast
Tom Power
Matthew William Pruyn
Wallace fountain
Joan Baptista Pujol
Waste container
Mary Traill Spence Lowell Putnam
Giovanni Battista Quadrone
Levi Rackliffe
Corrine Brown
Ginny Brown 2DWaite
United States Senate Librarian
Kole Ra i
Leadership of the National Reconnaissance Office
Ludovico Raymond
William Rexter
Heinrich Ribbe
Otto Ribbeck
Robert Richardson 2DGardner
John Richmond (shortstop)
Cheri Bustos
Alfred Ridley
Oskar von Riesenthal
George Robertson (bookseller)
William J. Robertson
James Wallace Robinson
John Robinson (cricketer, born 1868)
Shelley Moore Capito
Theodorus Marinus Roest
Fran ois Roffiaen
Patrick Rogan (Wisconsin)
Yvette Clarke
August Rossbach
Philipp Roth
Henry Thomas Rainey
Alfred Rowland
Kathy Dahlkemper
George Read Sage
Giovanni Corbeddu Salis
Karl Ludwig Fridolin von Sandberger
John G. Sawyer
Susan Davis (politician)
Paul de Schl zer
Julius Schulhoff
Chase (instrumental)
College Basketball on CBS results
Johan J rgen Schwartz
College Football Association
John Scott (Queensland politician)
John M. Scott
Florence P. Dwyer
EliteXC Unfinished Business
John Selwyn (bishop)
Mega March Madness
Francis K. Shattuck
Men's college basketball on television
Joseph Shephard
John Troup Shewmake
Lawson Sibley
William E. Simms
National Football League on television
Robert Sinclair (locomotive engineer)
National Football League television blackout policies
Lakshmeshwar Singh
Harry Smith (infielder)
James M. Smith
James Somerville (Canadian politician, Bruce)
Sotirios Sotiropoulos
Alfred P. Southwick
Anna Blythe Speas
United States Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing on television
Robert Spurway
Ernest St. Leon
Constantin Stamati 2DCiurea
ABC Sport
Meaburn Staniland
Nine's Wide World of Sports
Luigi Steffani
Seven Sport
George Byng, 3rd Earl of Strafford
Martha Griffiths
Alexei Strolman
Call Me Ted
Electra (teletext)
Alexander Moody Stuart
Aatto Suppanen
Gerald Supple
Nikolay Svyatopolk 2DMirsky
Christopher Sykes (politician)
Manuel Tamayo y Baus
Allen Bestwick
Bleacher Report
Anton Tausche
Braves TBS Baseball
Fox Sports South
John Taylor (trader)
Alexander McDonald Thomson
Jaime Herrera Beutler
Andrew W. Tibbets
Bill Tierney (baseball)
Remember the Name
Zachris Topelius
Marty Snider
TNT Sunday Night Football results (1990 1997)
Franklin Townsend
William Henry Trescot
Pavel Tretyakov
Fort Wright (California)
Darlene Hooley
Nome Cult Trail
Winnifred Sprague Mason Huck
George Ulyett
Jos Miguel Vald s
National Register of Historic Places listings in Channel Islands National Park
Henry Smith Van Eaton
Joaqu n Vara del Rey y Rubio
National Register of Historic Places listings in Death Valley National Park
Wheelock G. Veazey
Marcy Kaptur
Guido Verbeck
Arthur Verdier
National Register of Historic Places listings in Lava Beds National Monument
Alexander Wadsworth (landscape designer)
Aaron E. Waite
Barbara B. Kennelly
John Walsh (bishop)
Henry Warre
William Wirt Watkins
James Swanton Waugh
Edward Noyes Westcott
Edward White (Free 2DChurch minister)
John Henry Ducachet Wingfield
Daniel Wise (author)
Philip Wodianer
Area code 707
John Wood (congressman)
Cat Mother 26 the All Night Newsboys
Thomas Wood (1815 98)
Charles W. Woodman
USS Mendocino (APA 2D100)
Mendocino County GMO Ban
Redwood Empire Food Bank
Ukiah Ambulance
Princess Augusta of W rttemberg
Hugh Wyndham (diplomat)
Timothy R. Young
Carl Zeller
Jean Antoine Zinnen
Transportation in the San Francisco Bay Area
Adolf Abrahamowicz
Pinocchio The Series
Julius Walker Adams
Michael Adams (politician)
Karin hlin
Gloria Negrete McLeod
Roger Bate
Albert Allen
George Allen (New Zealand politician)
Knut Alml f
Oakes Angier Ames
Gordon Binder
James R. Angel
Helen Stevenson Meyner
Giuseppe Angelelli
Barbara Mikulski
Mikhail Annenkov
Karlyn Bowman
Francesco Castracane degli Antelminelli
William Anthony (USMC)
Charles George Arbuthnot
William Humphrys Archdale
Benjamin Armitage
Christopher DeMuth
Marvin L. Esch
Billy Arnold (baseball)
Arthur Atkins (painter)
William Yates Atkinson
Oscar C. Badger
George Frederick Baird
Robert F. Greenhill
Loran Ellis Baker
Fredrik Glad Balchen
Mary Teresa Norton
Kenneth Lay
Edward Barnett (cricketer)
Joseph Nicholson Barney
New Atlantic Initiative
Robert Nisbet
Regulation (magazine)
Sophia Ann Bates
Michael Rubin
Francisco Bauz
Gary Schmitt
Charles Lewis Beale
Henry Somerset, 8th Duke of Beaufort
Frederick Beaumont
Rados aw Sikorski
Christina Hoff Sommers
George Bell (editor)
Joseph 2DHyacinthe Bellerose
Ole Bergesen (1832)
Edward Lyon Berthon
Baby Jessica case
Thomas L. Blanton
Felix Victor Birch 2DHirschfeld
John Black (Wisconsin politician)
Maurice Black (Australian politician)
W. Jasper Blackburn
Charles Diggs
Charles W. Blair
Robert M. Blair
Pat Saiki
John L. Blake
Edward Litt Laman Blanchard
Linda S nchez
Loretta Sanchez
Henry H. Bliss
Arthur Blomfield
Johann Otto Boeckeler
Jean 2DBaptiste Boffinton
Erik B gh
John Charles Bond 2DAndrews
Anthony Clarke Booth
Gerry Studds
Francisque Bouillier
James F. Bowman
Michael Davies (Catholic writer)
Jules Br sil
Domenico Bresolin
Thomas Edward Bridgett
Linda McMahon
Daniel Garrison Brinton
Joseph Brown (Missouri politician)
Christian Georg Br gger
Wilfrid 2D tienne Brunet
Alfred Bryan (illustrator)
Diego C. Asencio
Caspar Buberl
Jos Torres Bugall n
Henry Buker
J. Russell Bullock
Manuel Bulnes Pinto
James Redfoord Bulwer
James I. Christiancy
Daniel Dee Burnes
W. K. Burton
Julius Hermann Moritz Busch
Frank Butler (Negro leagues)
Steve Charnovitz
Jos Mar a Cabral
Eliodoro Camacho
Jean Baptiste Carnoy
Debbie Stabenow
Jos de Carvajal y Hu
Carlos Casado del Alisal
Paul Drennan Cravath
James S. Casey
Johan Christian Tandberg Castberg
William Smith Culbertson
Lasc r Catargiu
William H. Cate
James B. Chandler
Jessie Sumner
Lee A. Feinstein
Isabel Cheix
Charles 2DPhilippe de Chennevi res 2DPointel
Francis A. Chenoweth
Maurice R. Greenberg
Jon Gundersen
Arthur Clayden
Leopold Agar 2DEllis, 5th Viscount Clifden
Benjamin H. Clover
Nydia Vel zquez
Henry Clowes
Arthur Helton
Elihu Colman
Philip Howard Colomb
L. Craig Johnstone
James Conklin (politician)
Peter R. Kann
Charles Henry Coote
Arthur Cotton
Jessica M. Weis
Elliott Coues
William Cowan (politician)
K roly Csemegi
Dennis Kux
Chase G. Woodhouse
Richard W. Lariviere
Peter L. Cunningham
John Edwin Cussans
Izabella El bieta Czartoryska
Charles Romeyn Dake
Charles P. Daly
Lorenzo Danford
James M. Lindsay
George F. Danforth
Robert B. Dashiell
Paul Mahoney (American lawyer)
Frances E. Allen
David Marchick
Freeman Davis (soldier)
Glenn Andrews
Brett H. McGurk
Rufus Dawes
Ernest de Saisset
Thomas Newenham Deane
Henri Delaborde (painter)
Gerrit Blaauw
Samuel E. Blum
L on Deschamps
National Committee on United States China Relations
Ernst Dircksen
Joseph Nye
John Ordway (ambassador)
Moses Woodruff Dodd
Harry Dooms
Robert Pelletreau
John Plunkett, 17th Baron of Dunsany
Joseph Dupont (violinist)
Pierre 2DPaul Durieu
Sandy Carter
Jos Ant nio Duro
Jacob Dybwad
K. Mani Chandy
Francis S. Edwards
Leroy Chang
William Haselden Ellerbe
T. E. Ellis
Jack Cole (businessman)
Edward Elworthy
Klaus Darga
Emam Gholi Khan Haji Ilkhani
Wilhelm Endemann
Claud M. Davis
mile Erckmann
Monty Denneau
Archduke Ernest of Austria (1824 1899)
Edward M. Douglas
Harry Escombe
Richard E. Salomon
William Brett, 1st Viscount Esher
Stuart Nash Scott
Don Eigler
Camille Everardi
Edward Pellew, 4th Viscount Exmouth
Sherri W. Goodman
Henry Siegman
Monteagle Stearns
Magnus Feilberg
Richard William Fereday
Dan Fortin
James H. Frame
Lee Hudson Teslik
Henry Augustus Field
William Finnie (MP)
Vijay V. Vaitheeswaran
George P. Fisher
Erich Gamma
Johann Heinrich Fixsen
Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Alfred Fleckeisen
Tom Gilb
William vanden Heuvel
Charles Goldfarb
Martin Charles Golumbic
Ralph E. Gomory
Nicholas A. Veliotes
William F. Vendley
Paul Green (engineer)
Manning Force
Clare Ford
Constant Fornerod
Donald Haderle
War and Peace Studies
Jaakko Forsman
James Patrick Fox
James Harshaw Fraser
Robert A. Henle
Geert Hofstede
Robert Aldrich (historian)
Matilda Furley
Frank Allan (bishop)
Douglas Strutt Galton
James Gapes
Cliff Jenkins
Thomas Gardiner (publisher)
Ed Gastfield
Cliff Jones (computer scientist)
Samuel A. Banks
Christophe 2DAlphonse Geoffrion
George Gephard
David T. Kearns
Timothy Beal
Frano Getaldi 2DGunduli
Maria Klawe
Joseph Gibbs (cricketer)
Jim Knopf
Kurt Kosanke
Thomas Giles (pastoralist)
Mark Kryder
Ivan Loveridge Bennett
John Gill (judge)
Eugene Pierce Gillespie
Jack Kuehler
John F. Gillis
Jane Lawton
Chih 2DKung Lee
Marie Goegg 2DPouchoulin
Jim Ross Lightfoot
Louis de Goesbriand
Charles Miner Goodall
Alexander T. Goodwin
Avrom Ber Gotlober
Antoine 2DN m se Gouin
Samuel Buss
James Nutcombe Gould
Garland T. Byrd
Henry I. Gourley
Abel Gower
Alfred Carl Graefe
David M. Carr
Gordon Matthews (inventor)
Albert Grant (company promoter)
Clarence Ridgeby Greathouse
George S. Greene
Nobuo Mii
August Gremli
Willard L. Miranker
William H. Coles
Don H. Compier
Alexander Balloch Grosart
Jacob Gross
Frank Moss (technologist)
Pierre Malcom Guay
Dorothy M. Crosland
Ernst Julius Gurlt
Joachim Nitsche
Edwin Nixon
James Edward Dickey
John R. Opel
Samuel J. Palmisano
Habel of Kaipetta
William Habens
Rick Durrett
Abe Peled
Cherry Logan Emerson (chemist)
John Edward Halsell
Samuel McClintock Hamill
James H. Pomerene
Nathaniel Job Hammond
Daisy Hurst Floyd
Nicolai Hanson
Jeff Frederick
Benjamin F. Harding
Charles 2DJoseph de Harlez de Deulin
Bruce Frohnen
Lubomyr Romankiw
Francis L. Garrett
John T. Harris
Mary Beth Rosson
William Hart (Medal of Honor)
E. Duncan Getchell
Gordon Giffin
Charles P. de Saint 2DAignan
Cal Hawk
Jean E. Sammet
Alexander Travis Hawthorn
Howard Sanderford
Joel Godard
Chuck Sannipoli
Wendela Hebbe
Monroe Henderson
William W. Simmons (executive)
Daniel Maynadier Henry
Hermann of Solms 2DHohensolms 2DLich
John Heron 2DMaxwell
Farrer Herschell, 1st Baron Herschell
Marc Snir
William P. Harrison
John Herbers
Samuel G. Hilborn
Wayne Stevens
Nicholas Hofgren
Andrew D. Holt
Count Karl Sigmund von Hohenwart
John Goundry Holburn
Thom Tillis
Makram N. Kaiser
Abraham J. Hostetler
Jedediah Hotchkiss
Ellen Clementine Howarth
Josep Torrellas
Semra Kebede
George Howe (merchant)
Olav Jakobsen H yem
Ainsi soit je...
Patrick Hughes (Canadian politician)
Ragnar Hult
James M. Humphrey
Will Kirby
Denis M. Hurley
Charles McEwen Hyde
Thomas W. Hyde
John Vlissides
Robb LaKritz
Thomas Henry Ismay
Mark N. Wegman
Gordon Lee (congressman)
Albert Lynn Williams
Elliott H. Levitas
Her Majesty's Prison Service
Richard Willis Jameson
United States v. Windsor
Julie Livingston
Henry Jenkyns
Lauritz Jenssen
Charles Lollar
Her Majesty's Diplomatic Service
Ellen Cheney Johnson
Alejandro Almeida
Henry Jones (writer)
Robert Maloney (doctor)
Her Space Holiday
Owen Glynne Jones
Mother Courage and Her Children
Oliver Jones (businessman)
Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Prisons
Ada Williams (baby farmer)
Her Diamonds
Louis Jouin
Ramona T. Mercer
Magali Cornier Michael
HM Treasury
Tiya Alicia Miles
Her Majesty's Courts Service
Johann August Kaupert
Doug Moseley
Her Majesty's Young Offender Institution
Tell Her
Dixon Kemp
James Kerrigan
Duncan L. Niederauer
Jennifer O'Connor (musician)
Stanis aw Kierbed
Charles T. Canady
Larry Leon Palmer
Trip Payne
John Kirwan (cricketer)
Jean 2DFran ois Klobb
Van Allen Plexico
James Kneeland
Konrad Knoll
Robert Prichard (theologian)
Eugen K lbing
Luis M. Proenza
Randy L. Maddox
Anton de Kontski
Jim Korwan
Frank Kreeger
Philipp Krementz
Andrew Kuder
David Robinson (Ohio candidate)
Ernst Philipp Karl Lange
William Lautour
Alexander Lawrence (politician)
William Lawrence (Ohio Republican)
John Louis Lay
Gottlieb Wilhelm Leitner
Serhiy Teryokhin
Theophilus John Levett
Barton C. Shaw
Dewitt Clinton Lewis
David Sherer
Roy Hunter Short
Christopher Snyder
Milton S. Littlefield
Frances Lander Spain
Henry King Stanford
Eugene A. Stead
Leslie Jasper Steele
Cynthia Diane Stephens
John Lord Love
Ben J. Tarbutton
Pat Luby
Daniel Taylor (writer)
Henry Lopes, 1st Baron Ludlow
William Y. Thompson
Colin Campbell McKenzie
Timothy Tyson
Levi Maish
Joe Hendricks
Edward Harris, 4th Earl of Malmesbury
Julius Ma k
Thomas B. Wells
Pierre 2DL andre Marcotte
William Henry Willimon
Leopoldo Marenco
Princess Maria Immaculata of Bourbon 2DTwo Sicilies (1844 1899)
William V. Marquis
Emma Marshall
Ric Keller
George Alexander Marshall
Charles Joseph Marty 2DLaveaux
Jose Mascarel
Theodorus B. M. Mason
William Bailey Lamar
William S. Mason
William Massey (cricketer)
Abraham Mayer
Buddy MacKay
Tim McGinley
Perrin H. McGraw
Donald Ray Matthews
Ernest W. Barrett
Willie Harris
Ger nimo Lluberas
Martin Scott (politician)
Giles Mebane
Nicolai Mejdell
John Mica
Ernst Melzer
Andrew Jackson Merchant
Nine Days that Changed the World
Dimitrios D. Miaoulis
Ernst Mielck
J. Hardin Peterson
Garry Betty
Carl Mill cker
William J. Purman
Alexander Ferrier Mitchell
William Lea Chambers
Mary Alfred Moes
Paul Rogers (politician)
R. Edward Freeman
Ambrosio Montt Luco
Jos Ant nio Moreira Filho, 2nd Baron of Ipanema
Tom Morgan (rugby player)
Hiram N. Moulton
John H. Smithwick
Jimmy Munro (footballer, born 1870)
Robert B. Nett
Steve Southerland (Florida politician)
Lon Myers
Frank T. Schnell
Dave Weldon
Alma Thomas
Herbert Naylor 2DLeyland
Germanicus Young Tigner
J. Mark Wilcox
Frederick S. Neilon
Wayne Weaver
Lars Fredrik Nilson
Michael E. Toner
Algernon Percy, 6th Duke of Northumberland
Sidney M. Aronovitz
Walt Bashore
Asa Tift
Talor Battle
M che l L ch in
William O'Brien (judge)
Thomas O'Connell (Medal of Honor)
John O'Donnell (Lewis County, New York)
Les Bell
ki Takat
Robert W. Oliver
Michael O'Regan (Medal of Honor)
John Brackenridge (baseball)
Jasper Packard
Nikolay Palauzov
J. Twing Brooks
Gilbert Brown (basketball)
Filippo Palizzi
Edward Palmer (Australian politician)
James Dampier Palmer
Francisco Min Palumbo
Denis 2D mery Papineau
Francisco Parra Duper n
M r Perczel
William E. Perley
Tilman Pesch
Eric Shanower
Ricardo Mac as Picavea
Henry Niles Pierce
Alfred Pillinger
Sue M. Cobb
Henry B. Plant
Glenda Hood
Carl Constantin Platen
Elise Polko
Earley F. Poppleton
Richard Stone (politician)
Richard Deodatus Poulett 2DHarris
Karl, Freiherr von Prel
Evans John Price
Dick Davies
Paine Page Prim
Bush v. Palm Beach County Canvassing Board
Florida Central Voter File
Jimmie DeShong
William Burgess Pryer
Palm Beach County Canvassing Board v. Harris (Harris I)
Alexander Callender Purdie
Hermann von Ramberg
Todd A. Eachus
Ambrose Ranney
Casey Eichfeld
Benjamin Raspail
Augustus Rauschenbusch
Pearl Long Cullen
Val Demings
Tory Fretz
Count Johann Bernhard von Rechberg und Rothenl wen
Rees Hopkin Rhys
Dorothy Geeben
Chet Fuhrman
Stanis aw Rehman
Paul Reuter
Alfred Buckwalter Garner
William Hunter Reynolds
Pegeen Hanrahan
Richard Gallop
Edward Righton (actor)
Napol on Rioux
Skip Gougler
Dennis Green
Glen Grell
Charles Boyle Roberts
Joseph Gibb Robertson
Gwendolyn M. Miller
Mary Mulhern
Jos Mar a Rodr guez y Cos
Sue Helm
William Findlay Rogers
Carol Roberts
Joseph Rowbotham
Manoah Rowe
William Russel Huber
Marne Intrieri
Jeffrey Kiehl
California Board of Pilot Commissioners
California State Library
Casa de Estudillo (San Leandro, California)
Benignus von Safferling
Glenn Killinger
Georgina Gascoyne 2DCecil, Marchioness of Salisbury
Fran ois Salle
William Eli Sanford
Red Dog, California
Scott A. Lake
Danny Lansanah
San Francisco Common Council
Philip Henry Savage
Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office
Luigi Scaffai
Geoff LaTulippe
Paul de Scherff
Adolf Schreyer
Christian Homann Schweigaard
Alpine County, California
Patrick J. Scott
Buena Vista County, California
Kenneth W. Mack
Coso County, California
Del Norte County, California
Fresno County, California
Imperial County, California
Randy Martz
Evan E. Settle
Kings County, California
John Edmund Severne
Lassen County, California
Madera County, California
LeRon McCoy
George W. Shell
Eduard von Simson
Alfred Sisley
Nevada County, California
James H. Slater
Jeffrey B. Miller
Charles Brooks Smith
Edward Smith (cricketer)
Kevin Mitchell (linebacker)
John Smith (NL first baseman)
San Benito County, California
Winfield Smith
Frederick Smyth (New Hampshire)
Evert V. Snedecker
August Socin
Sierra County, California
Andy Panko
Tulare County, California
Jeffrey Piccola
Starz Inc.
Ludwig Straus
Johann Strauss II
Stephen R. Reed
Ludwig Str mpell
Last Bastion Station Trust
Edward Sullivan (bishop)
Lotus Communications Corporation
S. A. Saminatha Iyer
Bill Rodgers (outfielder)
Andreas Syngros
Horace Tabor
Lawson Tait
Dutch Schesler
Henry Tate
American International Group
Te Mahuki
Thomas Temple (Canadian politician)
Arden's Garden
Argenbright Security
John Thewlis senior
Crawford R. Thoburn
Atlanta Consolidated Street Railway
Atlanta Gas Light
Frank Crawford Sites
Atlanta Transit Company
Her Majesty's Canadian Ship
Atlantis Plastics
Bruce I. Smith
John Quincy Stewart
Richard Thorne Thorne
George Thorpe (cricketer, born 1834)
Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Education
Silas C. Swallow
Her Majesty
Joshua William Swartz
What's Her Face
R.B. Swift
Cover Her Face
Robert Tate
Christmas Lights Etc
Jaimie Thomas
Frank Tolan
William Toomer
Kenny Watson
Charles Touzel
Cousins Properties
Charles T. Tozier
Power Henry Le Poer Trench
Louis Tribert
Ryan Whiting
Fred Truax
Thomas Willeford
Jabez Turner
Clarence Williams (baseball)
DW Practice
Henry Twynam
Emory Healthcare
John Wood (baseball)
Laura Valentine
Norman Zinberg
Jean 2DBaptiste Varin
Charles de Varigny
Jack Buechner
Isidoro Verga
Fulton County Street Railroad
Edward Wingfield Verner
Gate City Street Railroad
Johannes Versmann
Miguel Villalba Herv s
Charles Jacques Viller
John T. Wait
James Backhouse Walker
John Henry Walker
Sir James Walker, 2nd Baronet
William Stephen Walker
Wirt Dexter Walker
Patrick Walsh (Southern U.S. politician)
Richard Darman
Walter Flowers
Honeysuckle Gelato
Hyco International Inc
Henry Clarke Warren
Hyrel 3D
InTown Suites
William Frederick Webb
J.M. High Company
Jameson Inn
Anne Kornblut
Joi Internet
Hugh Grosvenor, 1st Duke of Westminster
W. A. S. Westoby
Edward Montagu 2DStuart 2DWortley 2DMackenzie, 1st Earl of Wharncliffe
LoftLife (magazine)
Edgar Smith Wigg
Samuel Adams Wiggin
Lemuel Mathewson
Metropolitan Street Railroad
James John Garth Wilkinson
Philip Williams (cricketer, born 1824)
Wilhelm Wilmers
Nfinity Athletic Corporation
Mendel L. Peterson
Operational Security Systems
John Wilson (Captain)
Charles Carroll Wood
George Ingersoll Wood
Zachariah T. Woodall
John Simson Woolson
Referalink Network
Albert Woyciechowski
Ernst Volgenau
Horatio Wright
Ferdinand W stenfeld
Montague Younger
Montague Thomas Robson Younger
Stewart Alexander
Charles Younghusband
Nicholas Zammit
Stefan Zamoyski
Heinrich Ritter von Zeissberg
Simmons Bedding Company
Ephraim Zox
Southern Skyways
TAPCO (mail order company)
Lars Johannesen Aga
Transnet Racing
To Her Door
Her Favourite Husband
Urjanet, Inc.
Henry Anderson (street vendor)
West End 26 Atlanta Street Railroad
Stewart Greenleaf
Uh Huh Her (album)
James Hedges
Her Majesty the Decemberists
Forget Her
Her Reputation
Her Majesty's Most Loyal Opposition (United Kingdom)
Imperial Highness
John Baxter (cricketer)
Boomerang (UK 26 Ireland)
Let Her Cry
Laurence Kotlikoff
CNN T rk
Andy Martin
Thaddeus McCotter
Merlin Miller
Constantinople Conference
Corv e
Crisis situations and unrest in Europe since 2000
Carl Person
Europ ische Stammtafeln
Michealene Risley
Germanic Myth
Jerusalem (Mendelssohn)
Pierre Lamaison
Jerry White (socialist)
R. Lee Wrights
Chad Davidson
Most Serene Republic
John E. Ferling
Paul Guest
Patrician (post 2DRoman Europe)
Polish question
Romanian nationalism
Tom Sellers
Royal cities
Martha Zoller
Saint Hubert's Key
Three 2Dfield system
Timeline of sovereign states in Europe
Treaty of Eger
Pelle Petterson
History of Eurasia
Journal of World History
People's history
Sylvatic plague
World History Association
National Register of Historic Places listings in Arkansas
National Register of Historic Places listings in Connecticut
Janet L. Wolff
National Register of Historic Places listings in Idaho
National Register of Historic Places listings in Maine
National Register of Historic Places listings in Maryland
National Register of Historic Places listings in Montana
National Register of Historic Places listings in New Hampshire
National Register of Historic Places listings in New Jersey
Jos Mar a Verdugo
National Register of Historic Places listings in North Carolina
National Register of Historic Places listings in Oregon
National Register of Historic Places listings in South Dakota
National Register of Historic Places listings in Tennessee
National Register of Historic Places listings in Utah
National Register of Historic Places listings in Vermont
Charles Francis Adams III
Temple Ashbrook
Outline of United States history
Jim Barton (sailor)
Thomas Gamble (cricketer)
William Baylis
John Biby
Party divisions of United States Congresses
Massachusetts Division of Ecological Restoration
William Carl Buchan
William Earl Buchan
Alphonse Burnand
Kenneth Carey
Robert Carlson (sailor)
Frederic Conant
Bug Crawls
William Cooper (sailor)
Emmett Davis (sailor)
Richard Deaver
Ralph Evans (sailor)
Glen Foster
The Short Films of David Lynch
Walter Glasgow
Richard Hoepfner
Andy Horton
John Huettner
29th Street (film)
Kevin Jones (American football)
Hans Pedersen Herrefosser
Anywhere, U.S.A.
Andrew Libano
Are You Here
John C. Lovell
Jeff Madrigali
Kent Massey
Charles McKee
Jonathan McKee
Bright Leaves
Robert Merrick
Alan Morgan (sailor)
Patrick Muglia
Brad Nichol
George O'Day
C. Stanley Ogilvy
Charlie Ogletree
William Parks (sailor)
John Price (sailor)
Zach Railey
John Reid (sailor)
Eric Ridder
The Delicate Art of the Rifle
Dawn Riley
Gerald Schreck
Charles Smith (sailor)
Frank M. Smith
Randy Smyth
Fall Time
Robert Sutton (sailor)
Harold Stirling Vanderbilt
William Kissam Vanderbilt II
Thomas Webster (sailor)
James Weekes
Sumner White
Great World of Sound
Gilbert McKenna
If You Build It
Mikhail Mishaqa
Fredi Gonz lez
Eddie Haas
Lum Harris
The Jailhouse
Ralph Bogan
Pete Babcock
Irv Gack
Greg D'Alba
John E. Paterson
Ed Turner (television executive)
Robert Wussler
National Lampoon's Pucked
River Guard
Charles Rocke
Chuck Feeney
David Gelbaum
Stark Love
Joe Mansueto
Episode 1 (Twin Peaks)
John Morgridge
1989 Arena Football League season
ArenaBowl III
House of Elders (Afghanistan)
Victor Pinchuk
Senate (Albania)
Azim Premji
Federal Council (Austria)
Consultative Council (Bahrain)
Council of the Republic of Belarus
Senate of Bermuda
National Council (Bhutan)
Barbro Sachs 2DOsher
House of Nationalities
Senate of Chile
Senate (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Dewan Negara
Shura Council
Senate (Equatorial Guinea)
Senate of Gabon
Herbert Sandler
Senate (Lesotho)
Senate (Madagascar)
Legislative Council of the Isle of Man
House of Councillors (Morocco)
Senate (Netherlands)
Harold Simmons
Paul Singer (businessman)
Federation Council (Russia)
Senate of Saint Lucia
Senate of Spain
Council of States (Sudan)
Senate (Trinidad and Tobago)
Senate of Zimbabwe
Assistant Secretary of the United States Senate
Chair of Rural Outreach
Chaplain of the United States Senate
Citadel (U.S. Senate)
Journal of William Maclay
Model United States Senate
Morning business
National Republican Senatorial Committee
John Carpino
President pro tempore
Senate Economic Mobility Caucus
Sergeant at Arms of the United States Senate
Standing Rules of the United States Senate
Traditions of the United States Senate
Electoral College (United States)
United States Senate Journal
The Bent Theatre
Global Health College
O. Winston Link Museum
The Washington, Jefferson 26 Madison Institute
Academy of Medicine, Engineering and Science of Texas
African Court on Human and Peoples' Rights
African Society for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
John McHale Jr.
Stuart Meyer
All for Peace
Alliance for Healthy Cities
Ancient Coin Collectors Guild
Andean Cat Alliance
Aspies For Freedom
Bioinformatics Resource Centers
Blu 2Dray Disc Association
Don Smiley
Dave St. Peter
Broomball Australia
Buddy Bear Help
Califa Library Group
Canaan Fair Trade
Frank York
Capital Terminus Collective
Center for American Indian Languages
Kelvin Davis (businessman)
Center for Fine Art Photography
Chi Iota Pi
Dan Kolsrud
Citizens' Debate Commission
College Baseball Foundation
Equal Rights Washington
European Pathway Association
Excela Health
Family Justice Council
Carrie Wheeler
Free Knowledge Foundation
Free Muslim Coalition Against Terrorism
Fundaci puntCat
Fundaci n Jos Mar a Casta
Games for Change
Black Buffalo (wrestler)
Hannah 26 Friends Foundation
Homo LesBische Federatie Nederland
Hoshen (organization)
Humanity World International
Insulation Council of Australia and New Zealand
Inter 2DAmerican Institute for Global Change Research
International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety
International Association for Translation and Intercultural Studies
International Commission of Inquiry on Darfur
International Scientific Optical Network
International Union of Muslim Scholars
Invisible Children, Inc.
Iowa Primate Learning Sanctuary
Ir Amim
Iraq Veterans Against the War
Israel La'ad
Jim Crockett
Istanbul Technical University Control and Automation Student Society
Hercules Ayala
Kaunas Cultural Centre of Various Nations
Keystone Accountability
Paul Diamond
The Legal Forum for the Land of Israel
Legal Services Complaints Commissioner
Meds 26 Food for Kids
Franz von Hillenbrand
Mozilla Europe
Mozilla Japan
Myeloma Canada
National Assessment Agency
National Society for Human Rights
The Great Sasuke
North Carolina Religious Coalition for Marriage Equality
Norwegian Export Council
Ockham's Razor Theatre Company
Omaha Streetcar
Operation Dreamseed
PLACE Built Environment Centre
Queen Fabiola Foundation for Mental Health
The Redstone Acceleration 26 Innovation Network
DJ Hyde
Tomohiro Ishii
Rowland Reading Foundation
San Jose BioCenter
David C. Landers
Scouts et Guides de France
Shoshit Seva Sangh
Jason Knight
Aja Kong
Dan Kroffat
Society for Appraisal and Women Empowerment in Rural Areas
Soul Mountain Retreat
Southern Pulse
Staten Island Legal Services
Stonewall Young Democrats
Students Offering Support
TaxPayers' Alliance
Tennessee Equality Project
United States Federation of Worker Cooperatives
Utah High School Activities Association
Vick Foundation
Westmill Wind Farm Co 2Doperative
Winnipesaukee Playhouse
Workforce Development Institute
Xtraordinary People
Yahad 2DIn Unum
Zambezi Watercourse Commission
Chigusa Nagayo
Accountable America
The Agenda Project America the Beautiful
Alliance Defending Freedom
American Center for Law 26 Justice
American Committee for Cultural Freedom
Jack Pfefer
Arlington Group
Victor Qui ones
British 2DAmerican Project
Cincinnati Red
Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change
China Support Network
Christian Research Institute
Citizens Action for Southern New Hampshire
Citizens Flag Alliance
David Sahadi
Citizens for the Republic
Masa Saito
Citizens League
Coalition for Religious Freedom
Colorado for Family Values
Committee for Peace and Security in the Gulf
Congress for Cultural Freedom
Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty
Creative Coalition
Defending Dissent Foundation
Encounter Books
Farmers Independence Council of America
Federalist Society
Focus on the Family
Georgia Right to Life
Henry Salvatori
Home School Legal Defense Association
Intercollegiate Studies Institute
International Society for Complexity, Information, and Design
John Birch Society
Abraham Washington
M. F. Stephenson
Judeo 2DChristian Council for Constitutional Restoration
Junior State of America
League of Young Voters
Legislative Digest
Liberty Central
Mission America
Moderation League of New York
Bud Paxson
Robert Pittman (media executive)
National Association of Scholars
Matsutar Sh riki
National Center for Constitutional Studies
National Empowerment Television
National Journalism Center
National Labor Federation
National Lieutenant Governors Association
National Union for Social Justice (organization)
One Wisconsin Now
Open Fuel Standard Coalition
Our Country Deserves Better PAC
Out of Iraq Caucus
Outlying Areas Senate Presidents Caucus
Parents for Choice in Education
Rebuild the Dream
Scaife Foundations
State Government Affairs Council
Swift Vets and POWs for Truth
Tea Party Nation
Tequila Party
The Family Leader
Wellstone Action
Women's Moderation Union
Bernhard Museum Complex
A.R. Adams Funeral Directors
The Golden Era
Beaulieu Vineyard
Biong Arkitekter
Chico Enterprise 2DRecord
Blue Circle Industries
California Automobile Company
Sebastian Indian Reservation
Canda (automobile company)
Cantillon Brewery
Mare Island Naval Shipyard
Coleman Company
San Francisco Mechanics' Institute
Alameda County Board of Supervisors
Den norske Eterfabrikk
Fall River Mills, California
Enoshima Electric Railway
Old Point Loma Lighthouse
G. H. Walker 26 Co.
Gurley (automobile company)
GUS (retailer)
Harbin Brewery
Hook's Drug Stores
International Automobile Construction Company
Altaville Grammar School
Bolinas 2DStinson Union School District
Liberty National Life Insurance Company
Calpella, California
Church of St. James the Apostle
Manasse 2DBlock Tanning Company
Lavers' Crossing, California
Murugappa Group
San Francisco Chinese New Year Festival and Parade
Alcatraz Citadel
First Baptist Church (Ukiah, California)
Lincoln, California
Mount Eden Cemetery
Austin Reed (retailer)
Roman Catholic Diocese of Grass Valley
Church of Our Saviour (Placerville, California)
SECURA Insurance
Trinity Episcopal Cathedral (San Jose, California)
Skene (automobile)
Boonville, California
Wilshire Boulevard Temple
Napa Valley Register
Kirkwood Inn 26 Saloon
MUFG Union Bank
Villars 2DMaitre 2DChocolatier
The Bakersfield Californian
Occidental and Vanguard
Decoto, California
CenturyTel of the Gem State
Lone Tree Cemetery
Colonial Ice Cream
Oakland High School (Oakland, California)
Day 26 Zimmermann
California Dental Association
Cox 26 Clark Trading Post and Steamboat Landing
Easco Hand Tools
California Historical Society
FreightCar America
Middletown, California
North Pacific Coast Railroad
Hart 26 Cooley
Sunol, California
Bar Association of San Francisco
Courtland, California
Holsman Automobile Company
Live Oak School District
Panamint City, California
UC Berkeley College of Chemistry
Nordisk Fjer
Pacific Press Publishing Association
Capitan Grande Reservation
Reading Buses
Point Montara Light
Sterling Drug
Mentryville, California
Stege, California
Van Briggle Pottery
Air Liquide
Belfast, California
Board of State Viticultural Commissioners
Ariel Motorcycles
Armand Nicolet
Folsom State Prison
Bodega Catena Zapata
British Central Africa Company
Ursuline High School (Santa Rosa, California)
Cl ment 2DGarrard
American River Grange Hall No. 172
Lakeside Elementary School (Los Gatos, California)
Concannon Vineyard
Ludlow, California
Creston, California
Pasadena High School (California)
Alta Loma School District
Harrison College (Indiana)
Claremont School of Theology
Ivaran Lines
Reliance Athletic Club
San Diego Yacht Club
Congregation Beth Israel (San Diego)
Network Warrington
California Central Railway
Chula Vista, California
Physicians Mutual
St. Paul's Episcopal Church (Walnut Creek, California)
Sandusky Automobile Company
Scheels All Sports
Orange County Sheriff's Department (California)
Turner Construction
United Copper
Oakland Harbor Light
ACCO Brands
University Club of San Francisco
Francis Kerry
Claribel, California
Fruitvale, Kern County, California
Automobiles Gr goire
Kerman, California
Berg Automobile
Brew 2DHatcher
Montpelier, California
New Point Loma Lighthouse
John Compton (organ builder)
Cornish Mutual
Cosulich Line
Dot Cycle and Motor Manufacturing Company
Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley
University of California Marching Band
University of La Verne
Le Petit Trianon
Grab It Here
Granby Telephone 26 Telegraph
The Hall China Company
Church Divinity School of the Pacific
Lazare Kaplan International
Fullerton Union High School
Hotel Green
Logan (automobile)
Comisi n Federal de Electricidad
Kern High School District
Seton Medical Center
Public Service Enterprise Group
Rockwell Automation
Fentons Creamery
Iris 26 B. Gerald Cantor Center for Visual Arts
Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces
The San Bernardino Sun
The RiverBank
UC Berkeley School of Law
Trinity Mirror
Fruitvale School District
Vestbanen (company)
Long Beach Polytechnic High School
Public Health Service Hospital
The Twilight Club of Pasadena (California)
Michele Ansaldi
Irvine Park (Orange, California)
Cleveland (automobile)
The Press Democrat
C lner Hofbr u Fr h
Press 2DTelegram
Knightsen, California
League of California Cities
Athenaeum Music 26 Arts Library
California 2DNevada 2DHawaii District (LCMS)
Federal Signal Company
San Diego Academy
Ford Motor Company of Canada
Fratelli Ceirano
Santa Ynez Forest Reserve
Oscar Lear Automobile Company
California Cured Fruit Association
Harvard 2DWestlake School
Amador Central Railroad
California Nurses Association National Nurses Organizing Committee
Escondido Adventist Academy
Natrona Bottling Company
Oris (company)
Orkla Mining Company
Pacific Creosoting Company
Naples, Long Beach
Pinole, California
Pierce 2DRacine (automobile)
Stirling City, California
Politika a.d.
Postob n
Rover Company
Columbia Savings Bank Building
Societ Torinese Automobili Rapid
San Francisco Motorcycle Club
Bidwell Park
Upton (automobile)
Bret Harte Union High School
Loma Linda University
Adams (automobile)
American National Insurance Company
Moore Dry Dock Company
AXA Canada
Phoenix Theater
San Francisco, Napa and Calistoga Railway
Biscuiterie Saint 2DMichel
Yuba Forest Reserve
Del Mar Union School District
Chattanooga and Tennessee Electric Power Company
Chemring Group
Rutan 26 Tucker
Diatto 2DCl ment
DMG Media
Fabbrica Ligure Automobili Genova
Jewell (automobile)
Doris Foley Library for Historical Research
Glendale Public Library
Levi Scott (bishop)
Greaker Industrier
Horween Leather Company
JoS. A. Bank Clothiers
Kaua i Island Utility Cooperative
Kobe Steel
Analy High School
Lincoln National Corporation
Biola University
Brisbane, California
Mann Egerton
Mansfield and District Light Railways
Marsh 26 McLennan Companies
El Garces Hotel
Elmhurst, Sacramento, California
Fallen Leaf, California
John's Grill
Ohmstede Limited
Katherine Delmar Burke School
Kingsburg, California
Monmouth, California
Muir Woods National Monument
Quick (sportswear)
Stanford University School of Medicine
Ralston Steel Car Company
Sunrise, Long Beach, California
Tamalpais Union High School District
Ross (steam automobile)
ABM Industries
Junior F.J.T.A.
Albany, California
The Bishop's School (La Jolla)
Soules (automobile)
California School of Podiatric Medicine
Su re
Carmichael, California
Del Monte Heights, Seaside, California
Half Moon Bay High School
Walker Motor Car Company
Naval Postgraduate School
Patterson, California
Pleasanton Public Library
Alberta Government Telephones
Aldershot 26 District Traction
Tahoe Pines, California
Altos Hornos y Acer as de Corral
American Electric Power
Blue Oak School
Aquila Italiana
Dean Foods
Desert Dispatch
Cl ment Motor Company
Solvang, California
E. K. Blessing
Georgia Coast and Piedmont Railroad
East San Diego
H. Gerstner 26 Sons
Invicta (company)
J. Sussman, Inc.
Jowett Cars
Canoga Park, Los Angeles
Ridgecrest, California
Woodacre, California
Bakersfield College
Lloyd Sabaudo
Loesche GmbH
Meraker Brug
Fremont Older Open Space Preserve
Fullerton College
Mills 26 Greenleaf
Humboldt State University
G. C. Murphy
Nordisk Film
Ontario Hydro
Paasche Airbrush Company
Santa Cruz Wharf
Schnitzer Steel Industries
Dr. Scholl's
McClymonds High School
Standard Chartered Zambia
Yreka Carnegie Library
Artichoke Joe's Casino
Coachella Valley High School
Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History
Naval Medical Center San Diego
Oklahoma Wesleyan University
Asahi Glass Co.
California Department of Food and Agriculture
Bugmobile Company
C. R. Bard
Hoover Institution Library and Archives
Huntington Library Press
Crowe Horwath International
Western Christian High School (Upland, California)
Eberhard 26 Co.
Emmanuel Delicata
Garden Grove High School
Gray's Pottery
Riverside County Fair and National Date Festival
Saint Leo the Great Parish
San Jose City College
Sweetwater High School (National City, California)
Balboa Yacht Club
Ogden Telephone
Praga (company)
Protective Life
Purcell 26 Elmslie
Oakland Zoo
Royal TESO
Tam O'Shanter Inn
Visalia Country Club
McGeorge School of Law
Stabilia (automobile)
Stord Kisgruber
Waddell 26 Harrington
Watson's (United States)
Wing On
Ador Group
Baillie Gifford
Briggs 26 Stratton
Stockdale Country Club
Cantiere Navale Triestino
Cal Neva Lodge 26 Casino
College of Marin
Grand Lake Theatre
La Quinta Resort 26 Club
Latin American Bible Institute, California
Westlake Theatre
Hancock Field (California)
Kreuger 26 Toll
Lee Cooper
Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District
Hotel Durant
Short Brothers
Carlton Hotel (Atascadero, California)
D. L. Bliss State Park
Western States Envelope 26 Label
Long Beach Yacht Club
Anton Carl Hartmann
American Issue Publishing House
Athenaeum at Caltech
Hamilton Army Airfield
Canadian Car and Foundry
Calaveras Big Trees State Park
Clark's Pies
Grant Joint Union High School District
Davis 26 Geck
Della Ferrera
Annual Reviews (publisher)
Fair Waist and Dress Company
Rocky Creek Bridge (California)
Gebr. Knecht AG
Great Southern Automobile Company
Carlsbad State Beach
IMC Global
ISG Weirton Steel
Israel Land Development Company
Grace Communion International
Orange County Water District
Leviathan (clothing)
San Francisco Film and Photo League
C. F. Lloyd
Graham 26 James
Miche (company)
Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University
Moody's Investors Service
MiraCosta College
Murex (company)
Ryan Aeronautical
P. C. Richard 26 Son
Parrish 26 Heimbecker
Radisson Hotels
Cliff's Variety Store
James Light
Robur (company)
Pollock Pines, California
Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust
Spoetzl Brewery
Valley Acres, California
First Baptist Church (Boron, California)
Palm Springs Art Museum
Vulcan Materials Company
XL Ranch
Apiko lu
Frank Fat's Restaurant
Global Recordings Network
Bristol Aeroplane Company
William Jessup University
Eskoleia St l
Fort Irwin National Training Center
Hall 2DScott
Indian Trails
Big Bear Grizzly
California Institution for Men
Lincoln Industrial Corporation
George Air Force Base
Langley Porter Psychiatric Institute
Mike 2Dsell's
Montblanc (company)
Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego
Pacific Air Lines
Campbell 2DOrde baronets
Northern States Power Company
Sequoia Field Airport
Shafter Airport
Vandenberg Air Force Base
Westar Energy
Georg Pettersen
Charles M. Schulz Sonoma County Airport
Alaska 2DGastineau Mining Company
Australian Life Biograph Company
Desert Center Airport
Douthitt Strip
Barcelona Traction
Breguet Aviation
Rice Army Airfield
Salinas Municipal Airport
Circus Herman Renz
Eugene Water 26 Electric Board
Excelsior 2DMascot
Famous 2DBarr
Santa Maria Public Airport
Twentynine Palms Airport
W. R. Byron Airport
Barstow 2DDaggett Airport
Henderson Motorcycle
California Building Industry Association
Grizzly Creek Redwoods State Park
Ideal Film Company
Intertype Corporation
J. F. Duthie 26 Company
San Vicente Dam
L 26F Jones
Travis Air Force Base
Mayea Boat 26 Aeroplane Works
Moody International Group
Morane 2DSaulnier
Yuba County Airport
Fresno Pacific University
Qwest Corporation
Siam Di Tella
Brooks Institute
SNC 2DLavalin
East Los Angeles College
UST Inc.
Arthur Andersen
Clerget 2DBlin
Commonwealth (automobile company)
Augustan Reprint Society
Besant Hill School
Derwent London
California Public Utilities Commission
Enfield Cables
El Centro Theatre
Fauske Lysverk
Fitch Ratings
Bakkav r
Georgian Bay Line
Hotel Bel 2DAir
J. Crichton 26 Company
K 2DElectric
Leonidas (chocolate maker)
Nevada Bell
Norwegian Forest Owners Association
Sheridan Nurseries
Amalie Winter
Tuar (automobile)
Yenidje Tobacco Company Limited
Contra Costa Times
Admiral Sportswear
El Camino College
Blyth, Eastman Dillon 26 Co.
Harbor Bowl
Brigham's Ice Cream
California Casualty
William 22Willie 22 Armstrong
F. W. Woolworth Ireland
Greyhound (automobile company)
Monterey Peninsula College
Museum of Performance 26 Design
Inkerman Sugar Mill
J. B. Young Ltd
J. H. Taylor 26 Sons
Keystone (gasoline automobile)
Torrance Unified School District
Mercantile Stores Company, Inc.
Merrill Lynch
Port Line
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo College of Architecture and Environmental Design
Doctors Medical Center San Pablo Campus
Russ 26 Daughters
Sarpsborg Papp
Manresa State Beach
Marie Callender's
Trojan (automobile)
The Point Reyes Light
Stanford University School of Humanities and Sciences
California Health Information Association
California State University, Long Beach
Contra Costa Community College District
Hillwood Academic Day School
Notre Dame Academy (Los Angeles, California)
OC Fair 26 Event Center
RPM Records (United States)
Sonoma County Water Agency
Vincent Memorial Catholic High School
Los Angeles Kickers
Ground Equipment Facility J 2D33
San Jose Youth Symphony
Caswell Memorial State Park
Palm Valley School
Billy Hebert Field
Birmingham High School
Costa Mesa, California
Deuel Vocational Institution
American Motor Vehicle Company
Emerald Bay State Park
Gaviota Tunnel
CSL Limited
North Kern Golf Course
San Francisco Chamber Orchestra
Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles
Fabbrica Aeroplani Ing. O. Pomilio
Southern California Mormon Choir
Ford SAF
Global Tungsten 26 Powders Corp.
Credit Valley Conservation
Daniel Murphy High School
Kings Bay (company)
Korea Tungsten Company
Noel (company)
Norcem Brevik
Orwasher's bakery
Oxxford Clothes
Merritt College
Pan American Petroleum and Transport Company
University of San Diego School of Law
Unarius Academy of Science
Thrall Car Manufacturing Company
Unique Art
United Supermarkets
American River College
Wah Chang Corporation
Bullard High School (Fresno, California)
California Christian College
Cerritos College
Father's Office
Fresno Pacific University Biblical Seminary
Miller Institute
Bakersfield Museum of Art
Mikasa Sports
Butano State Park
Ellwood P. Cubberley High School
Stuart Hall for Boys
Aviation High School (California)
California Division of Boating and Waterways
Carl August Gulbranson
California State University, East Bay
California State University, Stanislaus
Carlsbad High School (California)
Attica Group
College of the Siskiyous
Ferus Gallery
Bj rn en
Santa's Village (Scotts Valley)
Auerhahn Press
Bean Hollow State Beach
California City, California
California State University, Northridge
John Lewis (Canadian politician)
Hansen Yuncken
Henry Robb
IISCO Steel Plant
J. K. Organisation
Madonna Inn
Music World Corporation
New Camaldoli Hermitage
Papoose Peak Jumps
Matthias 2DGr newald 2DVerlag
Mitchell 1
The Movie Experience
Salesian High School (Los Angeles)
Norsk Spisevognselskap
Stanford Joint Program in Design
Peragallo Pipe Organ Company
Water Resources Collections and Archives
Pilot (pen company)
Barstow Community College
Ruston (engine builder)
Saft Groupe S.A.
Schweizer Getraenke AG, Obermeilen
Grover Hot Springs State Park
Silver Star Holidays
UBM plc
Jack London State Historic Park
One Bush Plaza
Zojirushi Corporation
Union City, California
Adrian C. Wilcox High School
The Century Club of San Diego
Clark Foam
Empire College
Granada Hills Charter High School
Monterey Market
Saint Andrew's School (Saratoga, California)
Saint Victor Parish (San Jose)
Terra Nova High School (California)
Kathan Brown
Sproul Plaza
Sundale Country Club
Anaheim Kingsmen Drum and Bugle Corps
Cordova High School (Rancho Cordova, California)
Jesuit High School (Sacramento)
Jens Christian Folkman Schaanning
La Ca ada High School
Aerial Service
AMC Theatres
San Diego Air 26 Space Museum
Arizona Public Service
Seaside High School (California)
Baldor Electric Company
Bemidji Woolen Mills
Ben Franklin (company)
Black Sparrow Books
California Rural Legal Assistance
Carroll Six automobile
Chantiers A ro 2DMaritimes de la Seine
Cobham Technical Services
Dos Pueblos High School
De Havilland
Gray Whale Cove State Beach
International Federation of Festival Organizations
Los Angeles Wolves
Fairchild Aircraft Ltd.
First Federal Bank of the Midwest
Newport 2DMesa Unified School District
Fjord1 MRF
Oracle Arena
Palo Alto Chamber Orchestra
Peninsula Women's Chorus
George G. Sharp
Hawker Aircraft
Howes Lubricator
The San Francisco School
Illinois Bell
Georg Wallace
UC Davis School of Medicine
Kaupthing Singer 26 Friedlander
Keystone Aircraft
Valley View Casino Center
Western State College of Law at Argosy University
Hans Bi rn Wenneberg
Massey Energy
Hambrecht 26 Quist
New 2DMap
N i S r us
North Shore Bus Company
Officine Meccaniche Giovanni Cerutti
P 26O Bank
Sastreria Cornejo
Bookpeople (distributor)
California Riverside Ballet
Snap 2Don
Taylor's (department store)
Luca Family Singers
Tr nderBilene
Twining Models
United American Lines
United States Mail Steamship Company
Edison High School (Huntington Beach, California)
Western Welsh
Enterprise for High School Students
Wheeling 2DPittsburgh Steel
Young Electric Sign Company
Zeiller 26 Fournier
ABU Garcia
Alessi (Italian company)
Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle
Bell System
Marina Del Rey Hospital
Charoen Pokphand
Mothers for Peace
Henry Beagley
David D. Doniger 26 Company
Oceanic Society
Durant (automobile)
San Diego Miramar College
Fondiaria 2DSai
Fox (automobile company)
A. Gary Anderson Graduate School of Management
Aquarius Records (store)
KON AR Group
Galer a de la Raza
Land O'Lakes
Kohler Mira Ltd
Newmont Mining Corporation
Nobina Norge
Museum of Conceptual Art
TheatreWorks (Silicon Valley)
D Q University
Sakura Color Products Corporation
Los Angeles Times 500
Eugene O'Neill National Historic Site
Tate 26 Lyle
Saybrook University
Smith 2DMadrone Vineyards and Winery
Z Space
Alvarado Hospital
Antioch University Los Angeles
Bale Grist Mill State Historic Park
Bidwell Mansion State Historic Park
ABP Group
Akershus Energi
Alfi (car manufacturer)
American Steamer
Louise Zo Coste
Bayerischer Rundfunk
Jordan Vineyard 26 Winery
Belle Tire
Los Osos Oaks State Natural Reserve
Stag's Leap Wine Cellars
Thesaurus Linguae Graecae
Tustin Unified School District
TVTV (video collective)
Eesti K ttej ud
Electro 2DMotive Diesel
Felsom Film
Cerro Coso Community College
Foyer S.A.
Granite Construction
Delos Productions
Domaine Chandon California
Hacienda Wine Cellars
Lykes Brothers Steamship Company
Maritime Life
National Fire Adjustment Co., Inc
North Dakota Mill and Elevator
Polish Navy Shipyard
Seattle Cascades
Beckstrand Cancer Foundation
California Shakespeare Theater
Castro Street Fair
Charles 2DFran ois Fournier
Horizon Services
Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects
San Diego State University College of Extended Studies
San Jose Oaks
William Garrat
Small Press Traffic
Solano Avenue Stroll
Agua Tibia Wilderness
Books on Tape (company)
California Housing Finance Agency
Computers and Structures
The Marine Mammal Center
Mexican Museum
Natel Engineering
Rio Bravo Country Club
Temple of Set
Antioch University Santa Barbara
Thomas Harden
California Miramar University
California Sunshine
Community Magnet Charter School
First Chinese Baptist Church of Fountain Valley
New College Berkeley
Northern California Baseball Association
Anadolu Sigorta
Publicis 26 Hal Riney
Bauer 2DNilsen
San Jose Museum of Quilts 26 Textiles
Valley High School (Sacramento, California)
Valley of the Moon Natural History Association
Continental Type Founders Association
Country Financial
Youth Chance High School
America's Finest City Half Marathon
Esperanza y Cia
Firth Concrete
California College San Diego
Florida Power 26 Light
California Transportation Commission
HeySong Corporation
Hi 2DSchool Pharmacy
Museo ItaloAmericano
Kraftwerke Oberhasli
Oak Park High School (California)
Printers Inc. Bookstore
San Diego Sockers (1978 96)
San Francisco City Guides
Nero 2DFilm
Acacia Winery
Animal Legal Defense Fund
The Omnibus Corporation
Antelope Valley Indian Museum State Historic Park
Pacific Northwest Wrestling
Bidwell Sacramento River State Park
Power Corporation of Canada
Peter McMartin
Gilroy Garlic Festival
Temple 2DInland
Verlag Freies Geistesleben 26 Urachhaus
San Francisco Girls Chorus
West Coast Bancorp
Wincanton plc
Toyama Chih Railway
Premier Farnell
Adler Fels
Grant 2DHadley Enterprises
National Freight Corporation
Simard 2DBeaudry Construction
El Observador (San Jos )
Woodside Petroleum
St. Joe Company
Advanced Computer Techniques
Nevada City Winery
Solid State Logic
Pacific Mozart Ensemble
National Iranian South Oil Company
Alder Valley
Sierra Repertory Theatre
Pan Am Systems
Library Video Company
The Carsey 2DWerner Company
Mono Lake Tufa State Natural Reserve
Avalon Hill
Napa Valley AVA
RSM Tenon
Over the Edge (radio)
Sebastian Conran
Santa Cruz Mountains AVA
World Championship Wrestling
Husa Transportation Group
Patel Taylor
Trimaran Capital Partners
True West (band)
Kjeld Rimberg
Alderbrook Winery
BYO Records
Young 26 Rubicam
Caldera (company)
Earth Island Institute
Golden Gate Men's Chorus
Financial Street Holding
Livermore Valley AVA
Volition (company)
Caldera OpenLinux
Smith 26 Hawken
Solano County Green Valley AVA
Square (company)
White Flag (band)
Alexander Valley AVA
Artists' Television Access
Beth Murphy
Torrens Transit
Cartoon Art Museum
George Secord
SCO Group
Turner Entertainment
Bloom Energy Server
Five Branches University
Saban Entertainment
AllClear ID
Harlan Estate
Kro's Nest
Mendocino AVA
Ferry Boat Fred
Pacheco Pass AVA
Pacific Telemanagement Services
Jeremy Mayfield
Phillip 26 Sala Burton High School
Torvald Klaveness Group
Stanford String Quartet
UCLA Phonological Segment Inventory Database
Lexington Public Library
Defunct townships of Cuyahoga County, Ohio
California Film Commission
Central Coast AVA
John Park (educator)
El Farolito Soccer Club
Farmington Hills, Michigan
Troy, Michigan
Bethel Township, Michigan
Brigham and Women's Hospital
Dundee Canal
Fox Sports West and Prime Ticket
Niles Charter Township, Michigan
Rochester Hills, Michigan
Machete Ensemble
Livonia, Michigan
Romulus, Michigan
Mandalay State Beach
Northern Sonoma AVA
Norton Shores, Michigan
Armed Forces Retirement Home
San Diego Men's Chorus
San Diego Supercomputer Center
Winn Memorial Library
Sonoma Mountain AVA
Columbia Township, Van Buren County, Michigan
Kilpatrick Townsend 26 Stockton
Triple Rock Brewery and Alehouse
Cleon Township, Michigan
Agape International Spiritual Center
Jacob Staalesen Velde
Gibson Township, Michigan
White, Smith 26 Company
Bad Radio
St. John's Jesuit High School and Academy
Roswell Railroad
Chaco Culture National Historical Park
Middletown Rancheria of Pomo Indians of California
California Symphony
Seville Township, Michigan
List of defunct newspapers of the United States
American Airlines Theatre
Anne Carroll Moore
Aragon Ballroom (Ocean Park, Santa Monica, California)
Stamford, Texas
Kendall D. Garff
Death Valley National Park
Charles W. Whipple
Bureau of Navigation
Tuckerton Railroad
Buckley Air Force Base
Denver Federal Center
Minsi Trails Council
McCoy Air Force Base
Manassas Air Force Station
Navy League of the United States
Museum of Science (Boston)
The Medical Letter on Drugs and Therapeutics
Sagamore Hill (house)
Idyllwild Arts Academy
Great Lakes Field Service Council
Interstate 55 in Illinois
The Institute of Classical Architecture and Art
List of contract bridge people
The Master's Seminary
Freedoms Foundation
Randy Moss Motorsports
Nicholls State Colonels
Pipeline Open Data Standard
Regency Enterprises
Heritage Documentation Programs
Shen Wei
Bob Lazar
Peder Paulsen Anzj n
Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries
Pacific College of Oriental Medicine
Idaho Commission for Libraries
Nebraska Library Commission
HM Prison Inverness
Sarah Bagley
The Pit (mixed martial arts)
United States Bureau of Reclamation
Point Sur State Historic Park
Quinn Emanuel Urquhart 26 Sullivan
Raging Waters Sacramento
Oregon State Library
Santa Cruz Surfing Museum
Shoreline Amphitheatre
Oklahoma Department of Libraries
Bakersfield Department of Recreation and Parks
Southern California Institute of Law
St. Andrews Biological Station
Tustin Ranch, Tustin, California
Twilight's Last Gleaming Cross Country Challenge
Wild Rags
National Veterinary Institute (Sweden)
Alcohol Justice
All (band)
Association of Netherlands Municipalities
Manuel Antonio Bonilla Nava
California State Summer School for the Arts
Suzanne Lummis
Jan Kesner Gallery
Peter Munch Brager
Alabama Cooperative Extension System
Redwood Valley Rancheria
San Francisco Estuary Partnership
San Francisco Independent
Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority light rail
List of awards and nominations received by Foo Fighters
Arizona State Land Department
California Department of Motor Vehicles
Sonoma Coast AVA
Texas A 26M Forest Service
Michigan State Police
From One
West Sacramento, California
New York State Police
Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation
Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
Mainly Mozart Festival
HM Prison Edinburgh
Lewis Carrick
Ministry of Labour (Ontario)
Mohandas K. Gandhi (sculpture)
Sacramento Capitals
San Diego WFC SeaLions
State Library of Louisiana
Sleep Train Arena
Lewiston Police Department (Maine)
Venice Community Housing Corporation
Young Dubliners
Albanian Geological Survey
American Bach Soloists
California State Prison, Corcoran
Revenue Commissioners
Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission
National Penitentiary Institute (Peru)
National Library of Scotland
California Department of Parks and Recreation
Federal Radio Commission
Price Center
Associazione Volontari Italiani Sangue
San Diego Convention Center
New Delhi Municipal Council
Stags Leap District AVA
United States Commercial Service
Toyota Save Mart 350
Upside (magazine)
Access Magazine
Arroyo Grande Valley AVA
Bikers for Christ
Mount Prospect Public Library
California Academy of Mathematics and Science
Arkansas Department of Education
Cinequest Film Festival
Deyan Audio
Fat Wreck Chords
Inland Valley Daily Bulletin
Xinhua News Agency
Federal Home Loan Bank Board
MTA Bridges and Tunnels
Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board
Mutant Press
East Bay Regional Park District
Federal Housing Administration
San Diego Children's Choir
George Freemantle
Islamic Republic News Agency
Skunk Records
Alabama Department of Public Safety
Central Bank of Argentina
Benmore Valley AVA
Federal Alcohol Administration
California Environmental Protection Agency
Geographic Institute Agust n Codazzi
Iowa State Patrol
Catharine Clark Gallery
National Labor Relations Board
Guardians of the Gate
Lake Forest, California
Lester Center for Entrepreneurship
The Muffs
Ministry of Work, Employment, and Social Security
Seven Oaks Country Club
Silicon Valley Historical Association
Securities and Exchange Commission (Philippines)
The Stinking Rose
Federation of Canadian Municipalities
Aurora Theatre Company
New Hampshire State Police
California State Lands Commission
Garcia Wilderness
Gay Men's Chorus of San Diego
Homes Not Jails
The Nonce
Olympic Club Foundation
ON Magazine
Palm Springs Walk of Stars
Spanish National Research Council
Willamette Valley Firebirds
Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (Saudi Arabia)
42nd Street Moon
Executive Order 8802
Office of Scientific Research and Development
California National University for Advanced Studies
Petroleum Administration for Defense Districts
California Strawberry Commission
Campfire Girls (band)
Foreign Economic Administration
Deeds of Flesh
Diesel Boy
Armed Forces of Saudi Arabia
Directorate for Enemy Property (Norway)
Embassy of Cuba, Ottawa
Frederick Juliand
Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission
T lam
Emily's Sassy Lime
Wage Stabilization Board
Greenlining Institute
Bureau d'Enqu tes et d'Analyses pour la S curit de l'Aviation Civile
Harvester (American band)
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
Honda Center
National Center of Cinematography and the moving image
Omaha Public Power District
Pierce County Library System
Plan Commission
Knapsack (band)
Mount Veeder AVA
Musica Angelica Baroque Orchestra
Ministry of Employment and Labor
Oakland Charter Academy
China National Tourism Administration
Countryside Commission
Rutherford AVA
Scottish Agricultural Wages Board
Shutters on the Beach Hotel
State Forestry Administration of the People's Republic of China
Southern California Marine Institute
Election Commission of India
Until There's a Cure
Indian Council for Cultural Relations
National Atomic Energy Commission
Bartholomew Park Winery
Ben mb
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
Choice 2000
Citizens Against Homicide
National Wages Board
Norwegian Parliamentary Ombudsman for the Armed Forces
Washington County Fire District 2
Knowledge Is Power Program
Delaware Geological Survey
Lucas Oil 250
D partement du Renseignement et de la S curit
Department of Civil Aviation (Zambia)
General Intelligence Directorate (Egypt)
San Francisco Drag King Contest
State Archives Administration
Supreme People's Procuratorate
George Pescott
Straus Family Creamery
Arizona State Parks (government)
Ventura Intercity Service Transit Authority
Woodcreek High School
Bakersfield Condors
Norwegian Institute of Local History
Federal Intelligence Service (Germany)
California Department of Water Resources
Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits
Khadi and Village Industries Commission
Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia
South Dakota Highway Patrol
Chapman University School of Law
Edible Schoolyard
Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency
Hayward Gay Prom
Intarcia Therapeutics
Jiucheng Administration Branch
US Market Access Center
Valley State Prison
U.S. Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations
The Art Institute of California Los Angeles
Administrative Department of Security
Bakersfield Department of Economic and Community Development
Equality Federation
Central Registry of State Judicial Administrations
The Merry Karnowsky Gallery
Office of Atoms for Peace
Peace Corps
Sacramento Geckos
Tunis Afrique Presse
San Diego Lions
Speakeasy Ales and Lagers
Little Hoover Commission
Henry Southern (cricketer)
Central Bureau of Investigation
Viejas Arena
Vox Femina Los Angeles
Central Wakf Council
California Center for Public Health Advocacy
California State Mining and Mineral Museum
Job Corps
Chiles Valley AVA
National Film Archive of India
Desert Hot Springs High School
Port of Skagit County
Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute
Alabama Department of Mental Health
Internal Drive
Economic and Social Research Council
General Teaching Council for Scotland
Hawaii State Foundation on Culture and the Arts
Highlands and Islands Enterprise
The Links at Riverlakes Ranch
Los Angeles Film School
San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission
Scottish Law Commission
Social Security and National Insurance Trust
Syrian Arab News Agency
Mission Hills of Hayward Golf Course
Automotive Research Association of India
Federal Railroad Administration
Placer Theatre Ballet
Poplar Creek Public Library District
Preuss School
San Diego Pumitas
Agence nationale pour l'emploi
Alaska State Troopers
Scotts Valley High School
Arab Towns Organization
California Council on Criminal Justice
Derbyshire Constabulary
Devon and Cornwall Police
Turtle Island Restoration Network
GO Transit
New Mexico Livestock Board
21st Amendment Brewery
Suffolk Constabulary
Sussex Police
West Mercia Police
Wisconsin Department of Health Services
Estero Bluffs State Park
Firebird Youth Chinese Orchestra
Friends of Baxter Creek
National Fund for Development Projects (Colombia)
National Institute of Justice
Necessary Response
Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company
New Jersey Meadowlands Commission
Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument
Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
ACTION (U.S. government agency)
Academia Semillas del Pueblo
Capital District Transportation Authority
Acrocat Software
Clean Water Services
Big Bay Boom
Greater Peoria Mass Transit District
Illinois Department of Corrections
Bubbles 26 Cheesecake
California Center for Innovative Transportation
National Forest Corporation (Chile)
Carrizo Plain
Diamond Mountain District AVA
Greater Good Science Center
Greater Bridgeport Transit Authority
New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority
Natural World Museum
Northern California Innocence Project
Oslo (band)
Post Present Medium
Canadian Council on Geomatics
Reality Changers
Sacramento Pride
Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology
San Diego Sockers (2001 04)
Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities
San Francisco Grand Prix
Office of Drug Abuse Law Enforcement
Santa Cruz Breakwater Light
Power Holding Company of Nigeria
Somali National Academy of Culture
Canadian Intergovernmental Conference Secretariat
Local Government Boundary Commission for Scotland
Norwegian Nuclear Energy Safety Authority
Saudi Wildlife Authority
Sport Northern Ireland
nimo Inglewood Charter High School
California Energy Commission
California Postsecondary Education Commission
George Caldwell (cricketer)
Commissione Nazionale per le Societ e la Borsa
Federal Election Commission
Norwegian Climate and Pollution Agency
Norwegian Coastal Administration
Commodity Futures Trading Commission
Bicycle Kitchen (Los Angeles)
Convention of Scottish Local Authorities
HM Prison Cornton Vale
The Blood Arm
European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions
Bolero Records
Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation
Polizeipr sidium M nchen
Scottish Enterprise
Alaska Permanent Fund
Career Soldiers (band)
California Conservation Corps
Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority
Chase Long Beach
Citizen Film
Citizens Here and Abroad
Railway Safety Fencing Board
Cleantech Group
United States Interests Section in Havana
District Court for the Northern Mariana Islands
European Centre for Parliamentary Research and Documentation
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences
The Drift (band)
Dusty Rhodes and the River Band
Jordan Valley Authority
King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology
National Natural Parks System (Colombia)
Envision Schools
Office of Surface Mining
Technical Supervisory Authority for Cableways (Norway)
Golden State Pops Orchestra
Broads Authority
California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs
Hand Fan Museum
Chennai MetroWater Supply and Sewage Board
Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office
Overseas Chinese Affairs Office
Pennsylvania Department of Aging
Red River Compact Commission
JPMorgan Chase Building (San Francisco)
Tennessee Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations
United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court
Killing the Dream
United States Merit Systems Protection Board
KPMG Building
Let's Go Sailing
Light This City
Bettendorf Transit
International Trade Administration
Lyric Opera of Los Angeles
Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Prisons for Scotland
Hilltop Unit
National Population and Family Planning Commission
Palau Congressional Library
Health Resources and Services Administration
Minor thread
National Guarantees Fund
Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Program
Albemarle County Police Department
The Monolators
Guam Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse
Har Hevron Regional Council
Nipomo High School
Number One Gun
National Assembly (Saint Kitts and Nevis)
Roaring Fork Transportation Authority
Outreach (magazine)
Casino Reinvestment Development Authority
Commercial Affairs Department
Cultural Ministers Council
State Justice Institute
Perceval Press
Rendezvous Music
National Archives and Records Administration
New Jersey State Athletic Control Board
Rockpile AVA
Grays Harbor Historical Seaport Authority
School of Business and Technology
SF Sketchfest
New Mexico Department of Energy, Minerals, and Natural Resources
The Shore (band)
Office of Minority Health
Public Transport Council
Some Girls (California band)
Scottish Legal Aid Board
Arizona Geological Survey
Southern California Linux Expo
Swingtime Dance Troupe
Symphony Silicon Valley
Italian Space Agency
Terror (band)
Local Government New Zealand
Touro University Rainbow Health Coalition
Accident Investigation Board Norway
Under the Influence of Giants
Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre
California Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education
Voz Alta Project
Delta HRA Public Transit
The Warriors (band)
Elections and Boundaries Department
Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada
Police Forensic Science Laboratory Dundee
Residential Tenancies Authority
Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue
Biotech Consortium India Limited
Alameda Civic Ballet
Countryside Council for Wales
Bay Area Segway Enthusiasts Group
European Environment Agency
Bootie (club night)
Health Research Council of New Zealand
National Security Council (Fiji)
Desert Mirage High School
National Unification Council
Romanian Intelligence Service
Scottish Natural Heritage
Serious Fraud Office (New Zealand)
White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics
Alabama International Airport Authority
International Orange Chorale of San Francisco
Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology
Banc ldex
Crown Commercial Service
Foreign Intelligence Service (Russia)
Olivenhain Dam
Orange County Breakers
Pro Wrestling Guerrilla
Malta Maritime Authority
Redlands California Temple
Ministry of Justice (Republic of Macedonia)
National Agency for Education (Sweden)
Norwegian Universities and Colleges Admission Service
South Jersey Transportation Authority
The Bay School of San Francisco
Swedish Board of Agriculture
Administrative Department of Public Service (Colombia)
Central Valley High School (Ceres, California)
Chivas USA
Birmingham Heartlands Development Corporation
Eternity Bible College
Hungry Girl
China Securities Regulatory Commission
Consulate 2DGeneral of Denmark in Saint Petersburg
Liberty in North Korea
The Los Angeles Theatre Ensemble
Darwin Initiative
Electoral Commission of Queensland
Embassy of Croatia in Moscow
Oak Knoll District of Napa Valley AVA
Embassy of Ukraine, Ottawa
Patxi's Chicago Pizza
Higher Education Funding Council for England
Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal of New South Wales
Pirates Press
Rubber Souldiers
Krajowa Rada Radiofonii i Telewizji
San Francisco Ocean Film Festival
Longview Economic Development Corporation
The Shys
Moldovan Embassy, Bucharest
Sonoma County Sol
Soundwave Festival (San Francisco)
The Spokes
National Security Service (Armenia)
Wilmer Amina Carter High School
Young the Giant
Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight
Ombudsman's Office of Colombia
American Sports University
Borden Ranch AVA
California Victory
Securities and Exchange Board of India
Daraja Academy
U.S. Russia Joint Commission on POW MIAs
Claremont Stars
Clements Hills AVA
Greensky Hill church
Cool Earth Solar
European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction
Curse, Inc.
Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies (Colombia)
Debate Team (band)
Jos Benito Vives de Andr is Marine and Coastal Research Institute
Dry Town Water Park
Metro (Oregon regional government)
FC Santa Clarita
Innovation Norway
Freedom Station
Research Council of Norway
Jahant AVA
State Committee of Republic of Azerbaijan for Refugees and IDPs
Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council
CALFED Bay 2DDelta Program
Civil Aviation Authority of Uganda
Community Plant Variety Office
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Nasa Kiwe Corporation
National Roads Institute (Colombia)
Regional Environmental Protection Agency
Special State Protection Service of Georgia
George Richards (cricketer)
Punch (band)
State Statistics Committee (Azerbaijan)
Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union
Redwood City Ruckus
Sloughhouse AVA
Entity Registry
Square One Organic Vodka
Swarm Gallery
Federal Security Service
Kenya Revenue Authority
Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission
United Kingdom Accreditation Service
Wisconsin Department of Commerce
Yarra Valley Water
Artesan as de Colombia
A o Nuevo State Marine Conservation Area
California High 2DSpeed Rail Authority
Auburn Alehouse
Deer Commission for Scotland
European Agency for Safety and Health at Work
Building a Better Legal Profession
The California Honeydrops
Cormorant (band)
Norwegian National Rail Administration
Norwegian Parliamentary Intelligence Oversight Committee
Early Graves
Norwegian Railway Authority
Productivity Commission
Scottish Environment Protection Agency
Greyhound Rock State Marine Conservation Area
Scottish Qualifications Authority
Welsh Local Government Association
Aeronautical Rescue Coordination Centre
Autorit per le Garanzie nelle Comunicazioni
Brighton and Hove
Los Angeles Sol
Meteor Games
Camnet Internet Service
Piedras Blancas State Marine Reserve and Marine Conservation Area
China Internet Network Information Center
Ghana National Fire and Rescue Service
Santa Cruz County Breakers
SD United (WPSL)
Pasukan Gerakan Khas
Queensland Competition Authority
Special Immigration Appeals Commission
State Procurement Agency (Azerbaijan)
Tillamook County Transportation District
UK Sport
Australian Prudential Regulation Authority
West Coast FC
China Insurance Regulatory Commission
China Marine Surveillance
First 5 Los Angeles
Legal Aid Ontario
Corona Labs Inc.
Falling Whistles
Fitz and The Tantrums
Menifee, California
Monsbey College
Akershus Kollektivterminaler
Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency
Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe
One Block Off the Grid
Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam
Pioneers in Engineering
Electricity Supply Industry Planning Council
Financial Supervisory Service (South Korea)
Kosovo Police
Temescal Street Cinema
National Disasters Management Institute
Nunavut Liquor Commission
Office of the Auditor General of Colombia
Office of the First Minister
One NorthEast
PHA Foundation
Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body
Audit Scotland
Fort Ord Dunes State Park
Going To Bat Foundation
Hacker Dojo
National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities
Impact100 Sonoma
Kind Campaign
Superintendency of Ports and Transport (Colombia)
Lafayette Library and Learning Center
Afghan Interim Administration
Locus (magazine)
Children's Commissioner for Wales
Communities Scotland
Newton Software
Christen Larsen Arneberg
Financial Consumer Agency of Canada
NorCal Lamorinda United SC
General Social Care Council
Ministry for Development of North Eastern Region
Quail Motorcycle Gathering
National Council for Combating Discrimination
National Police Directorate (Norway)
Poorest Areas Civil Society Program
Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency
Scottish Development International
Warship Support Agency
Abalone Cove State Marine Conservation Area and Point Vicente State Marine Reserve
Agency for Science, Technology and Research
American Canyon High School
Thomas Bassnett
Anki (company)
Arrow Point to Lion Head Point State Marine Conservation Area
Creative Partnerships
Bak 2DAnime
Begg Rock State Marine Reserve
Bird Rock State Marine Conservation Area and Blue Cavern State Marine Conservation Areas
Cabrillo State Marine Reserve
California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education
Federal Financial Supervisory Authority
Calistoga AVA
Cat Harbor State Marine Conservation Area
Jordan Maritime Authority
Crystal Cove State Marine Conservation Area
Dana Point State Marine Conservation Area
Famosa Slough State Marine Conservation Area
Maritime Safety Queensland
Farnsworth Onshore and Farnsworth Offshore State Marine Conservation Areas
Fluxx (nightclub)
Gardens 26 Villa
Goleta Slough State Marine Conservation Area
Strategic health authority
Northern Norway Regional Health Authority
Joseph Gregori High School
Kashtayit State Marine Conservation Area
Lit Motors
Pressure measurement
Long Point State Marine Reserve
Lovers Cove State Marine Conservation Area and Casino Point State Marine Conservation Area
Research Councils UK
Scottish Science Advisory Council
Monterey Bay Derby Dames
Standards Commission for Scotland
State Border Service (Azerbaijan)
State Institute for Nature Protection (Croatia)
Afghanistan Investment Support Agency
Point Dume State Marine Conservation Area
San Dieguito Lagoon State Marine Conservation Area
Assets Recovery Agency
San Elijo Lagoon State Marine Conservation Area
National Center for Foreign Commerce
Cairngorms National Park
Commission for Patient and Public Involvement in Health
The 1947 Partition Archive
Economic and Financial Crimes Commission
Federal Service for Defence Contracts
Health and Care Professions Council
Adrenaline Rush Project
Knowledge Transfer Partnerships
National Development and Reform Commission
Cesar E. Chavez National Monument
Double Take (group)
National Institute of Concessions (Colombia)
Norwegian Archive, Library and Museum Authority
Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator
Sentencing Guidelines Council
South Florida Regional Transportation Authority
North Coast Tsunami
Vehicle and Operator Services Agency
Agencia Nacional de Inteligencia
Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing
Alaska Division of Homeland Security 26 Emergency Management
Sound City Players
South San Francisco Ferry Terminal
Terrapin Crossroads
Executive Agency for Small and Medium 2Dsized Enterprises
Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology
Indian Computer Emergency Response Team
Japan Expo USA
Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care
Russell City Energy Center
National Agency for Computer Security
National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand
National Police Computing and Material Service (Norway)
Kaiser Permanente
Office of the Commissioner for Public Appointments in Scotland
Office of the Coordinator for Reconstruction and Stabilization
Permanent Population Committee
Scottish Building Standards Agency
Seychelles Port Authority
Galax, Virginia
Swedish Tax Agency
Agence de l'innovation industrielle
Agence nationale de la recherche
Architecture and Design Scotland
Asylum and Immigration Tribunal
Australian Communications and Media Authority
Colonial Hotel (Wise, Virginia)
Children's Commissioner for England
Virginia Law Review
National Security Council (Saudi Arabia)
DTU Space
Fort Lee (Virginia)
Clintwood High School
Attucks Theatre
The Aviator (Charlottesville, Virginia)
Indiana Office of Community 26 Rural Affairs
Kurdistan Regional Government
Mental Health Tribunal for Scotland
The Bullet (UMW)
Norwegian eProcurement Secretariat
The Cavalier Song
Qatar Investment Authority
Rail Accident Investigation Branch
Scottish Funding Council
Social Work Inspection Agency
Virginia Quarterly Review
Altria Theater
Turkish Revenue Administration
United Transport Administration of Georgia
Wales Centre for Health
Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture 26 Heritage
Richmond CenterStage
Australian Sports Anti 2DDoping Authority
California Department of Technology
Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency
European Fisheries Control Agency
European Institute for Gender Equality
Follo District Court
Barter Theatre
Labour and Welfare Service
National Wildlife Crime Unit
Native Woodland Survey of Scotland
New South Wales Electoral Commission
Fralin Museum of Art
Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration
United States Armed Forces School of Music
Thorsten Guttormsen Fretheim
Danville Community College
Railway Safety Commission
Space Florida
State Committee for City Building and Architecture (Azerbaijan)
Strategic analysis center (France)
Hungry Mother State Park
Mawavi Historic District, Chopawamsic RDA Camp 2
Trans 2DEuropean Transport Network Executive Agency
Transport Scotland
Tribunals Service
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
Ag ncia Brasil
Conservatoria delle Coste
Henrico Theatre
Department for Children, Schools and Families
Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs
Directorates of the Scottish Government
European Chemicals Agency
Office to Combat Trafficking in Persons
Rent control in Scotland
Science and Technology Facilities Council
Scottish Broadcasting Commission
Bear Creek Lake State Park
Palace Theatre (Cape Charles, Virginia)
HM Prison Addiewell
Accomack County Airport
Canada Employment Insurance Financing Board
University of Virginia Demographics and Workforce Group
Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media
Julius K hn 2DInstitut
Organised and Financial Crime Agency of New Zealand
Public Contracts Scotland
Scotland's Environmental and Rural Services
Scottish Human Rights Commission
SEQ Water Grid Manager
Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans
JV's Restaurant
Skills Development Scotland
State Committee for Securities (Azerbaijan)
State Committee on Standardization, Metrology and Patents (Azerbaijan)
State Committee on Work with Diaspora (Azerbaijan)
UK Border Agency
UK Commission for Employment and Skills
Wisconsin Department of Children and Families
Administrative Department of Science, Technology and Innovation
Agency for the Legal Deposit Libraries
Australian Customs and Border Protection Service
Commission for constitutional reform in Moldova
Deltaville Ballpark
Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation
Department of Transport and Main Roads
Virginia Law Weekly
William Hodson (cricketer, born 1808)
Hawks (South Africa)
E. Claiborne Robins School of Business
Shad Planking
Marine Scotland
STP 500
National Apprenticeship Service
VCU Department of Health Administration
Presidential Administration of Georgia
South East England Councils
State Property Issues Committee (Azerbaijan)
Agencia Espacial Mexicana
Henry County Public Schools
Commission on Key National Indicators
Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency
Estates of Sint Maarten
Gar 2DField Senior High School
European Systemic Risk Board
Finance Directorates
Mill Mountain Zoo
National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling
National Fraud Intelligence Bureau
National Security Council (United Kingdom)
Office of the Australian Information Commissioner
Oman Academic Accreditation Authority
Apoyo a la Seguridad Ciudadana
Queensland Urban Utilities
Toyota Owners 400
South West Councils
Virginia Beach Open (PGA Tour event)
Swedish Transport Administration
Tenant Services Authority
UK Space Agency
West Midlands Councils
Young People's Learning Agency
Oscar F. Smith High School
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority
Hebrew Academy of Tidewater
Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership
Local enterprise partnership
National Development Fund of Iran
National Infrastructure Agency (Colombia)
Fort Lee Air Force Station
Historic Richmond Foundation
National Radio Astronomy Observatory
Jean Fran ois Langlois
Special Administrative Unit of Solidarity Organizations (Colombia)
Virginia Commission on Constitutional Government
Washington Air Defense Sector
George Hay Lee
Clean Energy Regulator
Health Education England
Bishop Denis J. O'Connell High School
Department of Environment and Primary Industries (Victoria)
Mary Ball Washington Museum and Library
Police Scotland
Scottish Police Authority
Wyoming Lottery
Richard Bland College
Al 2DWatania Poultry Institute of Technology (WIT)
Secretariat for the Economy
Amateur Trapshooting Association
American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy
Association of American Law Schools
Cap and Skull
Committee of Fifteen
Delta Theta Phi
Goethe Federation
Grundy Senior High School
Keeble Observatory
National Democratic League
Newark Beth Israel Medical Center
Ontario Library Association
Eastern Mennonite Seminary
Grayson Highlands State Park
SELECT (Electrical Contractors' Association of Scotland)
National Association of State Credit Union Supervisors
Uruguayan Football Association
John Neil (Canadian politician)
Yale Dramatic Association
The Birchmere
American Association of Pathologists and Bacteriologists
Fan Mountain Observatory
Virginia Western Community College
Laboratoire national de m trologie et d'essais
Blue Ridge Community College (Virginia)
Norwegian Nobel Committee
Norwegian Post and Communications Union
Carlisle School
Professional Golfers' Association (Great Britain and Ireland)
Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests
Student Union at the Royal Institute of Technology
Tipton 26 Coseley Building Society
University Club of Albany
Hurley High School
Rappahannock Community College
African Political Organization
American Road and Transportation Builders Association
Canadian Postmasters and Assistants Association
Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland
Classical Association of Scotland
Det norske Myrselskap
D rerbund
James Madison Dukes football
Order of Angell
Phi Alpha Delta
Nansemond National Wildlife Refuge
United States Army Training and Doctrine Command
Statens Serum Institut
Swedish Employers Association
Arlington Arts Center
British Numismatic Society
Challenger Society for Marine Science
Classical Association
Fauna and Flora International
Free Trade Union
Kingsmill Resort
Theatre IV
Metropolitan Water Board (London)
Brunswick High School (Virginia)
Bruton High School
Queensland Women's Electoral League
Concert Ballet of Virginia
Union of Norwegian Cities
University Women's Club of Toronto
Young Left (Sweden)
American Lung Association
Association of Newspaper and Magazine Wholesalers
Astor Home for Children
Richmond Community High School
Committee of Seventy
The Inn at Little Washington
The Explorers Club
German Society for Psychology
Institute of Cast Metals Engineers
Pamunkey Indian Tribe Museum
Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools
Norwegian Society of Actuaries
Phi Epsilon Pi
Spies Public Library
Dar Al 2DHijrah
Tennis Australia
Young Conservatives (Denmark)
The Automobile Association
B'rith Sholom
Bleun 2DBrug
Alleghany High School (Virginia)
British Constitution Association
Chrysalis School (Woodinville, WA)
British Naturalists' Association
British Olympic Association
Journal of Law 26 Politics
Committee of Fourteen
Danish Cyclists' Federation
Rare Book School
Eastern Intercollegiate Wrestling Association
Smith Mountain Lake State Park
Hawaiian Entomological Society
Virginia Environmental Law Journal
Klainer SS
Angelos Bible College
National Court
Middleburg AVA
Nandua High School
Republic of Korea National Red Cross
TeenBeat Records
Virginia Museum of Natural History
Blue Ridge Music Center
SAE International
Court of Appeals of Virginia
Vereniging Natuurmonumenten
Ashburn Farm
Brown College at Monroe Hill
American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Automobile Club de l'Ouest
Potomac and Rappahannock Transportation Commission
Dansk Ornitologisk Forening
Historical Association
Honorable Order of the Blue Goose, International
International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys
Northern 2DCopper Country League
Khachatur Abovian
Respiratory Health Association of Metropolitan Chicago
University of Sheffield Students' Union
Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression
The Woman's Club of Fayetteville
Arab Orthodox Benevolent Society
Acorn Community Farm
Country Land and Business Association
Henry George Foundation of Great Britain
Institute of Medical Social Workers
Karjalan veljeskunta
Ladies' Alpine Club
Law Society of Hong Kong
Lincoln's Inn Society
The Marlowe Society
Appalachian School of Law
Breaux Vineyards
National Heritage Foundation
Royal Architectural Institute of Canada
Virginia Beach Mariners
Royal Cayman Islands Police Service
Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
Socialist International Women
Jiffy Lube Live
South Carolina High School League
Supreme Court of Uruguay
Union Nationale des tudiants de France
Women's Freedom League
Aegean Hawks
American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics
Grafton High School (Virginia)
Women's National Anti 2DSuffrage League
Anti 2Dsuffragism
John A. Bolles
Reading Borough Libraries
British Association for Shooting and Conservation
Conservative and Unionist Women's Franchise Association
English Spelling Society
Fishermen's Protective Union
John Leland Center for Theological Studies
Monticello High School (Virginia)
Galton Institute
Northern Virginia Majestics
Georgia Tech Alumni Association
Institution of Structural Engineers
International Ice Hockey Federation
University of Virginia Center for Politics
International Vegetarian Union
Appomattox Regional Governor's School for the Arts And Technology
GW Community School
Norsk Tindeklub
North British Academy of Arts
Norwegian Bar Association
Port of London Authority
Scouts New Zealand
Forest Park High School (Montclair, Virginia)
The Society of Legal Scholars
Tibetan and Himalayan Library
Swedish Dental Association
Abigail Alliance for Better Access to Developmental Drugs
Union of Active Struggle
American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences
Blood and Ink Records
Bull Run Mountains Natural Area Preserve
American Oil Chemists' Society
Animal Rescue League of Western Pennsylvania
Association of University Teachers
Cedar Creek and Belle Grove National Historical Park
False Cape Natural Area Preserve
District Attorneys Association of the State of New York
Federation of Danish Motorists
De Tretten
Norwegian Shipowners' Association
Plebs' League
Poetry Society
Round Table movement
The Stafford Foundation
Special Libraries Association
Women's Service Guilds
Women's Tax Resistance League
Johan Henrik Dietrichs
American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers
Tour of Virginia
American Civic Association
The Automobile Association (Ireland)
Ferguson Center for the Arts
Burma Research Society
Camp Fire
Camp Mataponi
Fredericksburg Gunners
Fredericksburg Lady Gunners
Chin Woo Athletic Association
Croatian Journalists' Association
Economic Club of Pittsburgh
Henrico County Public Schools
Flourtown Fire Company
Girl Guides of Canada
Governing Council of the Cat Fancy
Historic New England
Historical Society of the Episcopal Church
Irish Countrywomen's Association
Decades of Dollars
Lutheran Educational Conference of North America
Massachusetts Bar Association
National League for Opposing Woman Suffrage
People Express Airlines (2010s)
Norwegian Press Association
Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association
Open Colleges
Central High School (Wise, Virginia)
Riflemen's Association
Virginia Beach City FC
Royal India Society
Virginia Musical Museum
Royal Over 2DSeas League
Charles H. Foy
Society for Nautical Research
Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies
Southern African Customs Union
Verband Deutscher Pr dikats 2D und Qualit tsweing ter
Western Society of Naturalists
Asociaci n de Scouts del Per
Association of Polish Artists and Designers
Automobile Manufacturers Association
Catholic Association of Performing Arts (UK)
Catholic Press Association
Commonwealth Parliamentary Association
F d ration Cynologique Internationale
International Boxing Union
International Society of Developmental Biologists
National Council of Teachers of English
National Scout Organization of Thailand
New York Psychoanalytic Society
Norwegian Junior Doctors Association
Saxon Climbers' Federation
Shanghai Children's Welfare Institute
Walpole Society
Women's Civic League
Alaska Native Brotherhood Sisterhood
Architecture school in the United States
Australian Inland Mission
Bandalag slenskra sk ta
Colorado Mountain Club
Croatian Chess Federation
Detroit Regional Yacht 2Dracing Association
Australia After Dark
Luminous Arc
Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology
List of The Venture Bros. episodes
Green Scouting
The Beast (2009 TV series)
Goosebumps Most Wanted
Jewish Big Sisters
London Society (organisation)
Magyar Cserk szsz vets g
uvre de secours aux enfants
Our Sunday Visitor
Palestinian Scout Association
The Peel Players
Polish Statistical Association
Rideau (company)
Royal Belgian Ice Hockey Federation
Transient ischemic attack
Food Chain (Buffy comic)
Scouts of China
Leaving Rouge
Surrey Record Society
Germany national youth football team
Locked in Time
Temporary Commission of Confederated Independence Parties
Neobyzantine Octoechos
The Wildlife Trusts
Social Democratic Party of Germany
The Leisure Hive
German Revolution of 1918 19
List of Hope 26 Faith episodes
Germany national rugby union team
Anglo 2DHellenic League
German Reich
Anti 2DDefamation League
Silas Blissett
German Navy
Island of Death
Associa o dos Escoteiros de Portugal
The House (The Keys to the Kingdom)
List of Robotics Notes episodes
Deutsche Eishockey Liga
Communist Party of Germany
German football league system
Deutsche Reichsbahn
Corpo Nazionale Giovani Esploratori ed Esploratrici Italiani
Germany national basketball team
Covenant Society
Cyprus Scouts Association
German Air Force
Garage Kids
Fallen Moon
The London Group
Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest
House of Hohenzollern
Oliphant's Gym
Boulevard (1960 film)
Odd Little Man
The Philosophical Society of England
The Handbook of Nonsexist Writing
Northern Germany
Scout Association of Malta
Nomological danglers
Squash Canada
List of Team Galaxy episodes
The OF Tape Vol. 2
Virginia High School League
Washington Society of Landscape Painters
The 1975 (album)
Culture of Germany
6 Feet Beneath the Moon
American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee
Adopted as Holograph (album)
American Radio Relay League
All the Times We Had
Australian Red Cross
Canadian Patriotic Fund
Cerceta ii Rom niei
German Rugby Federation
Bad Dream (album)
Bundesrat of Germany
Beautiful Soul (Mamadee album)
Delta Sigma Epsilon
Before I Sleep (album)
Between Here 26 Lost
Blood 26 Chemistry
International City County Management Association
Break the Border
2009 10 Bundesliga
Legion Wschodni
Calamari Tuesday
The Captain's Daughter (album)
Cast My Cares
Chelsea Light Moving (album)
The Child of Lov (album)
Progressive Building Society
Comfort and Happiness
Coming Apart (album)
Texas A 26M AgriLife Extension Service
A Constant Sea
Cruise Your Illusion
Rugby Thompson
Women's Emergency Corps
Days You Remember
AFS Intercultural Programs
Dom Kennedy
Air Accidents Investigation Branch
K.R.I.T. Wuz Here
Descent to the Underworld (album)
American Association of University Professors
Deutsche Bundesbank
American Medical Women's Association
Device (Device album)
Nelson R. Norton
Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis
24 Hour Karate School
Blind Veterans UK
Unconscious State
Echoes (Creep album)
Chewonki Foundation
Compressed Air and Gas Institute
Jet World Order
Germany Olympic football team
German Red Cross
Evening Morning
Germany national football B team
William Pellett
Fable Time
Factory Floor (album)
Deutschland sucht den Superstar
International Socialist League (South Africa)
List of songs recorded by Big K.R.I.T.
King Remembered in Time
Feast of Love (album)
Wiz Khalifa discography
Fiesta (Denise Rosenthal album)
Fires of Life
Moderate Women's League of Sweden
First Love (Lee Hi album)
Federal Police (Germany)
Free Fall (Magnus Karlsson album)
List of German submissions for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film
Norwegian Bankers' Association
Genuine 26 Counterfeit
Gold Rush Maybe One Day
Tennessee Ornithological Society
Graceless (Sulk album)
Germany at the Olympics
Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research
Hear Ye Him
Heart Like Your Own
Here's Willy Moon
Wyoming State Bar
Hide 26 Seek (Janet Devlin album)
Germany at the 2006 08 European Nations Cup
I Love You (The Neighbourhood album)
German folklore
The Impossible Dream (Richard 26 Adam album)
1953 German Grand Prix
British Commonwealth Union
Isles (album)
It Happens All the Time
F d ration Nationale des Eclaireurs et Eclaireuses du Luxembourg
Jackie Thomas (album)
John Wizards (album)
Join the Club (album)
Grand Street Settlement
Keep Moving (Andrew Stockdale album)
KidsAlive Charity
Koi ni Ochiru Toki
L.I.F.E 2D Leaving an Impact for Eternity
Lesson 1 (E 2Dgirls album)
National Cooperative Business Association
Letherette (album)
Light in Darkness
Planned Parenthood
Lights Out (Silverline album)
Royal College of Nursing
London with the Lights On
Society of Glass Technology
Long Way Down (Tom Odell album)
Love 26 Hate (Hyolyn album)
Love Never Fails (Jahm ne Douglas album)
Love Undercover (album)
Lysandre (Christopher Owens album)
Me, You 26 the Music
The Messenger (Johnny Marr album)
The Mountain Moves
My 1st Chemistry Set
My Grandma's Basement
Nat lia Kelly (album)
New York City The Album
New York A Love Story
No. 1 (Teen Top album)
Noah (Noah album)
North (Mary Dillon album)
Only Teardrops (album)
Out of View
Palms (album)
Parece Amor (album)
Phoenix (Everything in Slow Motion album)
Prima Donna (Nine Muses album)
Pushin' Against a Stone
Putrid Death Sorcery
Reasons To Live
Redneck Crazy
Relief (album)
Revival (Soulfire Revolution album)
Run Fast
Saloon (album)
Sano vaan Tuomas
Scar the Martyr (album)
Secondhand Rapture
Anglo 2DNorse Society in London
Belarusian Telegraph Agency
British Chess Problem Society
Silence Yourself
Morten Ludvig Sundt
Snapshot (The Strypes album)
Krasnodar Krai Police
Some Kind of Dangerous
Laureano Tacuav Mart nez
Narodowy Instytut Zdrowia Publicznego Pa stwowy Zak ad Higieny
Speed of Life (Dirty South album)
States (The Paper Kites album)
Norsk Havnestyreforbund
Sunset Blvd. (Yancey Boys album)
Swedish Society of Composers
Time Tears Down
Together Alone (Alex Hepburn album)
Torres (album)
Tribute (John Newman album)
Tricolore (album)
Ubu (album)
Unending Degradation
Union J (album)
Unite (A Friend in London album)
Vivir a Destiempo (album)
Wake Up (Youngblood Hawke album)
The Way Life Goes
When It Was Now
Where the Heaven Are We
Who's That Girl (Anah de C rdenas album)
The Winery Dogs (album)
With Love (Christina Grimmie album)
Without Your Love (oOoOO album)
Woman (Rhye album)
Assistance League
You Belong Here
Braille Institute of America
Zendaya (album)
British 2DIsrael 2DWorld Federation
Canadian Federation of University Women
Centre Party Youth
Jacob Andreas Wille
Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in the UK
Combat Stress (charitable organisation)
Commission of Responsibilities
Dallas Athletic Club
Forum Club
Thomas J. Word
German Student Union
Israel Boy and Girl Scouts Federation
Jugendbund Neudeutschland
LDS Family Services
League of Communist Youth of Yugoslavia
Lithuanian Red Cross Society
Middle Class Union
MPA the Association of Magazine Media
Giuseppi Angelini (bishop)
National Council for Voluntary Organisations
North American Securities Administrators Association
Roger M. Bobb
Oklahoma Hospital Association
Alyson Cambridge
Producing Managers' Association
Provisional representation of the former United Internal Revolutionary Organization
R dda Barnen
Oscar Dathorne
Brenda DoHarris
Nezam Hafiz
Texas A 26M Engineering Extension Service
Yaani King
Steve Massiah
Women's Peace Society
Zonta International
ACLU of Massachusetts
Colby O'Donis
Stephanie St. James
Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta
Carey Vanier
Austrian Chess Federation
La Brindille D'Or
Cambridge University Wireless Society
Bush Doctor
Chile Tennis Federation
How High (soundtrack)
Comit Fran ais de Courte 2DPaume
The Individuals (Chicago band)
Cordage Institute
Mind Blowin'
Danish Antiquarian Booksellers Association
Danish National Library Authority
Florida High School Athletic Association
Lewis H. Michaux
Jimmy Sabater
Indian Red Cross Society
Job's Daughters International
League of Women Voters
Louisiana High School Athletic Association
National Congress of British West Africa
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
New Zealand Institute of Environmental Health
Notgemeinschaft der Deutschen Wissenschaft
Pi Sigma Alpha
Axe Murder Boyz
Social Democratic Youth of Denmark
Society of Radiographers
TMH Polonia Bytom
Central Union of Consumer Associations of Ukraine
Alabama High School Athletic Association
Anglo 2DNorse Society in Oslo
Athletics Federation of Lithuania
Australian Federation of Women Voters
Capital D (rapper)
Directorate of General Security
Eesti Skautide hing
Estonian Football Association
Estonian Medical Association
The Color Changin' Click
Crooked I
Dead Prez
International Community of Socialist Youth Organisations
International Women's Sports Federation
Maccabi World Union
Magistrates' Association
Manufacturers Association of Israel
National Council for the Social Studies
National Insurance Association
New Mexico Activities Association
Ed O.G.
No More War Movement
sterreichischer Versuchssenderverband
People's Union for Economy
Phi Alpha Theta
Radio Club Argentino
Romanian Yachting Federation
The Royal British Legion
Sauerl nder Heimatbund
Shakespeare Fellowship
Socialist Youth League of Yugoslavia (1921)
Society for Army Historical Research
Soroptimist International
Standard Theatre (Toronto)
Suomen Radioamat riliitto
Swedish Taxpayers' Association
U.S. Figure Skating
University of London Union
Ursa (Finland)
War Resisters' International
Workers Nationalist Youth
Insane Poetry
American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association
Australasian Association of Philosophy
Jakki tha Motamouth
John Gardiner (cricketer)
Curtiss King
BirdLife International
Noa James
British Model Flying Association
Canadian Historical Association
Canadian Paediatric Society
Central Florida Council
Anglo 2DBelgian Society
Country Women's Association
Easter Seals (Canada)
Kam (rapper)
Estonian Writers' Union
King Chip
Law Society of Northern Ireland
Institution of Chemical Engineers
International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth's Interior
The Last Emperor (rapper)
International Committee on Intellectual Cooperation
International Fixed Calendar League
International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
Lambda Sigma
Manchester Building Society
Masta Ace
Radio Club de Chile
Modulok (rapper)
Sealy 26 Smith Foundation
Standards Australia
William E. Harmon Foundation
Woodrow Wilson Foundation
American Law Institute
Anti 2DFlirt Club
Simon Hullihen
Barnard Astronomical Society
BBC Research 26 Development
Corpo Nacional de Escutas Escutismo Cat lico Portugu s
De Hollandsche Molen
Delaware State Bar Association
Eclaireuses et Eclaireurs isra lites de France
English Place 2DName Society
People Under the Stairs
Gregory Pepper
Philadelphia Slick
Macedonian Scientific Institute
Manly 2DWarringah Radio Society
Norwegian Fire Protection Association
Norwich Society
Orange Jackets
Paneuropean Union
Psychopathic Rydas
Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of New Zealand
Social Science Research Council
Socialist Youth International
Society for Experimental Biology
Standards Norway
Evgraf Fedorovich Krendovsky
Ras Kass
A Start in Life
Rebel Diaz
Swansea Building Society
Reef the Lost Cauze
Turkish Fencing Federation
Turkish Football Federation
Union syndicale des journalistes polonais en France
American Jugoslav Association of Minnesota
Sun Rise Above
Asociaci n Nacional de Scouts de Panam
Association of Zoos and Aquariums
Australian Polo Federation
Bank of German Labor, Inc.
Bund Gemeinschaft f r ein sozialistisches Leben
England Golf
F d ration Internationale de Roller Sports
Federation of Old Cornwall Societies
Fiji Girl Guides Association
FK Obili Herceg Novi
Free Society of Teutonia
Grenada Athletic Association
HaNoar HaOved VeHaLomed
International Hockey Federation
Japan Society for Bioscience, Biotechnology and Agrochemistry
The Kresge Foundation
National Collegiate Athletic Association (Philippines)
National Union of South African Students
Ohio Music Education Association
Parliamentary Labour Club
Polish Committee for Standardization
The Sierra Leone Girl Guides Association
South African Indian Congress
Swaziland Boy Scouts Association
Swedish Women's Voluntary Defence Service
West Virginia Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
British Institution of Radio Engineers
Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour
Chartered Association of Building Engineers
Economic Society of South Africa
Fatherland League (Norway)
Girl Guides Association of Saint Lucia
Medieval Academy of America
National Management Association
Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland
R seau des metteurs Fran ais
Sigma Zeta
John Phillips (Canadian politician)
Society of Woman Geographers
Washington Bar Association
Acad mie Diplomatique Internationale
Allgemeine Anzeigen GmbH
Animal Rescue League of Iowa
Australian Property Institute
Boxing Writers Association of America
Canadian Association of Broadcasters
Canadian Osteopathic Association
China Institute
Daniel Guggenheim Fund for the Promotion of Aeronautics
Dude Ranchers Association
Economic History Society
England Netball
F roya Sk tar
The Girl Guides Association of Kiribati
Institut fran ais de Vienne
International African Institute
International League against Racism and Anti 2DSemitism
Iron Arrow Honor Society
The IU
Moose International in Great Britain
National Socialist German Students' League
New York Society of Model Engineers
Phi Alpha Mu
Queen Elisabeth Medical Foundation
Red Crescent Society of Turkmenistan
Rede dos Emissores Portugueses
Royal Academy of Italy
Rural Reconstruction Association
Supreme Emblem Club of the United States of America
United States Stamp Society
Vlaams Economisch Verbond
Whaley Children's Center
Yachting Union of Latvia
Applied Mechanics Division
Association des professionnels navigants de l'aviation
Association of Drainage Authorities
Associazione Radioamatori Italiani
Austrian Institute of Economic Research
Cats Protection
College of Community Physicians of Sri Lanka
Danforth Foundation
Experimenterende Danske Radioamat rer
Federaci n Anarquista Ib rica
Girl Guides Association of Papua New Guinea
Harry Fox Agency
Wray Thomas
Maryland 2DNational Capital Park and Planning Commission
Open Door Children's Home
Port Washington Play Troupe
Royal Fine Art Commission for Scotland
Seychelles Scout Association
Academia Sinica
Airborne and Antigas Defence League
British Racing Drivers' Club
Catholic Guides of Ireland
Comit International Radio 2DMaritime
Estonian Yachting Union
Hollywood Women's Press Club
Hrvatski Domobran
International Commission on Radiological Protection
Internationaler Fernschachbund
Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato
Motorcycling Australia
Norsk Radio Rel Liga
Norwegian Motor Trade Association
The Pharmacy Guild of Australia
Phi Sigma Alpha
Roads Beautifying Association
Skogbrukets Landsforening
Southern Economic Association
State Bar of Nevada
University of Nottingham Students' Union
The Whippoorwill Club
Wyomissing Foundation
Young Communist League (Cuba, 1928)
Association of Deans of Women and Advisers to Girls in Negro Schools
Deutsche Pfadfinderschaft Sankt Georg
Grupo renovaci n
International Congress of Slavists
International Hospital Federation
Liga Atl tica Interuniversitaria de Puerto Rico
Ninety 2DNines
Benjamin Beveridge
Society of St Gregory
Wolvercote Common
American Academy of Pediatrics
American Public Human Services Association
Berkshire Conference of Women Historians
Bucharest Yiddish Studio Theater
Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation
Confucian Academy
Delaware Academy of Medicine
Detection Club
Eastern Sociological Society
Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers
International Commission of Agricultural Engineering
Oglebay Institute
Order of Attorneys of Brazil
Photographic Alliance of Great Britain
Polski Zwi zek Kr tkofalowc w
James Tift Champlin
Alfred Toepfer Stiftung F.V.S.
Barnstormers Theatre
British Bridge League
Centre for Crime and Justice Studies
Football Association of Montenegro
Friends of the National Libraries
Game 26 Wildlife Conservation Trust
International Gas Union
Juntas de Ofensiva Nacional 2DSindicalista
Kampforbundet for R d Sportsenhet
Museums, Libraries and Archives Council
Muslim National Guard
National Council of Women of Australia
New Zealand Red Cross
Ohio Philosophical Association
Royal Numismatic Society of New Zealand
Scott Tallon Walker
Scottish Council for Development and Industry
Society for Applied Microbiology
Swedish Handball Federation
Television and Radio Industries Club
Turkish Historical Society
World Archery Federation
Accademia Musicale Chigiana
Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland
Badminton Australia
Brit HaHayal
British Exploring Society
College Democrats of America
Creation Science Movement
FAI Gliding Commission
Federacion Mexicana de Radio Experimentadores
German Banking Industry Committee
Hostelling International
Insurance Institute of Peterborough
International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation
The Mississippi Bar
Prague Section of IADR
Queen Elizabeth's Foundation for Disabled People
Scoutisme B ninois
Sir Dorabji Tata and Allied Trusts
Society of Australian Genealogists
Society of London Art Dealers
Sports Administration
Swedish Rugby Union
Turkish Language Association
Union Latino Americana
Academy of American Poets
Afghan Red Crescent Society
Alliance of German Organizations Abroad
J rres Schelderup Hansen
Animal Defense League
Anthropological Society of Victoria
Associazione Nazionale Felina Italiana
Badminton World Federation
Cabaret Cornichon
Country Rugby League
Drama Association of Wales
Gillespie County Historical Society
Institute for International Political Studies
Institute of Groundsmanship
International Federation of Building and Wood Workers
International Longshore and Warehouse Union
Les Scouts Tunisiens
Liberty (advocacy group)
Liga de Amadores Brasileiros de R dio Emiss o
Moderate Youth League
National Junior Horticultural Association
Nicaraguan Red Cross
Norwegian Ice Hockey Association
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
Society for American Archaeology
Southern Historical Association
Stair Society
Thomas Kettell
Amateur Entomologists' Society
Association of Social Workers
BFI National Archive
Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute
British Show Horse Association
Cambridge University Gliding Club
Croatian Ice Hockey Federation
Dog Writers Association of America
Eesti Raadioamat ride hing
Environmental Health Australia
Ethiopian Red Cross Society
Industrial Hygiene Foundation
Instituto Argentino de Normalizaci n y Certificaci n
International Association for Hydro 2DEnvironment Engineering and Research
The International League of Dermatological Societies
Making Music (organisation)
Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Oregon State Bar
Research Institute of Electronic Communication
Royal Naval Sailing Association
Sales 26 Marketing Executives International
Scandinavian Collectors Club
State Bar of Michigan
Straja rii
World Association of Zoos and Aquariums
American Artists' Congress
Art 26 Creative Materials Institute
Asociaci n de Gu as Scouts de Colombia
Association des Scouts et Guides de Mauritanie
Association for Business Communication
Black Lions
The Boys' and Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong
English Bridge Union
Federaci n Mexicana de Baloncesto
Ford Foundation
International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering
National House Building Council
National Junior Classical League
Nemours Foundation
New Jersey Sports Writers Association
Norwegian Archaeological Society
Ontario Federation of Agriculture
Polish Association of Artists 22The Capitol 22
Pontifical Academy of Sciences
Sh t kai
South Australian Housing Trust
Syrian Arab Federation for Football
Tajikistan Football Federation
Three Arrows Cooperative Society
Peterborough ditch murders
British Airline Pilots' Association
The Girl Guides Association of Belize
International Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions
Myanmar Red Cross Society
National Trust for Jersey
Norwegian Hospital and Health Service Association
Norwegian Society of Composers and Lyricists
Plan (aid organisation)
School Library Association
Shaker Heights Public Library
Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation
Thai Rugby Union
The Wildlife Society
ACT and Southern NSW Rugby Union
American Accordionists' Association
George Sherwood (Canadian politician)
Coachella Valley Radio Control Club
Coal Commission
Comanche Electric Cooperative
Florida Public Relations Association
Ice Hockey Australia
Institut Fondamental d'Afrique Noire
The Irish Association for Cultural, Economic and Social Relations
Jack and Jill of America
Lietuvos Radijo M g j Draugija
March of Dimes
Missouri Boys State
Moral Welfare Workers' Association
Motor Maids
National Junior College Athletic Association
New Jersey Planning Officials
Old Dublin Society
Portsmouth and District Magic Circle
Rams Club
Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Society for the Promotion of Japanese Literature
Softball Australia
Svenska Orienteringsf rbundet
Tun Abdul Razak Research Centre
University Athletic Association of the Philippines
Writers' Guild of Norway
Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
BBC Monitoring
Blue Cross Canada
Egyptian Judges' Club
Istituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica Francesco Severi
Linden Public Library
Society for Developmental Biology
South Georgia Council
WESTconsin Credit Union
American Diabetes Association
Al 2DMansur Ali II
Barbados Bar Association
The Colour Group
Angel Voyvoda
Danish Cultural Institute
Federaci n Nacional de Muchachas Gu as de Nicaragua
Intercollegiate Broadcasting System
National Catholic Community Service
National Music Council
Oahu Interscholastic Association
Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds
Shai (Haganah unit)
Tajne Wojskowe Zak ady Wydawnicze
Union of Retaliation
Nils Elias B rresen
Central Weather Bureau
Football Writers Association of America
Institute of Internal Auditors
International Centre for Diffraction Data
Istituto Superiore di Sanit
Japanese Cancer Association
JEVS Human Services
Liberation Front of the Slovene Nation
National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee
The Scott Mission
Soil 26 Health Association of New Zealand
Sydspissen concentration camp
University College Players
Alaska Territorial Guard
American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy
American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology
American Osteopathic Board of Internal Medicine
Animal Health Trust
Asociaci n de Scouts de Nicaragua
British Dental Students' Association
Camp Lourdes
Central Auditing Organization
Dominion Communist Labor Total War Committee
French Gymnastics Federation
Historical Society of Central Florida
Inter American Press Association
Iskra (Egyptian communist organisation)
Jewish Combat Organization
Kr keb rsletta
Movement for Reform Judaism
National and Social Liberation
National Liberation Movement (Albania)
Saint Kitts and Nevis Red Cross Society
Swedish National Pensioners' Organisation
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
Women's Antifascist Front of Macedonia
American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology
American Group Psychotherapy Association
American Osteopathic Board of Pathology
Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
British Antarctic Survey
City Music Society
F d ration Burkinab du Scoutisme
Friends Committee on National Legislation
Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles
International Linguistic Association
International Monarchist League
Mexican Social Security Institute
John Ellis (Newry MP)
National Federation of Independent Business
Royal Air Forces Association
Society for the Promotion of New Music
ABF The Soldiers' Charity
Australian Organic Farming and Gardening Society
Brazilian Institute of Actuaries
Cameri Theater
Cerebral Palsy Alliance
Conrad N. Hilton Foundation
Design Council
Funda o C sper L bero
Institute of Road Transport Engineers
International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
National Congress of American Indians
Jacob John Glossbrenner
National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence
North Shore Animal League America
Polish Writers' Union
Polish Soviet Friendship Society
Seattle Philharmonic Orchestra
Slovenian Red Cross
Union des tudiants juifs de France
The Vegan Society
Worker 2DPriest
American Political Items Collectors
Amicale de Mauthausen
Colonial Conference (New Jersey)
Girls, Inc.
Gold Star Wives of America
Institution of Engineering Designers
Institution of Occupational Safety and Health
Jeunesses Musicales International
Luxembourg Boy Scouts Association
The Missouri Bar
National Access and Scaffolding Confederation
Organization of Russian Young Pathfinders (Scouts 2Din 2DExile)
Passano Foundation
Pax Christi
Preservation Society of Newport County
Sabia Drept ii
Standards Institute of Israel
United Nations Association of Australia
United Nations Association UK
United States Council for International Business
Vocea Basarabiei (anti 2DSoviet group)
Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation
World Bank Group
American Society for Quality
Association of Belarusians in Great Britain
Association of Professional Football Leagues
Bermuda National Athletics Association
British Federation of Film Societies
The Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation
Committee for Nonviolent Revolution
European League for Economic Cooperation
F d ration Internationale de Boules
Fight for Sight (U.S.)
Fraternities of Plast
Girl Scouts Korea
Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry
Institute of the Czech Language
Institution of Plant Engineers
International Council of Museums
slenskir Rad amat rar
Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge
Light Aircraft Association
Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke
Black Holes and Baby Universes and Other Essays
George's Cosmic Treasure Hunt
Boycotts of Israel
Ministry of Transport and Communications (Norway)
Master of the Universe
National Multiple Sclerosis Society
Ordnance Survey International
Red Cross of Viet Nam
Scouts Canada
The Sodbury Players
Damian Woetzel
The Nature of Space and Time
Investor's Business Daily
America's Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009
Immirzi parameter
United Nations Commission on the Status of Women
Douglas Kirkland
Micro black hole
Volunteer Gliding Squadron
Disturbed (Numbers)
World Ship Society
St Albans
Zentralinstitut f r Kunstgeschichte
All 2DParty Group for World Governance
Allensbach Institute
Association of British Orchestras
Philetus S. Church House
Positive energy theorem
Australian Weightlifting Federation
Roger Tayler
Andrew Gemant Award
British Horse Society
British Society for the History of Science
Central Community Chest of Japan
Chartered Management Institute
Consumers' Association of Canada
Democratic Women's League of Germany
Den Jyske Opera
Estonian National Council in Sweden
Football Writers' Association
Guild of Mercers' Scholars
Institute of Cetacean Research
International Hotel 26 Restaurant Association
List of Awake episodes
Jewish Cultural Reconstruction, Inc.
Movimiento Scout del Uruguay
World Turtle
National Arts Foundation
Neuro 2Dlinguistic programming
Two Birds (Awake)
New Hampshire Interscholastic Athletic Association
Norwegian Writers for Children
Slack Water
PAX Association
Polish Cultural and Educational Union
Nightswimming (Awake)
New Junk Aesthetic
Christ Community Church
Royal Institute of Navigation
Leo Ferrari
Scandinavian Plant Physiology Society
Capture of painted turtles
Southsea Shakespeare Actors
St. Lawrence County Historical Association
Syrian Scientific Technical Amateur Radio Society
List of English 2Dlanguage metaphors
Texas Psychological Association
United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
Copperhead (politics)
University College, Oxford
Dead cat bounce
Flogging a dead horse
Worcestershire Record Office
Hridayeshwar Singh Bhati
Acad mie Internationale d'H raldique
Alabama Association of School Boards
American Topical Association
Architects and Building Branch
Association of Child Care Officers
Who breaks a butterfly upon a wheel
C. E. Theakstone (Hampshire cricketer)
Australian Security Intelligence Organisation
Belarusan 2DAmerican Association
Buddhist cosmology of the Theravada school
Bernard van Leer Foundation
British Geotechnical Association
Charlbury Museum
Chartered Secretaries (Hong Kong)
Kesh temple hymn
Norse cosmology
Credit Union 1 (Illinois)
Red 2Deared slider
Deutsche Akademie f r Sprache und Dichtung
Deutscher Frauenring
Fife Constabulary
German Taxpayers Federation
Gymnastics Australia
Hindustan Sea Turtle Alliance
Hazelden Foundation
Hong Kong Bar Association
IEEE Vehicular Technology Society
Chinese mythology in popular culture
Informationsgemeinschaft zur Feststellung der Verbreitung von Werbetr gern
Symposium on Turtle Evolution
Turtle classification
List of beat 'em ups
International Authority for the Ruhr
International Confederation of Free Trade Unions
Turtle racing
Turtle shell
International Grains Council
List of Rocko's Modern Life characters
Japan Marine Accident Inquiry Agency
Environmental issues in Brevard County
The Kyoto University Research Centre for the Cultural Sciences
Landsmannschaft der Deutschen aus Ungarn
Landsmannschaft Westpreu en
USS Mercy (AH 2D4)
Law Society of Scotland
Charles Young (governor)
Astove Island
Onsala Space Observatory
Order of Flemish Militants
Philadelphia Artists Equity
The Rehab Group
Ring Deutscher Pfadfinderinnenverb nde
Royal Air Force Gliding 26 Soaring Association
Singapore Red Cross
Socialist Union of Central 2DEastern Europe
Society for Early Historic Archaeology
Society for the Scientific Study of Religion
United Cerebral Palsy
United Federal Credit Union
United Nations Association of Sri Lanka
Women's Cycle Racing Association
Yugoslav Film Archive
American Society for Enology and Viticulture
Asociaci n de Muchachas Gu as de Panam
Association of the United States Army
The Barristers' Association of Philadelphia
Children's Institute Inc.
Colegio de Traductores P blicos del Uruguay
Conference of Consulting Actuaries
Don Valley Brick Works
Croatian Mountain Rescue Service
Cyprus Red Cross
List of My Name Is Earl characters
Deutscher Fu ball 2DVerband der DDR
Film Artists' Association of Croatia
Gesell Institute
Hong Kong Red Cross
Institute of Biology
Inter 2DAmerican Tropical Tuna Commission
International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics
International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage
Lembaga Kebudajaan Rakjat
Gili Eco Trust
National Athletic Trainers' Association
Paleontology in South Dakota
Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research
Norwegian Federation of Organisations of Disabled People
Ontario Archaeological Society
AM Gold
Pforzheim Chamber Orchestra
List of Fudge series characters
Polish Students' Association
Political Studies Association
Paleontology in Montana
Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association Northern Ireland Branch
Sotsyalistishe Kinder Farband
Society for Protective Coatings
Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey
World Vision Appalachia
Young Presidents' Organization
Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Alaska Press Club
Alliance for Women in Media
Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts
Association for the Defence of the Memory of Marshal P tain
Australian Institute of Building
Canadian Society for Clinical Investigation
Cyprus Tennis Federation
Deutsches Geod tisches Forschungsinstitut
Endeavour Foundation
Forty Plus Cycling Club
Hong Kong Study Circle
International Astronautical Federation
International Federation of Resistance Fighters Association of Anti 2DFascists
Japanese Consumers' Co 2Doperative Union
Edith Urch
Manx National Heritage
National Catholic Forensic League
National Council for the Training of Journalists
Native Friendship Centre
Religious Research Association
Saudi Railways Organization
Savez Izvi a a Srbije
Scope (charity)
Alexander David Ferrier
Uni n Marplatense de Rugby
United Housing Foundation
Uruguayan Rugby Union
World Federation of the Deaf
W rttemberg Football Association
Zveza tabornikov Slovenije
Association Nationale des Guides de Centrafrique
Bahamas Olympic Committee
Carl 2DSchurz 2DHaus Freiburg
China Council for the Promotion of International Trade
Cinemateca Uruguaya
The George Gund Foundation
Gruppo Sportivo della Marina Militare
Johanniter 2DUnfall 2DHilfe
Malaysian Amateur Radio Transmitters' Society
The Oxford Revue
Progressive Youth Organisation of Guyana
Royal College of General Practitioners
Samoa Red Cross Society
Singapore Children's Society
SUSTA The Federation of Ukrainian Student Organizations of America
Swiss National Science Foundation
World Customs Organization
Associated Examining Board
Association des Scouts et Guides du S n gal
Automobile Racing Club of America
Bath Building Society
Borough Group
Buttle UK
Canadian Society of Forensic Science
Coir Board of India
Confederation of Australian Motor Sport
Crime Writers' Association
Harpenden Building Society
Holly Bank Trust
Indian Federation of United Nations Associations
Insurance Europe
International Association of Conference Interpreters
International Society for Music Education
International Voluntary Services
Intervac International
Kuwait Investment Authority
LDS Motion Picture Studios
Radio Amateurs Emergency Network
Samaritans (charity)
Society for Social Medicine
Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel
Sweden Israel Friendship Association
UK National Tide Gauge Network
Washington State Association for Justice
Yad Vashem
Jos del Carmen Lugo
56 Group Wales
American Institute of Architecture Students
American Student Assistance
Architectural Heritage Society of Scotland
Asian African Legal Consultative Organization
Association g n rale des tudiants fran ais en Afrique noire
Association of Norwegian Students Abroad
Belize Athletic Association
Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation
Egg Marketing Board
European Organization for Quality
Femmes 2DCa mans
Financial Women's Association
Friends of Laguna Honda Hospital
GUIDE International
Hong Kong Institute of Architects
The Hong Kong Life Saving Society
Indian Public Health Association
International Union of Guides and Scouts of Europe
Klub Inteligencji Katolickiej
National Union of Nigerian Students
The Scout and Guide Association of Qatar
Sweden GDR Association
Tunisia Basketball Federation
Tunisian Football Federation
U.S. Klans
United Nations Association of Russia
World Federation for Chess Composition
Aruba Amateur Radio Club
Association of Writers of the Faroe Islands
BBC Schools
Britain Burma Society
British Safety Council
Chilean Safety Association
College Sports Information Directors of America
Community Service Foundation
COPE Foundation
DuPont Central Research
Gamblers Anonymous
German Council of Science and Humanities
Harvard Student Agencies
Human Factors and Ergonomics Society
The International Wizard of Oz Club
Mu Alpha Theta
National Association of Fleet Administrators
Norwegian Ornithological Society
Ottawa Safety Council
Philadelphia Folksong Society
Sibelius Society of Finland
Turkish Sailing Federation
The Arc of Frederick County
Asociaci n de Gu as Scouts de Venezuela
Association des Guides et Scouts d'Europe
British Society for Geomorphology
Bureau de Liaison des Associations Guides du Luxembourg
Children's Rights Council
Christian Peace Conference
Tribunals in the United Kingdom
Wilhelm T nint
District of Columbia Interscholastic Athletic Association
Dora Wasserman Yiddish Theatre
General Optical Council
Ghana Red Cross Society
India International Centre
International Women's Cricket Council
Islandpferde 2DReiter 2D und Z chterverband
Japan Advertising Photographers' Association
Munsk nkarna
Project HOPE
Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
St. Soldier Educational Society
Theatre Aurora
Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce
Underfashion Club
United Nations Economic Commission for Africa
White Stag Leadership Development Program
Victor Willard
820th Radar Squadron
Advanced Programming Specialist Group
Association of Consulting Engineers New Zealand
Av ndaro Golf Club
British Cycling
Center for Applied Linguistics
Comit Europ en de l'Industrie de la Robinetterie
Conf d ration Fiscale Europ enne
Federation of German Scientists
Harry Weinberg
Institute for Social Security and Services for State Workers
Earl of Antrim
International Olive Council
International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology
Japan Composer's Association
Junior Achievement of South Florida
Literature Wales
Mission Doctors Association
National Academy for Educational Management
Old Boys' AFC
Order of Omega
Peace Research Institute Oslo
Percy FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology
Scandinavian College of Neuropsychopharmacology
Slovene Scouts and Guides in Carinthia
Sound Seekers
Turkish Basketball Federation
United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space
Academic Pediatric Association
Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers
American Society for Cell Biology
Antigua 26 Barbuda Athletic Association
Asociaci n de Scouts del Paraguay
Bird Studies Canada
British Motorcyclists Federation
The Cartoonists' Club of Great Britain
Centre for International Research on Economic Tendency Surveys
Centro Sportivo Esercito
Christian CND
Eppley Institute for Research in Cancer and Allied Diseases
Girl Guides Association of Cyprus
Indiana Landmarks
Institute of IT Professionals
Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran
International Animated Film Association
International Association for Suicide Prevention
International Federation for Information Processing
Israel Land Administration
Liberty Fund
Ligue R gionale d'Athl tisme de la Guadeloupe
National Trust of Guernsey
The Safety Council of Northwest Ohio
Scouts de Espa a
Society of Animal Artists
Society of Multivariate Experimental Psychology
Association of British Secretaries in America
Maidenhead Heritage Centre
Norwegian Banks' Guarantee Fund
American Harp Society
Association des Guides du Rwanda
Association of the Scientific Medical Societies in Germany
BirdLife Malta
British Columbia Civil Liberties Association
Children's Orchestra Society
Commission Internationale de Karting
Conseil national de la R sistance (1962)
Council for a Livable World
Danish International Development Agency
Eesti Orienteerumisliit
F d ration Ivoirienne du Scoutisme
German 2DThai Chamber of Commerce
The Internationale Hegel 2DVereinigung
Kallmann McKinnell 26 Wood
Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation
National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association
National Waste 26 Recycling Association
Netball Singapore
OECD Development Centre
Palestinian Legislative Council (Gaza Strip)
Parliament of Uganda
William P. Flewelling
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Senegalese Red Cross Society
The Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica
Special Committee on Decolonization
British Association of Social Workers
Almire Gandonni re
Telsiz ve Radyo Amat rleri Cemiyeti
Uganda Red Cross Society
Volunteer Service Abroad
Wadden Sea Conservation Station
World Union of National Socialists
Amateurs Radio Algeriens
The American Place Theatre
Association of University Centers on Disabilities
The Australian Sociological Association
Benemerito Cuerpo de Bomberos de Masaya
Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation
Bigott Foundation
British Association of Snowsport Instructors
Burundi Red Cross
Center Stage (theater)
Central Illinois Collegiate League
Central Intelligence Organisation
Centre for the Study of Developing Societies
Comhairle Fo 2DThuinn
Committee of 100 (Finland)
Documentation Centre of Austrian Resistance
Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust
Europa Nostra
FK Norway
Front de lib ration du Qu bec
Icelandic Society for the Protection of Birds
Institute for Advanced Studies (Vienna)
Mathematics in Education and Industry
New South Wales GAA
Nghia 2DSinh International
Red Cross Society of Niger
Red Youth (Norway)
Shaheen Fawz
Society for Radiological Protection
Somali Red Crescent Society
Southland Conference
VIA (Volunteers in Asia)
World Association of Children's Friends
Zenith Youth Theatre Company
American Society for Cybernetics
American Society of Clinical Oncology
Applied Probability Trust
Barbados Association for Children with Intellectual Challenges
Belgrade Youth Center
Canadian Council for Research in Education
Canoe Association of Northern Ireland
Civic Trust for Wales
Council of Arab Economic Unity
Dag Hammarskj ld Foundation
claireuses et claireurs de France
Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations of India
Feed the Minds
Historical Society of the Northern Territory
Hope Haven
International Dairy 2DDeli 2DBakery Association
Karate Canada
Mathematical Society of the Republic of Moldova
Mon Sheong Foundation
National Association of State Directors of Developmental Disabilities Services
National Institute of Kathak Dance
National Letter of Intent
Norwegian Cuba Association
Oak Creek Historical Society
Ohio 2DKentucky 2DIndiana Regional Council of Governments
Oxfordshire Historic Churches Trust
David and Lucile Packard Foundation
Printing Historical Society
Rwandan Red Cross
SCORE Association
Sleep Research Society
Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence and the Simulation of Behaviour
Speleological Union of Ireland
State Bar of Georgia
Student National Medical Association
Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry
W.E.B. Du Bois Clubs of America
American Institute of Floral Designers
Anjuman 2De 2DTarraqui 2De 2DKhowar
Association of Independent Methodists
Autism Society of America
British Council for Peace in Vietnam
British Dam Society
Bureau of Engineer Surveyors
California Native Plant Society
Chelsea Theater Center
Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women
Commonwealth Secretariat
Confederation of British Industry
Congress on Research in Dance
Council for Scientific Policy
Council of Australian University Librarians
Coventry University Students' Union
Din l 2DArt elwa
European Community Shipowners' Associations
Institute of Highway Engineers
International Press Telecommunications Council
Kiribati Red Cross Society
Mali Red Cross
Metropolitan Collegiate Conference
National Trust of Australia
Natureland Seal Sanctuary
Northeast Kingdom Community Action
Philadelphia Association
Royal College of Dentists of Canada
Casper Steinfort
Science Diplomats Club
Scottish Football Writers' Association
Seikatsu Club Consumers' Co 2Doperative Union
Society for Anglo 2DChinese Understanding
South Carolina Independent School Association
Special Interest Group on Design Automation
University for Derry Committee
Up with People
World Monuments Fund
Nils Fredrik Severin Thambs
Aboriginal Children's Advancement Society
Academy of Medicine of Malaysia
Alabama Independent School Association
Alliance for Workers' Liberty
The Antigua and Barbuda Olympic Association
Association Scientifique Internationale pour le Caf
Australian Committee on Computation and Automatic Control
Australian Karting Association
Bedfordshire Police
British Board of Agr ment
British Expertise
British Institute of Interior Design
Delaware Interscholastic Athletic Association
Deutsch 2DArabische Gesellschaft
Fairbanks Arts Association
Gambia Red Cross Society
IBBY Australia
International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes
International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers
Irish Hospitality Institute
Muettersproch 2DGsellschaft
National Institute of Oceanography, India
gra Chorca
Portola Institute
Reading Is Fundamental
Royal Heraldry Society of Canada
Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature
Society for Underwater Technology
South End Historical Society
South Middlesex Opportunities Council
TESOL International Association
United Nations Capital Development Fund
University of Hawaii Board of Publications
Washington Trails Association
World League for Freedom and Democracy
Young Christian Democrats
Aga Khan Foundation
Anti 2DFootball League
Association of Independent Colleges and Universities in Massachusetts
Austrian Science Fund
Badminton Europe
Baloch Students Organization
Berkshire Natural Resources Council
British Crop Production Council
British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association
Canadian Housing and Renewal Association
Committee of 100 (Delaware)
Council for Arab 2DBritish Understanding
Crisis (charity)
Environmental Defense Fund
Ethiopian Road Transport Authority
The Fund for American Studies
Gaelic Football and Hurling Association of South Australia
International Council of Marine Industry Associations
Irish Computer Society
Lanckoro ski Foundation
Legal Services NYC
Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Merched y Wawr
National Port Authority
Edmund Buckley (born 1815)
Northwest Harvest
Organization of Black American Culture
Potential Plus UK
Round Square
Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations
Society for Renaissance Studies
Virginia Society for Human Life
African Confederation of Co 2Doperative Savings and Credit Associations
All Japan Women's Pro 2DWrestling
Australian Copyright Council
Botswana Red Cross Society
Thomas Cottrell
The British Museum Friends
Cybernetics Society
EAH Housing
Federaci n Interamericana de Filatelia
Franciscan Center of Baltimore
Gaudenzia Inc (New Image Women and Children)
Group 8 (Sweden)
International Council for Information Technology in Government Administration
International Sugar Organization
Liberation Support Movement
Manchester Craftsmen's Guild
Minicomic Co 2Dops
National Christian College Athletic Association
National Deviancy Symposium
National Youth Alliance
Nauru Broadcasting Service
Oregon Environmental Council
Orkney Heritage Society
Outside In (organization)
Pakistan Botanical Society
Revolutionary Command Council (Iraq)
San Marino Basketball Federation
Seriefr mjandet
Spanish Sports Federation for Persons with Physical Disabilities
Staffordshire Police
Union Wallonne des Entreprises
United States Specialty Sports Association
Winn Feline Foundation
Agape Foundation
Asian and Pacific Coconut Community
Hans Peder Johansen Hafslund
Botswana Society
British and Irish Association of Law Librarians
Carabinieri Art Squad
Center for Law and Social Policy
Centre for Historical Research and Documentation on War and Contemporary Society
Chicago Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law
Council of Law Reporting for New South Wales
Council of University Classical Departments
Derry Citizens' Defence Association
Don't Make a Wave Committee
Freedom to Read Foundation
Gloucester Fishermen's Wives Association
Institute for Fiscal Studies
International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists
International Centre for Theatre Research
International Federation for the Promotion of Mechanism and Machine Science
International Motor Sports Association
Keep Australia Beautiful
Keston Institute
Lawyers Alliance for New York
Malta Library and Information Association
National Democratic Front for the Liberation of Oman and the Arabian Gulf
National Military Family Association
Norwegian Railway Club
Outright Scotland
Oxford Civic Society
Ozone House
Queensland Conservation Council
Save Our Heritage Organisation
Society of Saint Anne
Student American Veterinary Medical Association
Wine 26 Spirit Education Trust
Women's Football Association
Zambian News Agency
Agence de Coop ration Culturelle et Technique
Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization
Association for Scottish Literary Studies
Baden 2DPowell Scouts' Association
Behavior Genetics Association
Bermuda National Trust
Bhutan Scouts Association
Bonus Bonds
British Airways Cabin Crew Entertainment Society
California Trout
Canadian Environmental Law Association
Cascade Bicycle Club
Cayman Islands Society of Professional Accountants
Chamber Music Northwest
Cherish Life Queensland
Deutscher Pfadfinderverband
East of England Agricultural Society
East Tennessee Community Design Center
Freddie Mac
Institute of H n 2DN m Studies
International Association of Business Communicators
International Horn Society
Japan Center for International Exchange
Joint Intelligence Organisation (Australia)
Justice Party (Ghana)
London Transport Executive (GLC)
Mitsubishi Foundation
National Black Child Developmental Institute
Nebraskans For Peace
Pension Rights Center
The Peregrine Fund
Red Army Faction
Red Brigades
Royal Scientific Society
SITPRO Limited
Society for Psychotherapy Research
Society for the Protection of Unborn Children
Taiwan Area National Freeway Bureau
Texas DX Society
Ullersmo Prison
United States Association of Former Members of Congress
Voice for Life
World Trade Centers Association
Youth in arts
7 84
Ad Council Japan
Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women championships
Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay
Arkwright Society
Australasian Seabird Group
Bahrain Red Crescent Society
Biological Research Centre (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
Black Panthers (Israel)
Britain Australia Society
Hanmer Robbins
British Approvals Service for Cables
British League of Rights
British Radio Car Association
British Society for the History of Mathematics
Theodore Rodolf
Cambridge University Students' Union
Canadian Committee for the Theory of Machines and Mechanisms
Canadian Judicial Council
Caritas Europa
Central Council for Education and Training in Social Work
Christian Action Research and Education
Climatic Research Unit
Court Theatre (New Zealand)
Deutscher Sportclub f r Fu ballstatistiken
Earthwatch Institute
Farnham astronomical society
Federation of Swedish Farmers
Flag Institute
Folk Music Society of Ireland
Fondazione Roberto Longhi
Foundation 41
Friends of the Earth
Friends of the Earth (EWNI)
Gay Alliance Toward Equality
Elias Slothower
Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance
German Society for Social 2DScientific Sexuality Research
Gouines rouges
Institution of Environmental Sciences
International Continence Society
Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami
Jeunesses Musicales Czech Republic
Lambda Legal
Mountain Equipment Co 2Dop
National AHEC Organization
National Center for State Courts
National Partnership for Women 26 Families
Ocean Alliance
The Playwrights' Center
Pontifical Council Cor Unum
Refuge (United Kingdom charity)
Research Atlanta
Rufford Foundation
Louis 2DL ger Vauthier
Society for American Baseball Research
Society for Computers in Psychology
Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service
Tibetan Delek Hospital
Turkish Studies Association
United Nations Volunteers
Volunteer Center of North Texas
Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting
American Institute for Conservation
Association of Systematics Collections
Aviation Hall of Fame and Museum of New Jersey
Alexander B. Williams
British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies
Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School
Central Collegiate Lacrosse Association
BYU Research Institutes
Colegio de Bi logos del Per
Council of Architecture
Enda Third World
Florida Ornithological Society
Goon Show Preservation Society
The Guides and Scouts of Finland
Housing Conservation Coordinators
International Congress of Oral Implantologists
International Pepper Community
Jamaica Center for Arts 26 Learning
James Barnum
Lehigh and Northampton Transportation Authority
Library Association of Ireland
Mae Fah Luang Foundation
National Association for Female Executives
National Center for Housing Management
North American Native Fishes Association
The Preservation Society of Chapel Hill
Richton Park Public Library District
KUC Theatre
Society of Decorative Painters
Soho Center
Steering Committee for Humanitarian Response
Suffolk Accident Rescue Service
Thomas Merton Center (Pittsburgh)
The Trust for Public Land
UFO 2DNorge
Woodland Trust
Young Communist League of Sweden (Marxist Leninists)
American Osteopathic Board of Nuclear Medicine
Artisans du Monde
Artois 2DBaillet Latour Foundation
Ashly Audio
Asian American Arts Centre
Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund
Association of Transport Coordinating Officers
Association of University Technology Managers
Associazione Guide e Scouts Cattolici Italiani
Athletics Ontario
Austrian Armenian Cultural Society
Avon and Somerset Constabulary
Board of Intermediate Education, Karachi
British Youth Band Association
Broadcasting Press Guild
Canadian Geophysical Union
Chief Fire Officers Association
Clarendon Hills Historical Society
Communities Organized for Public Service
Computer Measurement Group
Edinburgh LGBT Centre
Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute
Federal Laboratory Consortium
Federation of Small Businesses
Frankfort Square Park District
Fraser Institute
Girls' Schools Association
Hare Krishna Food for Life
International Communist League (Fourth Internationalist)
International Council for Central and East European Studies
International Society of Political Psychology
Chevalier Alfredo Duprat
Marconi Society
Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service
Metro United Way
National Alliance (United States)
The National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice
National Congress of Italian Canadians
National Institute on Aging
National Union of Students Wales
Native Women's Association of Canada
New Music USA
North Yorkshire Police
Oxford University Student Union
Pennsylvania Railroad Technical and Historical Society
Pioneer Valley Transit Authority
Piran Coastal Galleries
PREDA Foundation
Punjab Bar Council
Response 2DAbility
R mulo Gallegos Center for Latin American Studies
Ronald McDonald House Charities
Rosie's Place
Seta (organization)
Shore City Magicians Club
Society of Mexican American Engineers and Scientists
State Bar of Montana
Texas Board of Legal Specialization
T rk K lt r Vakf
Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service
United Nations Office for Project Services
United States Senate Committee on the Budget
United Way Worldwide
Vermont Housing Finance Agency
Washington Tilth Association
West Midlands County Council
West Yorkshire Police
Women's Sports Foundation
World Rock'n'Roll Confederation
Worldwatch Institute
Adolph Coors Foundation
Advisory Service for Squatters
African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States
Bands of America
David Bianco
British Association for Jewish Studies
British Association of Mountain Guides
William Hollis
Bund f r Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland
Catalan Ornithological Institute
Central Scotland Police
Children's Express
Citizens Advice Scotland
Danish Organisation for Renewable Energy
El Sistema
European Association of Chinese Studies
European Centre for Medium 2DRange Weather Forecasts
Federation of Veterinarians of Europe
Food First
The Freedom Association
Friends of the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra
Fundaci n Favaloro
Gepa The Fair Trade Company
Grampian Fire and Rescue Service
The Hanen Centre
Human Resource Development Council
IAPCHE the International Association for the Promotion of Christian Higher Education
International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness
Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement
Just Buffalo Literary Center
Kentucky Institute for International Studies
Kiss Army
Linlithgow Union Canal Society
Malta Sailing Federation
National Association of Black Journalists
National Association of Women Business Owners
National Herbarium, Islamabad
National Women's Health Network
New Zealand Press Council
Queensland Gaelic Football and Hurling Association
Religious Studies Center
Revolutionary Struggle (Ireland)
Sarah Doyle Women's Center
Society for American Music
Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research
Society for Sex Therapy and Research
Society for Social Studies of Science
Society of Architectural Illustration
South Carolina Bar
Southern Appalachian Repertory Theatre
Strathclyde Police
TAD Disability Services
Abu Dhabi Crown Prince's Court
American Association of State Climatologists
ARC Association for Real Change
Archaeological and Anthropological Society of Victoria
Armanen 2DOrden
Association of Welsh Translators and Interpreters
Australian Institute of Petroleum
Australian Press Council
Black Ensemble Theater Company
British Institute of Non 2DDestructive Testing
British Institute of Organ Studies
Catholic Scouts of Europe
Centre d'immunologie de Marseille 2DLuminy
Centre for Independent Studies
Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers
Concerned United Birthparents
Connecticut Transit
Coordination of United Revolutionary Organizations
Council for the Historic Environment
Council of the Notariats of the European Union
Danish Vietnamese Association
Albert E. Powers
Ecology Youth Corps
The Fortune Centre of Riding Therapy
Fundaci Noguera
Fundaci n Chile
Gay Line
The Gorilla Foundation
Helsinki Metropolitan Area Libraries
House of Ruth
Hubbard House (Jacksonville)
International Association for Pattern Recognition
International League of non 2Dreligious and atheists
Istitut Ladin Micur de R
The Lace Guild
Libertarians for Life
Massachusetts Consumers' Coalition
Metrolina Native American Association
Mixed Blood Theatre Company
Mossom Creek Hatchery
Movement of the Word of God
Multicultural History Society of Ontario
National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials
National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty
National Fancy Rat Society
National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives
National Press Foundation
Organization of Pan Asian American Women
Oxford Text Archive
Pan 2DAfrican Congress of Mathematicians
Public Transport Users Association
Royal Academy of Engineering
S o Tom and Pr ncipe Red Cross
SHARE cancer support
Slovenska Zamejska Skavtska Organizacija
South Korean People's Front Preparation Committee
Southern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Association
Windstar Foundation
World Amateur Body Building Association
Youth Assisting Youth
American Association for Applied Linguistics
American Pain Society
Association of Concerned Africa Scholars
Association of Independent Museums
Association of School and College Leaders
British Association for Cemeteries in South Asia
British Association of Clinical Anatomists
Chiang Mai Zoo
Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada
Consejo Superior de Deportes
Consumer Alert
Design History Society
Eaves Housing for Women
European Writers' Council
Federaci Catalana d'Escoltisme i Guiatge
Forum of Private Business
Fulbright Association
Golden Key International Honour Society
Hanns Martin Schleyer Foundation
Healthcare Businesswomen's Association
Heraldry Society of Scotland
Institute of Professional Sound
International Association for Media and History
International Fund for Agricultural Development
International Shotokan Karate Federation
Irish Museums Association
Libertarian Alliance
Log Cabin Republicans
Marwari Yuva Manch
National Board of Legal Specialty Certification
New England Legal Foundation
New Times (politics)
New York Women in Film 26 Television
Omega Institute for Holistic Studies
Papua New Guinea Red Cross Society
PATH (global health organization)
Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years
Save the Children International
The Second Mile
Southwest Alternate Media Project
The Tolkien Trust
Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts
Traditional Circle of Indian Elders 26 Youth
Trinity Foundation (Unicoi)
United States Society for Education through Art
Vigil India Movement
World Conference on Transport Research Society
American Car Rental Association
Angola Red Cross
Anguilla Amateur Athletic Federation
Asociaci n de Gu as y Scouts de Chile
Atlantic Sun Conference
Australasian Raptor Association
Bi 2DNational Lesbian Conference
Children's Tumor Foundation
Reuben Broadbent
Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit
CPAmerica International
Crossroads Caring Scotland
Development Fund (Norway)
Fiji Sports Council
Foundation For Children
Frente nico de Lucha Campesina
Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland
Hong Kong Institute of Planners
International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association
Island Media Arts Cooperative
Landssamanslutninga av Vasskraftkommunar
Lithuanian Liberty League
Loita Armada Revolucionaria
Maine Women's Lobby
Movement Research
National Council for the Conservation of Plants and Gardens
National Institute of Virology
New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Ornithological Society of the Middle East
Progress Party's Youth
RAC Limited
Social Research Association
Y 2DME National Breast Cancer Organization
Action Against Hunger
Al 2DHaq
Alliance for Justice
Alpha Eta Mu Beta
American Ambulance Association
American Board of Opticianry
American College of Epidemiology
American Mountain Guides Association
Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence
Association of National Olympic Committees
Bay View Historical Society
Benton MacKaye Trail Association
Boston Alliance Against Registration and the Draft
Brahmavarchas Shodh Sansthan
BRIC Arts Media
British Equestrian Trade Association
Centre for Cultural Resources and Training
Child Trends
Collegiate Network
Downtown Emergency Service Center
Equality North Carolina
European Democrats
Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability
Fiji Chess Federation
Free Theatre Christchurch
Fyssen Foundation
Gay Men's Press
Guardian Angels
Guild of One 2DName Studies
Hegel Society of Great Britain
Horizon League
Hospice Savannah
Indiana County Transit Authority
League of Chicago Theatres
Mercy Corps
Mosad Keren Hatzole
Mothers Apart from Their Children
National Association of Mining History Organisations
National Pensioners Convention
New York Feminist Art Institute
Andreas H y
Parliamentary Monitoring Services
Pennsylvania Collegiate Athletic Association
Permanent Peoples' Tribunal
The Prince of Wales's Charitable Foundation
Royal Society of Fine Arts (Jordan)
Society for History in the Federal Government
Solidarity Federation
South Trafford Archaeological Group
Swedish Humanist Association
Tehrik 2De 2DNiswan
Theatre for a New Audience
USA Ultimate
Advanced Technology Development Center
Agri 2DEnergy Roundtable
Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research
American Federation of Women Bodybuilders
American 2DArab Anti 2DDiscrimination Committee
Andorra Red Cross
Het Apollohuis
Australian Blind Sports Federation
Australian Family Association
Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology
British Association for Adoption and Fostering
British Video Association
Casa Pueblo
Center for Asian American Media
Centre for Economic and Social Studies, Hyderabad
Children's Liver Disease Foundation
Chinese Nuclear Society
Chinese Society of International Law
Democratic Black Caucus of Florida
Edmonton Radial Railway Society
European Society of Paediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care
Far East Model Car Association
Graeae Theatre Company
History Teachers' Association of Victoria
Hong Kong Social Workers' General Union
Independent Students' Union
The International Alliance for Women
International Facility Management Association
Investor Relations Society
Joseph Fielding Smith Institute for Church History
M decins du Monde
Midwest Regional Conservation Guild
Wellwood Herries Maxwell
North American Cartographic Information Society
National Energy Education Development Project
National Women's History Project
North of Boston Library Exchange
NZ Native Forests Restoration Trust
Pacific Whale Foundation
The Preservation Trust of Vermont
Rathabidi geleyaru
Scottish Theatre Company
Southern African Development Community
Student Volunteer Campus Community
Students for the Exploration and Development of Space
Swedish Committee for Afghanistan
Hans Bernt Myhre
Vanished Children's Alliance
Wildlife Aid Foundation
Wildlife and Countryside Link
Wisconsin Area Music Industry
The Women's Foundation of California
Writers Guild of Alberta
Alliance for Cannabis Therapeutics
Asian American Journalists Association
Association for Politics and the Life Sciences
Australasian Wader Studies Group
Bandy in the United States
British Association of Symphonic Bands and Wind Ensembles
British Institute of Innkeeping
Broomball Association of South Australia
Canadian Journalists for Free Expression
Centre contre les manipulations mentales
College of the State Bar of Texas
Committee to Protect Journalists
Institute of Continuing Professional Development
Cross 2DCultural Dance Resources
Cuban American National Foundation
Delhi Police
DMI Trust
Engineering Council
Greater Boston Food Bank
Groundwork UK
Hillshire Brands Foundation
Home Recording Rights Coalition
Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights
International Blind Sports Federation
International Federation for Systems Research
International Rescue Corps
Internationale Bachakademie Stuttgart
Korea Baseball Organization
London Docklands Development Corporation
Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States
Peace Child International
People for the American Way
Plan International Egypt
Scientists against Nuclear Arms
Shelter Cymru
Social Security Board (Belize)
Society for the Study of the Indigenous Languages of the Americas
Strathcarron Hospice
Hilmar Martinus Str m
Students Against Destructive Decisions
Swedish Floorball Federation
Terry Fox Run
United Kingdom Independent Broadcasting
Unemployment Action Center
Walker Cancer Research Institute
Raoul Wallenberg Committee of the United States
William Morris Society
ABMRF The Foundation for Alcohol Research
Alzheimer's Association, Central New York Chapter
Association for Women's Rights in Development
Association of International Marathons and Distance Races
Australian Water Polo
Bahamas Crisis Centre
British Approvals Board for Telecommunications
British Association for Local History
California Trolley and Railroad Corporation
Camerata Mediterranea
Canada Development Investment Corporation
Canadian Institute for Advanced Research
Carousel (charity)
Center for Computer 2DAssisted Legal Instruction
Central Advisory Commission
Child Life Council
China Law Society
Christian Democratic Women's League
Cocaine Anonymous
Culture Vannin
Disability Recreation and Sports SA
Fafo Foundation
Friends of Women's World Banking
Robert Wooller
Johannes T rrissen Worum
William Henry Wylde
Helen 26 Douglas House
Ludwig Wysber
Hellenic Ornithological Society
IBM Research Tokyo
Indian Ocean Commission
International Federation for Choral Music
International Women's Democrat Union
J. Paul Getty Trust
A. Andrews
Jews for Israeli Palestinian Peace
KARTA Center
Susan G. Komen for the Cure
Liberian Development Foundation
Midwives Alliance of North America
Minnesota Justice Foundation
National Capital Region F.A.
National Sport Information Centre
Nederlandse Orienteringsloop Bond
Pakistan Institute of Labor Education and Research
Panepirotic Federation of Australia
Patriotic Movement for National Rebirth
Quebec Esperanto Society
Revolutionary Bolivarian Movement 2D200
South Asia Co 2Doperative Environment Programme
Boyle 2DWorkman family
Touch Music
West African Union of Tax Institutes
Wolf Haven International
Acorns Children's Hospice
AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts
Al 2DMawrid
American Poetry Center
Anstruther baronets
Bestem dre mot atomv pen
British Hydrological Society
Business Council of Australia
Camp Quality
Centre for Software Reliability
Children in Scotland
Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage
Copyright Licensing Agency
Danish UNIX User Group
Dominica Red Cross Society
European Society of Gynaecological Oncology
Neela Madhava
Father Eugeniusz Dutkiewicz SAC Hospice
Glacier Institute
Glenn Gould Foundation
Gruppo Sportivo Fiamme Azzurre
The Heritage Foundation's Asian Studies Center
Samkha Kshetra
Hinckley and Rugby Building Society
List of International Society for Krishna Consciousness members and patrons
Rayagada district
William Curran Dawson
Shrikrishna Narayan Ratanjankar
International Permafrost Association
List of Bollywood films of 1945
M rida Bolivarian Library
Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies
Ganges in Hinduism
National Association for Children of Alcoholics (United States)
National Audit Office (China)
2001 World Weightlifting Championships Women's 75 kg
Alexandre Dufresne
National Citizens' Movement for Free Elections
National Golf Coaches Association
National Organization of Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Associations
Kacha (sage)
North Carolina Institute of Medicine
Kunti 2DBhoja
Prapaksha Kamboja
Republic (political organisation)
Scout Association of Macau
Radha (Mah bh rata)
Seneca Women's Encampment for a Future of Peace and Justice
SKIP of New York
Southern Cross Cultural Exchange
Space Foundation
Starlight Children's Foundation
Traditional Youth Marching Bands Association
Trans Europe Halles
List of Marathi 2Dlanguage authors
Mongolian legislative election, 2012
World Clown Association
1984 Network Liberty Alliance
Alternative Information Center
Uttar (Mahabharata)
Alzheimer Disease International
Vajra (king)
American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin
N radasm ti
Arab Society for Certified Accountants
The Aspinall Foundation
Australian Education Union
Robert Bosch Foundation Fellowship Program
British American Football Referees' Association
Centre de coop ration internationale en recherche agronomique pour le d veloppement
Centrum Schwule Geschichte
Child Find Ontario
Comisi n para la Reforma del Estado
Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft
Dreams Come True (American non 2Dprofit)
Nemai Ghosh (director)
Alpheus Harding
Enfants 26 Developpement
Falkland Islands Development Corporation
Families Forward
FINCA International
Florida Law Related Education Association
Great Lakes Indian Fish 26 Wildlife Commission
Harvard Club of Washington DC
Hebrew Free Loan Society of Greater Philadelphia
Garm Hava
Ice Hockey Journalists UK
Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage
International Association for Accounting Education 26 Research
International Federation of Football History 26 Statistics
Shaheed 2De 2DMohabbat Boota Singh
International Socialists (Denmark)
Irish Peace Institute
Pakistani intelligence community
Little People of Canada
Middle East Reformed Fellowship
National Association of Physician Recruiters
No Kidding
Northcoast Marine Mammal Center
Red Cross of Cape Verde
Saudi Geographical Society
Society for Electro 2DAcoustic Music in the United States
Alexander Delos 22Boss 22 Jones
Tibetan Women's Association
United Campaign Against Plastic Bullets
Charles Alfred Kellett
X 2DRated Critics Organization
Young Democrats (Netherlands)
Henrik Andreas Zetlitz Lassen
2008 CON 2DCAN Movie Festival
24FPS International Short Film Festival
29 Second Film Festival
Air Canada enRoute Film Festival
Alpavirama South Asian Short and Documentary Film Festival
Amsterdam Film eXperience
The Animation Show
Campus MovieFest
The Canadian Short Screenplay Competition
Clermont 2DFerrand International Short Film Festival
Couch Fest Films
Croatian Minute Movie Cup
Cyprus International Short Film Festival
The Dam Short Film Festival
DC Shorts Film Festival
Duke City Shootout
Extremefilmmaker's 48 Hour Film Festival
Festival de Cans
Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Short Film
First Look Film Festival
Future Shorts
Humboldt Film Festival
Ignite Film Festival
Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films
The International Festival of Very Shorts
Jalari in corto
Kingston Canadian Film Festival
Krak w Film Festival
L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival
Macabre Faire Film Festival
Miami 48 2DHour Film Project
Alexander W. McDonald
Reel Shorts Film Festival (Grande Prairie)
Shnit international shortfilmfestival
ShockerFest International Film Festival
Show Me Shorts
Toronto Youth Shorts Film Festival
Trop Jr
Uppsala International Short Film Festival
ACCU (organisation)
Yorkton Film Festival
Agricultural and Marketing Research and Development Trust
Autumn Roses (1931 film)
Fresh Guacamole
From Nurse to Worse (1940 film)
Arab Society for Intellectual Property
Association for History and Computing
Association for Women in Sports Media
Mind Your Manners (film)
Association of European Schools of Planning
Association of Nurses in AIDS Care
Australian Baseball League (1989 99)
James William Nowlan
Botanic Gardens Conservation International
Tofael The Tea Stall Boy
British Association of Nature Conservationists
Campaign for Real Education
Canadian Stage Company
Valediction (film)
Viejo smoking
Centre Information Jeunes asbl
Confederaci n Empresarial de Sociedades Laborales de Espa a
Cooperative Human Tissue Network
Crawford Fund
Empire Orienteering Club
Energy Technology Data Exchange
Environmental Change Institute
Florida Certified Organic Growers
Florida Family Association
Folkebevegelsen mot innvandring
Fondation Napol on
Free Tibet
Grandparents' Association
Hong Kong Cancer Fund
Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts
International Commission for Central American Recovery and Development
International Foundation for Electoral Systems
International Reporter
Juneau Raptor Center
Kurt G del Society
Lupus Canada
Mountain Wilderness
The National Center of French 2DSpeaking Students in Israel
National Children's Cancer Society
Neotropical Ornithological Society
Charles Rodolf
OutFront Minnesota
Pacific Islands Political Studies Association
Palestinian Hydrology Group
Plant Amnesty
Pro 2DChoice Action Network
Project C.U.R.E.
Public Policy Forum
RECOFTC The Center for People and Forests
Royal Society for the Protection of Nature, Bhutan
Sex Workers Anonymous
Survivors Healing Center
Tourism Association of Koh Samui
Gotskalk Mathiassen Seim
United Railroad Historical Society of New Jersey
United States Interagency Council on Homelessness
Youth Volunteer Corps
1000 Hills Community Helpers
The 1990 Institute
The Abraham Fund Initiatives
Arab Knowledge and Management Society
Asian Music Circuit
Thomas G. Stephens
Association for the Support of Contemporary Living
Association of British Counties
Association of Historians of Moldova
Atat rkist Thought Association
Australasian Computer Music Association
Bundesamt f r Strahlenschutz
Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children
Center for Environmental Philosophy
Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility
Child Flight
Common Purpose UK
Computer Conservation Society
Dental Technologists Association
Desert Valley Charitable Foundation
Deutschsprachige Anwendervereinigung TeX
DKT International
Erasmus Student Network
European Institute
European Resuscitation Council
Extra Mile Education Foundation
F d ration des Eclaireuses et Eclaireurs
Florida Communities Trust
Galician Healthcare Service
The Garden Conservancy
Gibraltar Heritage Trust
Great Northern Arts Festival
Hazards Forum
Henry H. Whaley
Humanist Society Scotland
Hungarian Helsinki Committee
el Sanat Kul b
Institute for Unpopular Culture
International Association for the Study of the Commons
International Neuromodulation Society
Frederik Maurits van der Wulp
International Rogaining Federation
International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology
International Triathlon Union
Iota Delta
Laganside Corporation
Law Reform Advisory Committee
Limburg Science Park
Luxembourg Mathematical Society
National Eagle Center
The National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty
National Women's Media Centre
National Youth Council of Singapore
North South Centre
Northern Alberta Business Incubator
koinstitut S dtirol Alto Adige
One World Action
Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan
Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World
Organizing Institute
Paradox (warez)
Picturehouse Cinemas
Reach Out and Read
Robert Schuman Foundation (European People's Party)
Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center
Scouting Association of the Republic (Poland)
Sea Turtle Restoration Project
Stonewall (charity)
Stowarzyszenie Pisarzy Polskich
Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests
The Theater Offensive
Toothfriendly International
Transition House Association of Nova Scotia
United Australian Automobile Industries
United Islamic Organisation of Trinidad and Tobago
United Nations Society of Writers
Utah Education Network
The Village of Arts and Humanities
White Cliffs Countryside Partnership
Women in Technology International
Women's Refugee Commission
World Fair Trade Organization
Youth Challenge International (Canada)
Charles A. Cady
Al Basar International Foundation
The Amazonia Conference
American Israel Public Affairs Committee
Amsterdam Institute of Finance
Anglo 2DThai Foundation
Association for Progressive Communications
Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism
Association of Library and Information Professionals of the Czech Republic
Association of Poles in Lithuania
Australian Institute of Company Directors
Badi Foundation
Black Country Housing Group
Canadian Journalism Foundation
Canadian Society for Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Centre for Development and the Environment
Civic Alliance Foundation
Ecological Movement of Moldova
Equality Maryland
Eurasian Astronomical Society
European Anti Poverty Network
European Confederation of Independent Trade Unions
European Mathematical Society
European Respiratory Society
Finnish Cannabis Association
Free River Press
Gaza Community Mental Health Programme
Green Action
Group for Social Dialogue
Historical Diving Society
Hungarian Golf Federation
Institute of Combinatorics and its Applications
International Association for Business and Society
International Council on Systems Engineering
Thomas English (Medal of Honor)
Iowa Aviation Museum
Irish Institute of Medical Herbalists
Joint Nature Conservation Committee
Kappa Omicron Nu
Les Anciens d'AEGEE 2DEurope
Lithuanian Paralympic Committee
Living Water International
Lomas Barbudal Capuchin Monkey Project
Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition
MEDIA Programme
Missionaries to the Preborn
Movement for Quality Government in Israel
New Pacific Academy
No to the EU (Norway)
The Prince's Seeing is Believing
Regional arts board
Icelandic Ethical Humanist Association
Society for Women's Health Research
South Pacific Applied Geoscience Commission
Straits Exchange Foundation
Youthcare Hervey Bay
Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center
Aktion Kinder des Holocaust
American Belarussian Relief Organization
Animal Control Products Limited
Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center
Asian American Writers' Workshop
Association for Logic, Language and Information
Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits
Bedem ljubavi Mothers for Peace
British Student Korfball Nationals
Campaign Against Domestic Violence
Canadian Organization for Tropical Education and Research
Cat Tales Zoological Park
Center for Inquiry
Children's Rights Alliance for England
College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy
Comit International du Ski 2DAlpinisme de Comp tition
Committee for Relevant Art
Delaware Valley Association of Structural Engineers
Equality Illinois
Equality Michigan
European Association for Osseointegration
European Wound Management Association
Fighting Network Rings
First Amendment Center
Fisher Landau Center
Food Hydrocolloids Trust
Garden Media Guild
Gesher Theater
Glasgow Women's Library
Global Basketball Association
Government Bank Insurance Fund (Norway)
Guides de la R publique D mocratique du Congo
Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority
Information Design Association
Instituto Cervantes
International Arctic Buoy Program
International Mammalian Genome Society
International Search and Rescue Advisory Group
International Society of Olympic Historians
ITS America
Making Our Economy Right
National Collegiate Table Tennis Association
Naukowa i Akademicka Sie Komputerowa
Northern Resistance Movement
One in Ten (organization)
Orchestre des Champs 2D lys es
Philippine American Women Writers and Artists
Professional Lacrosse Players' Association
Political Prisoners Movement of Tibet
Prairielands Council
Predator Conservation Alliance
The Princess Royal Trust for Carers
Professional Spring Football League
RAC Foundation
Reforesting Scotland
Henry Wellesly McCann
Sandler Foundation
SCA Group
Serbian Heraldry Society
Shoqata ameria
Society for the Advancement of Economic Theory
Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners
Stop Abuse for Everyone
Swedish Cricket Federation
Turkish Chess Federation
UK Hand Knitting Association
Ukrainian Athletic Federation
Union of Rationalist Atheists and Agnostics
Union of the Baltic Cities
United Nations Compensation Commission
Vietnam Assistance for the Handicapped
Visi n Ovni
Voluntary Action History Society
Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary
Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange
World Network of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry
Young Conservatives (Czech Republic)
Youth Entrepreneurs Kansas
Universities Scotland
East London Business Alliance
Action Committee for the Defense of Democracy Youth Movement
Advancement of Sound Science Center
All Parties Hurriyat Conference
American Society of Nuclear Cardiology
American West Conference
Arbeidsgiverforeningen Spekter
Australian Women's Rugby League
Bees for Development
Bilal Xhaferri Cultural Association
British Association of International Mountain Leaders
British Horseracing Board
British Institute of Facilities Management
The British Society for the Philosophy of Religion
Channel Islands Universities Consortium
Common Foreign and Security Policy
Francesco Ratti
Benjamin Ray
Dipterists Forum
East Street Arts
European Association for Decision Making
European Business History Association
Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays
Finnish Communication and Internet Exchange
Forests Monitor
Gene Campaign
Global Green USA
The Hamnet Players
Historic Chapels Trust
Indian People's Tribunal
Samuel Shaw (New Zealand)
Ittihodi Scouthoi Tojikiston
Kuapa Kokoo
Lebanese British Friends of the National Museum
M25 Consortium of Academic Libraries
Henry Dolphus Smith
Missing People
Mothers of Murdered Offspring
Henry A. Smythe
Mundo Sano
National Lawyers Association
Net Impact Case Competition
Network of International Business Schools
Noble Society of Celts
The Non 2DViolence Project
Northfield Union of Youth
Northwest Earth Institute
Norwegian Support Committee for Western Sahara
Obraz (organization)
Operalia, The World Opera Competition
Operation Clean Government
Payasos Sin Fronteras
Peaks Island Land Preserve
Portland Hotel Society
Ram Janmabhoomi Nyas
Republican Leadership Council
The Research Alliance
Sabrang Communications
SAMU Social
SCCA 2DLjubljana
Society for Storytelling
Sosialdemokrater mot EU
Spanish Federation of Sports for the Deaf
Spanish Federation of Sportspeople with Cerebral Palsy
Spanish Federation of Sportspeople with Intellectual Disabilities
Spirits Europe
Thomas Merton Society of Great Britain and Ireland
Trees for Cities
United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination
United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy
United Kingdom Overseas Territories Association
United Nations Observer Mission in Georgia
Virus Information Alliance
White Helmets
Workers' Aid for Bosnia
George D. Waring
Amazon Defense Coalition
American Bird Conservancy
Antarctic Place 2Dnames Commission
Armenia Tree Project
Associa o de Escuteiros de Angola
Associa o Gaita 2Dde 2Dfole
Associated Press Television News
Association of Classical and Christian Schools
Association of Professional Political Consultants
Association 22Peace. Beauty. Culture. 22
Australasian Proteomics Society
Birthright Israel
Building Codes Assistance Project
Canadian Muslim Civil Liberties Association
Centre for Cultural Decontamination
Committee on Standards in Public Life
Control System Integrators Association
Council on American Islamic Relations
Nathaniel Stephen Appleby
Electronic Frontier Canada
Electronic Privacy Information Center
Environment Centre (Swansea)
European Radical Alliance
Fair Trade Federation
Christopher Murphy (designer)
Finnish Institute for Verification of the Chemical Weapons Convention
Football League of Europe
Friends 2DInternational
Fundaci n Avina
Global Benchmarking Network
The Global Fund for Children
Leone Emanuele Bardare
GoodWeave International
Ibdaa Cultural Center
Immigration Equality (organization)
Instituto Ayrton Senna
International Association of Homes and Services for the Aging
International Institute for General Systems Studies
International Science and Technology Center
Japanese Association of Supporting Streetchildren
Henry E. Blackman
Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation
Joint United Nations Programme on HIV AIDS
Leave No Trace
Leonora Children's Cancer Fund
Jacob C. Bogart
L tzebuerger Guiden a Scouten
MaliVai Washington Kids Foundation
Michigan Militia
National Alliance for Autism Research
North Texas Church of Freethought
Nuclear Energy Institute
Oxford University Jazz Society
Palau Track and Field Association
Palliative Care Volunteers International
The Parents Circle 2DFamilies Forum
Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council
The Reach Foundation
Recreational Software Advisory Council
Research Consortium On Nearby Stars
Revolutionary Communist Youth (Sweden)
Radio and Television Supreme Council
Safe America Foundation
Schwartz Center for Compassionate Healthcare
Scouting in Kyrgyzstan
Social Research and Demonstration Corporation
Social Science Research Network
Society for Applied Research in Memory and Cognition
Students for a Free Tibet
Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research
Thai Institute of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry
Trade Union and Labour Party Liaison Organisation
Thomas G. Corbin
Training and Development Agency for Schools
Turkish National Research Institute of Electronics and Cryptology
UK Academy for Information Systems
Vitamin Angels
Ferdinand de Craywinckel
Work to Ride
Workplace Fairness
World Wide Web Consortium
Youth Sport Trust
AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition
Arpa Foundation for Film, Music and Art
Association des Veuves du Genocide
Bahamas Maritime Authority
Basic Rights Oregon
Beard Liberation Front
Bedford 26 Milton Keynes Waterway Trust
The Big Issue Foundation
Brake (charity)
British Indian Psychiatric Association
Broadcast Film Critics Association
Center for the Advancement of Women
Centre de recherche et de documentation sur l'Oc anie
Chernobyl Children's Project (UK)
Children's Foundation Research Center
Clod Ensemble
Cellular Operators Association of India
Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group
Confederation of Revolutionary Anarcho 2DSyndicalists
Council for the Central Laboratory of the Research Councils
Digital Future Coalition
Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee
East Atlantic Gymnastics League
European Language Resources Association
European United Left Nordic Green Left
Family Scholar House
Asahel Farr
Gamiing Nature Centre
Gay City Health Project
Global Forest Coalition
Hong Kong Film Critics Society
Hovedstadens Sygehusf llesskab
Indian 2DOcean Rim Association
Institute of Space, its Applications and Technologies
International Crisis Group
International Game Developers Association
International Resources for Fairer Trade
International Society for Autonomic Neuroscience
International Tibet Independence Movement
Japanese Used Motor Vehicle Exporting Association
Khabar Agency
Knowledge Ecology International
Moscow Internet Exchange
National Council for Teacher Education
National Institute of Disaster Management
National Urban Forestry Unit
North East Air Support Unit
Oikeutta el imille
Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Patients Out of Time
Politeia (think tank)
Professional Amigos of Comic Art Society
Project AWARE
Rosa Antifa
Shropshire Archives
The Smile of the Child
Social Watch
Spanish Federation of Sports for the Blind
Swiss Taxpayers Federation
Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center
The Tolerance Foundation
Tourist Organisation of Belgrade
Wearable Computing Group
World Forum of Fish Harvesters and Fish Workers
Young Playwrights' Theater
The Magic Circle
Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium
Ambitious about Autism
America's Promise
American Breast Cancer Foundation
Edward H. Ives
American Copy Editors Society
Association of Co 2Deducational Schools
Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation
BlueLink Information Network
British Chess Variants Society
Brunei Darussalam Red Crescent Society
Bureau d'Enqu tes sur les v nements de Mer
Center for Resource Solutions
Choose Life license plates
Consortium of Higher Education LGBT Resource Professionals
Consortium of Humanitarian Agencies
Pavel Kolendas
Ecotourism Society Pakistan
Equality Florida
Euro 2DAtlantic Partnership Council
Federation of Norwegian Construction Industries
Fellesaksjonen mot gasskraftverk
Fort Worth Dallas Birthing Project
Fundaci n Alternativas
Gallery Nature Morte
Global Labour Institute
GONG (organization)
Hazon Yeshaya Humanitarian Network
IC3 (certification)
Badan Standardisasi Nasional
Integration and Development Centre for Information and Research
International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education
International Coalition of Library Consortia
International Foundation for Human Rights and Tolerance
International Maritime Health Association
Interpret Scotland
Jersey All Pro Wrestling
John Muir Health
KMG Ethiopia
Krell Institute
Ladies League Baseball
The Land Conservancy of British Columbia
James Marvin (academic)
M 2D1 Global
Mannkal Economic Education Foundation
Meridian Institute
Microsoft Research
Mid 2DAtlantic Apiculture Research and Extension Consortium
Minnesota Family Council
Mount Sinai Health System
National Children's Book and Literacy Alliance
National College Football Awards Association
National Council of Ayllus and Markas of Qullasuyu
National Gas Museum Trust
Naval Dockyards Society
Northern Ireland Screen
Northern Rock Foundation
Online Film Critics Society
Organisation of Serbian Students Abroad
Pacific Alliance Leaders Meeting
Privatsykehuset Haugesund
Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency
Scottish Screen
Serve the People (Norway)
Society for Conservation GIS
Squallis Puppeteers
Stichting Academisch Erfgoed
Stockholm Network
Survivors Fund
Sutton Trust
Swedish Women's Lobby
Taxpayers League of Minnesota
Terra incognita arts organisation publishers
Timmy Global Health
Transparency International
Trimix Scuba Association
VADS (organisation)
Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby
Orson James Phelps
Western Australian Women's Rugby League
Wilderness Inner 2DCity Leadership Development
WiRED International
Women's Football Australia
Academy of Medical Sciences, United Kingdom
Alliance for Children and Families
Arab American Political Action Committee
Association for the Taxation of Financial Transactions and for Citizens' Action
Australian Capital Territory Women's Australian Football League
Austrian Paralympic Committee
Barwon Health
Black Radical Congress
Business Innovation Center of Croatia
Cannabis College
Care Society
Cecily's Fund
Center for Legal Assistance to Pollution Victims
Hamilton Richardson
Richard Richardson (Canadian politician)
Christian Freedom International
Citizens Uprooting Racism in Bermuda
Civil Justice Council
Colorado Conservation Voters
Community Against Pollution
I'll Think of Something
Compassionate Action for Animals
It Sure Is Monday
Connecticut Yankee Council
Consumer Rights Commission of Pakistan
Never Knew Lonely
Council for British Research in the Levant
Even the Man in the Moon Is Cryin'
Ol' Country
This One's Gonna Hurt You (For a Long, Long Time)
Born to Love You
Don't Let Our Love Start Slippin' Away
When Love Finds You (song)
EarthLink e.V.
Delmo Alberghini
Dennis Algiere
I Watched It All (On My Radio)
Fair Trade USA
Dixie Fried
Fashion Design Council of India
If I Was a Drinkin' Man
Federation of European Motorcyclists Associations
Now That's Country
Ernest Arlett
Standing on the Edge of Goodbye
Demetrius Atsalis
They're Playin' Our Song
Hard Lovin' Woman
Forum for Stable Currencies
In a Week or Two
Foundation for Information Policy Research
G kb r Aygar
There Ain't Nothin' Wrong with the Radio
Gay Financial Network
Love Without Mercy (song)
Fathi Baja
Global Campaign for Microbicides
Chains (Patty Loveless song)
Global Civic Sharing
The Night's Too Long
Uri Berenguer
The Great Outdoors Conservancy
John R. Broderick
Robert A. Brooks
John Miller
Adrien Broom
Institut de m canique c leste et de calcul des ph m rides
Institute for Legal Reform
Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education
Intercollegiate Taiwanese American Students Association
Paul Smith (cricketer, born 1820)
International Association for Political Science Students
Horace T. Cahill
International Coalition for Trachoma Control
Thomas Calter
Christie Carpino
Strong Enough to Bend (song)
Convention on the Marking of Plastic Explosives
I'm That Kind of Girl
Let Her Go (Mark Collie song)
Cheryl Coakley 2DRivera
International Society for NeuroVirology
The Ballad of Davy Crockett
International Trachoma Initiative
I'll Always Come Back
Keenan Institute
Kerala State Chalachitra Academy
Linda S. Dalianis
Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
Labor and Working 2DClass History Association
Peter Durant
There You Are (Goo Goo Dolls song)
Instituto Aut nomo de Bibliotecas e Informaci n del Estado M rida
Military Association of Atheists 26 Freethinkers
Baby's Gotten Good at Goodbye
Mouvement des Entreprises de France
Nature Seychelles
Leo Fraser
Reverend Freakchild
Out 26 Equal
Out 26 Equal Workplace Summit
Edward F. Hennessey
Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum
James Jajuga
Peoples' Global Action
Philosophy For All
Belinda Carlisle discography
1967 NCAA Men's Basketball All 2DAmericans
Prince Philippe Fund
Queer Notions
Ioannis Kakadiaris
Redeye, The Photography Network
George Kariotis
RoboCup Junior
SAWA (non 2Dprofit organization)
Science and Technology Center in Ukraine
We Tell Ourselves
Longnecks 26 Short Stories
Robert Wallace (Canadian politician)
Just a Woman
Secret Society of Happy People
Todd J. Leach
Robert Levasseur (academic)
Shoqata e Guidave dhe Skout ve n Shqip ri
List of RPM number 2Done country singles of 1992
Bubba Shot the Jukebox
Gottlob E. Weiss
Take a Swing at Cancer
Tompkins Consolidated Area Transit
Rocky Road to Dublin
Unione Rugby Sannio
Uyghur American Association
Way Too Far
Washington Area Women's Foundation
Star Collector
Women Thrive Worldwide
World Wide Association of Specialty Programs and Schools
Jim Miceli
John C. Mongan
Zambia's Scholarship Fund
John Edwin Mroz
Neurotically Yours
Alliance for Childhood
534 (album)
Erik Nedeau
Allsorts Youth Project
A Place I Go
Andrew O'Brien (politician)
ASEAN Australia Development Cooperation Program
The Greatest Hits Tour (Girls Aloud)
Association of Asian Parliaments for Peace
Ray Picard
The Way Things Work (album)
Walter V. Robinson
The Blue Noses Group
Workin' at the Car Wash Blues
British Freediving Association
List of Jo Stafford compilation albums (2010 present)
Canadian Landmine Foundation
Carr Center for Human Rights Policy
Catherine Wheels Theatre Company
Center for Advanced Defense Studies
Center for Information Technology 26 Society
Center for Molecular and Biomolecular Informatics
Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue
CFA Institute
Children First Now
Collective for Research and Training on Development 2DAction
Commission for Looted Art in Europe
Compliance Advisor Ombudsman
Peter T. Zarella
Count Me In (charity)
Crescendo Association
Stephen Bercik
Debt on our Doorstep
Clint Bolick
Drug Policy Alliance
Robert N. Buck
Dui Hua Foundation
Eesti Gaidide Liit
Electronic Commerce Code Management Association
Philip Carteret (colonial governor)
John K. Beatty
Fair Wear Foundation
Financial Stability Forum
Shad Collins
Foras na Gaeilge
Gender Sexuality Rights Association Taiwan
Jeff Darlington
Global Commerce Initiative
Global Security Institute
Tom DeSanto
Harry Devlin
Groundwork South Africa
Hearts and Balls
Jamie Fox
Hmong archives
Khaseem Greene
Industry Technology Facilitator
Mildred Barry Hughes
International Council for Ski Mountaineering Competitions
International Intellectual Property Institute
International Society for Bipolar Disorders
Internet Professional Association
Daniel C. Kurtzer
Irish Federation of Astronomical Societies
Jamii Bora
Japan Paralympic Committee
Jeff Gordon
William Martin (sport shooter)
Kevin McNulty (judge)
Melissa Otero
The Karen Hilltribes Trust
Wolodymyr Paska
Living River Siam
Luna Negra Dance Theater
Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research
Andrew L. Riker
Matthew John Rinaldo
Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities
Daniel J. Russell
Raymond Seeger
MiningWatch Canada
Musica Toscana
Musicians without Borders
Namibian Economic Society
National Black Police Association (United Kingdom)
National Herbarium of the Netherlands
Robert Zakanitch
No l Coward Society
Organization for Understanding Cluster Headaches
People for Internet Responsibility
Petitcodiac Riverkeeper
Progressive Jewish Alliance
Reaching Out Romania
Red de Magos Solidarios
Regulation and Supervision Bureau
Sahara Press Service
All for the Love of Sunshine
All Hung up in Your Green Eyes
Sk ne Regional Council
Scholars at Risk
Securities Depository Center (Jordan)
Baby Let Me Take You Home
Shropshire Music Foundation
Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation
Come to the Sunshine
South Pacific Tourism Organisation
Convoy (song)
Swarm Development Group
Eleven Roses
UK Metric Association
Hey Gyp (Dig the Slowness)
UNESCO Chair in Telemedicine
Waterkeeper Alliance
Western European Nuclear Regulators' Association
Wildlands Restoration Volunteers
Pale Blue Eyes
Women's Technology Cluster
XBRL International
Young Americas Business Trust
Adam Mickiewicz Institute
Sunshine Day
Sweet and Innocent (Donny Osmond song)
Together (1928 song)
Thomas Frazer
Armed Forces Law Association of New Zealand
Who's Sorry Now
Asia 2DOceania Federation of Organizations for Medical Physics
Asperger's Society of Ontario
You Are My Love (1955 song)
Association Nationale des Comit s et Commissions Locales d'Information
Brother Jukebox
Australian Doctors International
Friends in Low Places
Australian Ice Hockey League
I Just Wanted You to Know
Biomedical Research Council
Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research
Lost in the Feeling (song)
Bodleian Libraries
Botswana National Broadcasting Board
Bridge Great Britain
Rollin' with the Flow
Rollin' with the Flow (album)
She Was
CCJO Ren Cassin
Too Cold at Home (song)
Children's Care International
Your Love Is a Miracle
Conf rence Fran aise de Scoutisme
I Try to Think About Elvis
Eating Disorders Coalition
Edu 2DAid in YongNing
Jealous Bone
Engineers Without Borders USA
European Network Exchange
Faculty of Travel Medicine
The Foundation for a Better Life
The Michael J. Fox Foundation
G 2D14
Bill 26 Melinda Gates Foundation
Ain't Nothing 'bout You
Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
All Jacked Up (song)
Grand 2DAm Road Racing
Another Side of You
Ashes by Now
Higher Education Recruitment Consortium
Boots On
Boys in the Summer
Hip Hop Congress
Every River
A Feelin' Like That
The Immigrant Workers Centre
Forgive (song)
Get Off on the Pain (song)
Gimmie That Girl
He Oughta Know That by Now
Here for the Party (song)
Homewrecker (song)
I Can't Win for Losin' You
International Association of Privacy Professionals
International Longevity Centre UK
International Simultaneous Policy Organization
I Would've Loved You Anyway
I'll Think of a Reason Later
Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Commission
It Ain't No Crime
Iranian Academy of the Arts
Irish Primary Principals Network
Kiss Me When I'm Down
Learning How to Bend
Life Ain't Always Beautiful
A Little Past Little Rock
Keep Wales Tidy
Keith's Rescue Dogs
Man of Me
Kosciuszko Institute
My Heart Is Lost to You
Kunpan Cultural School
Nobody Gonna Tell Me What to Do
LandNet Rwanda Chapter
Nothing On but the Radio
Nothing's News
(Now You See Me) Now You Don't
Lumina Foundation
Right from the Start
Mekong Ganga Cooperation
Right Where I Need to Be
Savin' My Love for You
Museum Domain Management Association
The Shape I'm In (Joe Nichols song)
Smoke Rings in the Dark (song)
Nansen Dialogue Centre Skopje
National Aboriginal Health Organization
That Was a Close One
National College for Teaching and Leadership
National Commission on the Status of Women
That's What It's All About
That's What She Gets for Loving Me
Too Many Times (Earl Thomas Conley and Anita Pointer song)
Tough Little Boys
The National Trust for Scotland Foundation USA
Walkin' Away (Clint Black song)
What Do Ya Think About That
Northway Books
When I Think About Cheatin'
Whistlin' Dixie
Noua Dreapt
Why They Call It Falling
Ain't She Somethin' Else
Partnership for Transparency Fund
Here Comes the Hurt Again
Peepshow collective
People's Health Movement
I'm Not That Lonely Yet
Just Long Enough to Say Goodbye
Policy Matters Ohio
Maybe (Kenny Rogers and Holly Dunn song)
She's Pulling Me Back Again
Prathama Blood Centre
'Til a Tear Becomes a Rose
Youth Business Scotland
The Prince's Youth Business International
Would You Take Another Chance on Me
Radko Association
Chantilly Lace (song)
Raindrop Turkish House
Safe Last
Josey Little
Samadhi Community Development Foundation
San Francisco Women on the Web
Save the Trafalgar Square Pigeons
Society of Operations Engineers
Stine Sofie's Foundation
Trade Justice Movement
UM Department of Community Service
Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut
Voluntary Health Scotland
Women of Color Policy Network
Women's National Wheelchair Basketball League
World Access for the Blind
World Association of Professional Investigators
Young Lives
Acumen (organization)
Advisory Centre on World Trade Organization Law
African Committee of Experts on the Rights and Welfare of the Child
Ajax 2DPickering Transit
Walter Morgan (judge)
Amici del Mondo World Friends Onlus
Andy Roddick Foundation
Annual Georgia European Union Summit
Apostrophe Protection Society
Baan Gerda
Bangalore Initiative for Religious Dialogue
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation
John O'Flaherty (politician)
Bus Project
Cage Warriors
Centre for Deaf Studies, Dublin
Chattanooga Market
Coalition for a Secure Driver's License
Coalition of Higher Education Students in Scotland
Community Development and Relief Agency
Crocolandia Foundation
Cuerpo de Investigaciones Cient ficas, Penales y Criminal sticas
Democracy Rising
Dorothy Dunnett Society
Een Ander Joods Geluid
Electronic Frontier Finland
Engineers Without Borders (UK)
Equality Utah
FareShare (Australia)
Forum on Media Diversity
Girls Sport Victoria
Global Business Assist
Global Education Network Europe
Great Apes Survival Partnership
Greenguard Environmental Institute
Grey2K USA
Hasbara Fellowships
IDEAL Scholars Fund
Impact Direct Ministries
James Rolfe (legislator)
International Media Support
International Structural Engineering and Construction Society
Kappa Psi Kappa
Knowledge Management Professional Society
Marilyn S. Broad Foundation
Milan H. Sessions
Millennium Stadium Charitable Trust
National Astronomical Observatory of China
National Cancer Research Institute
National Day Laborer Organizing Network
National Human Rights Commission (Thailand)
National Oceanographic Data Centre of Cameroon
National Prohibition Foundation
Charles Gilbert Sower
National Society for Hispanic Professionals
Network for Education and Academic Rights
Network of African Science Academies
Nigeria S o Tom and Pr ncipe Joint Development Authority
Operation Homefront
PEN 2DInternational
Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism
Reality Check (program)
Reclaiming Futures
Registry of the Canadian Stroke Network
Royal Academies for Science and the Arts of Belgium
Safe Speed
Science and Development Network
Scientific Alliance
Serama Council of North America
Serbia Investment and Export Promotion Agency
Stop the War Coalition
Strategic Forum for Construction
Tartu University Hospital Children's Foundation
Tasc (think 2Dtank)
Tasmanian Land Conservancy
Turkish Youth Association of Norway
U.S. Women's Chamber of Commerce
Ukrainian Association of Press Publishers
United Nations Integrated Office in Burundi
Unitus Labs
Upper Midwest Preparedness and Emergency Response Learning Center
Vere Harmsworth Library
World Toilet Organization
A.J. Drexel Plasma Institute
Action for Healthy Kids
Daniel Whitfield
Alaska Native Arts Foundation
Animal Allsorts
Association of Accounting Technicians Australia
Association of Governing Bodies of Independent Schools
Austin Independent Business Alliance
Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute
Amputees and War Wounded Association
Belarusian Republican Youth Union
Bigshoes Foundation
Black Dog Institute
Bridging Eastern and Western Psychiatry
Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre
British Philosophical Association
British Universities Lifesaving Clubs' Association
Cage Rage Championships
The Cancer Prevention and Education Society
Center on Media and Child Health
The Children's Investment Fund Foundation
Computer Entertainment Rating Organization
Congo Basin Forest Partnership
Conservation Through Public Health
Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena
Croat National Council
Educational Action Challenging Homophobia
Empower Up
English Institute of Sport
Ethiopian Horticulture Producer Exporters Association
European Geosciences Union
Federation of Turkish Associations UK
Foundation for Open Project Documentation
John F. Beard
Geeks Without Borders
Habitat for Humanity Ireland
Hope 26 Heroes Children's Cancer Fund
Human Rights Defenders and Promoters
Human Rights First Society
Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining
Islamic Information Center
Jane Goodall Institute (Hong Kong)
Layalina Productions, Inc.
Men of League Foundation
Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK
National Democratic Youth
NQ Dry Tropics
Organisation for the Preservation of Birds and their Habitat
Pacific Aviation Safety Office
Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame
Alexander Henry Campbell
Professional Risk Managers' International Association
Proletarian Society of China
Sail Training International
Saint Helena National Trust
William Everett Chipman
SHERPA (organisation)
Society for the History of Astronomy
The Red Room Company
Student 2DYouth Council
Tampere Region Exchange
Temporary Labour Working Group
Vietnam Software Association
Active Citizen Project
Adoption Covenant
American Rights at Work
Antarctic Treaty Secretariat
ANTIAIDS Foundation
AP Bank
Beyond the 11th
Black Gay Men's Advisory Group
British Resort Inspection Agency
British Universities Ice Hockey Association
Bushfire CRC
Canadian Baseball League
Ceasefire Canada
Center for Artistic Revolution
Citizens Centre for Freedom and Democracy
Constructing Excellence
Cornwall Search 26 Rescue Team
Cultural Studies Association
DARA (international organization)
Dog Legislation Council of Canada
Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust
Engineers Without Borders (Australia)
F ilte Ireland
FINCA Afghanistan
FISEC (Foro Iberoamericano Sobre Estrategias de Comunicaci n)
Milan Ford
Forbairt Na onra Teoranta
Foundation for Socio 2DEconomic Justice
Freedom to Marry
German Society for Stem Cell Research
Hellenic Society for Systemic Studies
Heritage Watch
Historians Against the War
Instituto de Desenvolvimento Educacional
International Research Center for Traditional Polyphony
International Society of Skin Pharmacology and Physiology
Italian Association for Speech Sciences
Joint Association of Boxers
Julia's House
Jungle Fight
The Kids League
Kokopelli Seed Foundation
Leadership Initiatives
London Youlan Qin Society
Loughborough MCC University
Manhattan Hungarian Network
Mehr News Agency
Methuselah Foundation
Microfinance Investment Support Facility for Afghanistan
MTA Capital Construction
National Black Justice Coalition
National Cricket Performance Centre
National Mission for Manuscripts
National Postdoctoral Association
Nomos Center
Henry Nicholson Ellacombe
Northwest Progressive Institute
Oaktree (foundation)
Olympic Committee of Kosovo
Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq
Pan European Game Information
Peace and Security Council
The Philippine Order of Narnians
Project Compass
John F. Hubbard Jr.
The Prometheus Institute
Reading Pride
Resist (disambiguation)
Resource Extraction Monitoring
Right To Play
Rock for a Remedy
Rosie's Theater Kids
Scotland Against Criminalising Communities
Sigma Th ta Pi
Sing For Hope
Society for the Advancement of Central and East European Cultures
Moroccan British Society
South East Atlantic Fisheries Organisation
Southwark Schools' Learning Partnership
Speidernes Fellesorganisasjon
The Translation Project
Unite Against Fascism
University of Reading
Uplifting Athletes
WCPA High Seas Task Force
Welsh Rugby Players Association
Wessex Mills Group
Wine to Water
World English 2DLanguage Scrabble Players' Association
World Nuclear University
Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front
826 Chicago
Agency for the Consolidation of Technology in Education
The Air Ambulance Service
Alfa Kappa Pi
All 2DParty Parliamentary Group against Antisemitism
Alleanza Nazzjonali Repubblikana
March 8 Alliance
Americans Well 2Dinformed on Automobile Retailing Economics
Antelope Valley Conservancy
Arab 2DWest Foundation
Artist Foundation of San Antonio
ASEAN Wildlife Enforcement Network
Asociaci n del Sello de Productos de Comercio Justo
Association of Court Reporters
Nikola Tesla
Autism Speaks
Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights
Biologic Institute
Bolivarian Agency for Space Activities
Botswana Swimming Sport Association
BRITDOC Foundation
Building and Wood Workers' International
C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group
Cambodia Scouts
Campaign for a New Workers' Party
Center for Intercultural Dialogue and Translation
Centre de Technologia Aerospacial
Centre for Policing, Intelligence 26 Counter Terrorism
Centro de Investigaciones Cientif cas de las Huastecas 'Aguazarca'
Charities Services
Chinese Constitutional Reform Association
Chouettes Coquettes
Colleges 26 Universities Sports Association of Ireland
Commission on Human Medicines
Common Ground Health Clinic
Conservative Future Scotland
Moncreiffe baronets
Czech Rugby League Association
Democratic Forum of Romanians in Moldova
Dom Nunch
East Asia Summit
The Eliezah Foundation Initiative Uganda
Elles Bougent
Equality Ohio
Estonia Rugby League Federation
European Civil Liberties Network
European Consumer Centres Network
European Delirium Association
European Foundation for Quality in e 2DLearning
Everyone Deserves a Roof
The Fairy God Foundation
FAST Fighting Antisemitism Together
Firat News Agency
The Focus Foundation
Food 26 Water Watch
Foundation for Focused Ultrasound Research
G8 5
Genomic Standards Consortium
GLBT History Museum of Central Florida
Great Lakes Energy
Greg Biffle
Hall Institute of Public Policy New Jersey
Independent Network
Intelligence and National Security Alliance
International Centre for Democratic Transition
International Network of Genocide Scholars
International Rectal Microbicide Advocates
John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation
Kansas Traditional Republican Majority
Kentucky Equality Federation
Kif 2DKif
Korean Rangers Foundation
LAIM Working Group
Levizja ohu
Liberal Laboratory (Norway)
Little Red Wagon Foundation
Maldivian Medical Association
Maximus India
Instituto Millenium
Minuteman Project
Movimento Passe Livre
John Ross (Nova Scotia politician)
National Lacrosse League Hall of Fame
North American Allied Fight Series
Oak Tree Press
Oceanic Preservation Society
Omaha Coalition of Citizen Patrols
Open Source Business Alliance
Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean
Participatory Culture Foundation
Patriot Guard Riders
Philly Improv Theater
PJ Library
Progress Jersey
Representative Council of France's Black Associations
Save Indian Family Foundation
Section 108 Study Group
Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America
Shine Global
Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative
John Aikman Stewart
South American Business Forum
Stitch London
Stop Climate Chaos Scotland
Stop Islamisation of Denmark
Tafarki Foundation
Teen Musical Theater of Oregon
UK Government Decontamination Service
UK Web Archiving Consortium
United Nations International Independent Investigation Commission
United States Bowling Congress
Victorian Students' Aid Program
Wales Rugby League
Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission
White Rose Theatre
Russ Baker
Witness to Innocence
Women's Forum for the Economy and Society
Working Families for Walmart
Working Group on Children and Armed Conflict
The World Can't Wait
Younger Women's Task Force
Karl Andreas Larsen Vefring
American Humanist Association
Anthony Williams (Medal of Honor)
John Adams (glassmaker)
Eumone Baratta
Jimmie Johnson
Purple Songs Can Fly
18 in '08
40 Days for Life
Aerotoxic Association
Affordable Medicines Facility 2Dmalaria
Afya Foundation
Alcohol Health Alliance UK
American Clean Skies Foundation
American Future Fund
Arab Network for Quality Assurance in Higher Education
Asian Society of International Law
Assembl e des francophones fonctionnaires des organisations internationales
Associaci Catalana de Rugby Lliga
Audience Council Scotland
Audience Council Wales
Avoided Deforestation Partners
Belize National Youth Chess Foundation
Brooklands Trust Members
Building a Future
Canada India Foundation
Care for Africa
Careers In Racing
Elise Justine Bayard
Colegio de la Preciosa Sangre de Pichilemu
Climate Counts
Climate One
East African Children's Education Fund
Emirates Rugby League
Endangered Planet Foundation
Equality and Human Rights Commission
Estonian Rugby Union
European Cancer Organisation
European Trophy Junior
Foundation Rwanda
Fundraising Standards Board
Global Cool
Global Happiness Organization
Global Health Review
Gr vy's Zebra Trust
Havruta (organization)
John M. Goodell
International Television Expert Group
IT History Society
Jack Miller Center
Jos Saramago Foundation
Livingston Robotics Club
Men's Roller Derby Association
Michigan Israel Business Bridge
Movimiento 2D
Movimiento Estudiantil (Venezuela)
National Association of Professional Women
National Cat Groomers Institute of America
National Policing Improvement Agency
One Drop Foundation
Open Architecture Network
Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative
Payments Council
Praekelt Foundation
John A. Humphrey
Private Equity Growth Capital Council
Quest Crew
RADION International
Radom Chamber Orchestra
Ranik Ultimate Fighting Federation
Ratzinger Foundation
Russian Chamber Music Foundation of Seattle
Scottish Fair Trade Forum
South American Energy Council
Bernard Kelly (American politician)
Sports Development Foundation Scotland
Studenten machen Schule
Tax Institute (Australia)
Teach For India
Tuvalu Rugby Union
United Saints Recovery Project
Virgin Health Bank
Walk for Iraq
Zhejiang Xinhua Compassion Education Foundation
Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board
Amadeus Institute
APPG on Agriculture and Food for Development
Balkan Heritage Foundation
British Antarctic Monument Trust
British Universities and Colleges Sport
Build Now
Canadian Stem Cell Foundation
Change Congress
Critical Commons
Defense of Democracies
Dream (mixed martial arts)
Microsoft Imagine
Educating Cambodia
Energy Technologies Institute
Cuba espa ola
The Facilities Society
Federation of International Lacrosse
Fondation Chirac
Free England Party
Global Washington
Gorgeous Geeks
Healing Heroes Network
I Am Second
Institute for Environmental Policy in Albania
Henry Osborn (cricketer)
IPlant Collaborative
Iraq Veterans for Congress
Justice Not Crisis
Kissinger Institute on China and the United States
Knight Commission on the Information Needs of Communities in a Democracy
Kontinental Hockey League
Krak w Dance Theatre
KuzeyDo a Society
The Leadership Council
Learn To Be
Legal Services Board
LGBT Network
Little RES Q
Mediterranean Opera and Ballet Club
Mississippi Safe Schools Coalition
Muziek Centrum Nederland
NYCLASS (New Yorkers for Clean, Livable, and Safe Streets)
One Simple Wish
Quilliam (think tank)
Radiologists Without Borders
G. Collier Robbins
The Ride to Conquer Cancer
Russian 2Dspeaking Ukraine
SHARE in Africa
Solidarity (Australia)
Solomon Islands Rugby League Federation
Sound and Music
South Asian American Digital Archive
South Yorkshire Fencing
Sports for Peace
Street Child of Sierra Leone
Students for Liberty
Swaziland United Democratic Front
Sylva Foundation
The Themba Development Project
Tilburg Institute of Comparative and Transnational Law
Titagya Schools
Trade Union Confederation of the Americas
Trade Union International of Workers in the Mining, the Metallurgy and the Metal Industries
Traditional Healthcare
TransLink (British Columbia)
UK Council for Child Internet Safety
Sheffield baronets
Universidade da luta
Veteran Tickets Foundation
Vote India
Wiltshire Traditional Orchards Project
Yayasan Cipta Cara Padu
Young Americans for Liberty
Youth for Western Civilization
ZERO foundation
The 2.0 Adoption Council
38 Degrees
Alliance for European Integration
American Military Partner Association
Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust
Archive Team
Aurore (internet platform)
Autism Science Foundation
Bihar 996
Business Leaders for Michigan
Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics 26 Policy
Center for the Study of Capitalism
Chetana Jagrati Punj
Citt dell'arte Fashion Bio Ethical Sustainable Trend
Clean Air Network
Cybernorms group
Ecologists Without Borders
Energy in Common
English Defence League
Benjamin Van Blarcom
Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity
Free Word Centre
Generation Yes
Gift of Happiness Foundation
GIGA Journal Family
Gladiators motorcycle club
Harvey Milk Foundation
HEARDing Cats Collective
Healing the Wounds
The Initiative Collective
Innovation, Development and Employment Alliance
Institute of Modern Politics
International Federation of Poker
John Ozias Wheeler
International Renewable Energy Agency
J Street U
Jacksonville Civic Council
George Whitman (politician)
K ln 2DD sseldorfer Kriminalkomitee
Latvia Rugby League
Leadership 26 Management Wales
Little Free Library
The Liz Logelin Foundation
Lone Soldier Center
John Woon
National Family Week (UK)
Netherlands Rugby League Bond
New Ukraine Civic Movement
Nuclear Institute
Onyx E 2Dcell
Organisation of African Youth
Pack for a Purpose
Pakistan Canoe and Kayak Federation
Panjab Digital Library
Philosophy Learning and Teaching Organization
Agust n Ross Cultural Centre
Plataforma de Afectados por la Hipoteca