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Winthrop, Massachusetts


Winthrop is a city in Suffolk County , Massachusetts , United States. The population was 17,497 at the 2010 census . Winthrop is an ocean-side suburban community in Greater Boston situated at the north entrance to Boston Harbor , close to Logan International Airport . It is located on a peninsula , 1.6 square miles (4.2 km ) in area, connected to Revere by a narrow isthmus and to East Boston by a bridge over the harbor inlet to the Belle Isle Marsh Reservation . Settled in 1630, Winthrop is one of the oldest communities in the United States. It is also one of the smallest and most densely populated municipalities in Massachusetts. It is one of the four cities in Suffolk County (the others are Boston , Revere , and Chelsea ). It is the southernmost part of the North Shore , with a 7-mile (11 km) shoreline that provides views of the Atlantic Ocean to the east and of the Boston skyline to the west. In 2005, the Town of Winthrop voted to change its governance from a representative town meeting adopted in 1920 to ...more...

Chelsea, Massachusetts


Chelsea is a city in Suffolk County , Massachusetts , United States, directly across the Mystic River from the city of Boston . As of 2013, Chelsea had an estimated population of 36,828. It is also the second most densely populated city in Massachusetts behind Somerville . With a total area of just 2.21 square miles, Chelsea is the smallest city in Massachusetts in terms of total area. Chelsea is a diverse, working-class community that contains a high level of industrial activity. It is one of only three Massachusetts cities in which the majority of the population identifies as Hispanic or Latino, alongside Lawrence and Holyoke . After flirting with bankruptcy in the 1990s, the once-struggling industrial city has reversed a prolonged decline and in recent years has enjoyed sustained economic growth. Thanks to its relative affordability and close proximity to Boston, Chelsea has added more than 1,200 homes since 2005, mostly loft-style apartments and condominiums suitable for small families or young professi ...more...

List of defunct councils (Boy Scouts of America)


The many local councils have gone through a total of thousands of name changes, merges, splits and re-creations since the establishment of the Boy Scouts of America in 1910. List of defunct local councils of the Boy Scouts of America No Council City State Founded Defunct Remarks New council 602 3rd Congressional District Council Richmond Virginia 1924 1927 Merged into Richmond Area Council 602 728 4th Congressional District Council Petersburg Virginia 1926 1926 Merged into Robert E. Lee Council 728 703 Aberdeen Area Council Aberdeen South Dakota 1925 1928 Renamed Northern South Dakota Council 703 561 Abilene Council Abilene Texas 1922 1926 Renamed Chisholm Trail Council 561 121 Acis Council Acis Illinois 1927 1929 Decatur Area 121 740 Adair County Council Kirksville Missouri 1926 1928 Pershing 740 141 Adams County Council Quincy Illinois 1926 1927 Quincy Area 141 394 Adirondack Council Plattsburgh New York 1924 2005 Merged into Twin Rivers 364 Twin Rivers 364 518 Admiral Robert E. Perry Council J ...more...

Timeline of United States history


This is a timeline of United States history, comprising important legal and territorial changes as well as political, social, and economic events in the United States and its predecessor states. To read about the background to these events, see History of the United States. Some dates before September 14, 1752, when the British government adopted the Gregorian calendar, may be given in the Old Style. 6th century Year Date Event 500 Cahokia was settled. 11th century Year Date Event 1000 The Acoma Pueblo and Taos Pueblo in New Mexico are the oldest continuously occupied communities in the USA. 12th century Year Date Event 1100 The Oraibi village was founded in Arizona. 15th century Year Date Event 1492 November 19 Christopher Columbus lands on Puerto Rico naming it San Juan Bautista in honor of Saint John the Baptist. 16th century Year Date Event 1503 Juan Ponce de León was involved in the Higuey massacre on Puerto Rico. 1505 Vicente Yáñez Pinzón was named commander-in-chief and corregidor of ...more...

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Quabbin Reservoir


The Quabbin Reservoir is the largest inland body of water in Massachusetts , and was built between 1930 and 1939. Today, along with the Wachusett Reservoir , it is the primary water supply for Boston , some 65 miles (105 km) to the east as well as 40 other communities in Greater Boston . It also supplies water to three towns west of the reservoir and acts as backup supply for three others. It has an aggregate capacity of 412 billion US gallons (1,560 GL) and an area of 38.6 square miles (99.9 km²). Structures and water flow Quabbin Reservoir water flows to the Wachusett Reservoir using the Quabbin Aqueduct . The Quabbin watershed is managed by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation , while the water supply system is operated by the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority . The Winsor Dam and the Goodnough Dike form the reservoir from impoundments of the three branches of the Swift River . The Quabbin Reservoir is part of the Chicopee River Watershed , which in turn feeds the Connecticut ...more...

Mystic River


The Mystic River is a 7.0-mile-long (11.3 km) river in Massachusetts , in the United States. Its name derives from the Wampanoag word muhs-uhtuq, which translates to "big river." In an Algonquian language, missi-tuk means "a great river whose waters are driven by waves," alluding to the original tidal nature of the Mystic. The resemblance to the English word mystic is a coincidence. The Mystic River has a long history of industrial use and a continuing water quality problem. The river lies to the north of and flows approximately parallel to the lower portions of the Charles River . Encompassing 76 square miles (200 km ) of watershed , the river flows from the Lower Mystic Lake and travels through the Boston -area communities of Arlington , Medford , Somerville , Everett , Charlestown , Chelsea , and East Boston . The river joins the Charles River to form inner Boston Harbor . Its watershed contains 44 lakes and ponds, the largest of which is Spot Pond in the Middlesex Fells , with an area of 307 acres (124 h ...more...

Furnace Brook Parkway


Map with Furnace Brook Parkway highlighted in red. Granite Branch Bridge over the newly constructed parkway in 1909. The bridge was demolished during construction of the Southeast Expressway. Furnace Brook Parkway is a historic parkway in Quincy, Massachusetts . Part of the Metropolitan Park System of Greater Boston , it serves as a connector between the Blue Hills Reservation and Quincy Shore Reservation at Quincy Bay . First conceived in the late nineteenth century, the state parkway is owned and maintained by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) and travels through land formerly owned by the families of John Adams and John Quincy Adams , passing several historic sites. It ends in the Merrymount neighborhood, where Quincy was first settled by Europeans in 1625 by Captain Richard Wollaston. The road was started in 1904, completed in 1916 and added to the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) in 2004. Furnace Brook Parkway approximately bisects central Quincy on a southwest– ...more...

History of California's state highway system


The state highway system in the U.S. state of California dates back to 1896, when the state took over maintenance of the Lake Tahoe Wagon Road . Construction of a large connected system began in 1912, after the state's voters approved an $18 million bond issue for over 3000 miles (4900 km) of highways. The last large addition was made by the California State Assembly in 1959, after which only minor changes have been made. 1895 to 1919 Recommended state highway system, 1896 The first state road was authorized on March 26, 1895, when a law created the post of "Lake Tahoe Wagon Road Commissioner" to maintain the Lake Tahoe Wagon Road (the 1852 Johnson's Cut-off of the California Trail ), now US 50 from Smith Flat - 3 miles (5 km) east of Placerville - to the Nevada state line. The 58 mile (93 km) road had been operated as a toll road until 1886, when El Dorado County bought it; the county deeded the road to the state on February 28, 1896. Funding was only enough for minimal improvements, including a stone bri ...more...

Walden Pond


Walden Pond is a lake in Concord, Massachusetts , in the United States. A famous example of a kettle hole , it was formed by retreating glaciers 10,000–12,000 years ago. The pond is protected as part of Walden Pond State Reservation , a 335-acre (136 ha) state park and recreation site managed by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation . The reservation was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1962 for its association with the writer Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862), whose two years living in a cabin on its shore provided the foundation for his most famous work, Walden; or, Life in the Woods . Description The Walden Pond Reservation is located south of Massachusetts Route 2 and (mostly) west of Massachusetts Route 126 in Concord and Lincoln, Massachusetts . The reservation is 335 acres (136 ha) in size, and its principal feature is Walden Pond, a 64.5-acre (26.1 ha) body of water. A short way north of the pond the site of Thoreau's cabin is marked by a series of granite posts. Porti ...more...

Cape Cod Rail Trail


The Cape Cod Rail Trail (CCRT) is a 22-mile (35 km) paved rail trail located on Cape Cod in Massachusetts . The trail route passes through the towns of Dennis , Harwich , Brewster , Orleans , Eastham , and Wellfleet . It connects to the 6-plus mile (10 km) Old Colony Rail Trail leading to Chatham , and 8 miles (13 km) of trails within Nickerson State Park . It also passes near the end of the Nauset Bike Trail leading to Coast Guard Beach in Cape Cod National Seashore . Short side trips on roads lead to several other national seashore beaches. History The original rail line was constructed by the Old Colony Railroad , which was later incorporated into the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad . The New Haven Railroad merged into Penn Central in 1968: it went bankrupt by 1970. The corridor was purchased by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 1976, and a portion of the right-of-way was converted to the Cape Cod Rail Trail by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation in the 1970s. Th ...more...

Quincy Quarries Reservation


The Quincy Quarries in Quincy, Massachusetts , produced granite for over a century and were the site of the Granite Railway —often credited as being the first railroad in the United States . A 22-acre (8.9 ha) section of the former quarries is owned and operated by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation as a public recreation area. History In 1825, after an exhaustive search throughout New England , Solomon Willard selected the Quincy site as the source of stone for the Bunker Hill Monument in Charlestown . After many delays and much obstruction, a charter was granted on March 4, 1826 for the construction of a railroad to help move the granite. The " Granite Railway " was designed and built by railway pioneer Gridley Bryant and began operations on October 7, 1826. The granite from these quarries became famous throughout the nation, and stone cutting quickly became Quincy's principal economic activity. Later use The last active quarry closed in 1963. After their abandonment, the open qua ...more...

Rancho Camulos


Rancho Camulos , now known as Rancho Camulos Museum , is a ranch located in the Santa Clara River Valley 2.2 miles (3.5 km) east of Piru, California and just north of the Santa Clara River , in Ventura County, California . It was the home of Ygnacio del Valle , a Californio alcalde of the Pueblo de Los Angeles in the 19th century and later elected member of the California State Assembly . The ranch was known as the Home of Ramona because it was widely believed to have been the setting of the popular 1884 novel Ramona by Helen Hunt Jackson . The novel helped to raise awareness about the Californio lifestyle and romanticized "the mission and rancho era of California history ." The 1,800-acre (7 km ) working ranch is a prime example of an early California rancho in its original rural setting. It was the source of the first commercially grown oranges in Ventura County . It is one of the few remaining citrus growers in Southern California . State Route 126 bisects the property, with most of the main buildings lo ...more...

Neponset River


The Neponset River is a river in eastern Massachusetts in the United States. Its headwaters are at the Neponset Reservoir in Foxborough , near Gillette Stadium . From there, the Neponset meanders generally northeast for about 29 miles (47 km) to its mouth at Dorchester Bay between Quincy and the Dorchester section of Boston , near the painted gas tank . The Neponset River forms the southern boundary of the city of Boston , passing through the neighborhoods of Readville , Hyde Park , Mattapan and Dorchester , and forming with the northern border of the city of Quincy . In addition, the Neponset touches the towns of Foxborough , Walpole , Sharon , Norwood , Canton , Westwood , Dedham , and Milton . The Neponset River is fed by a drainage basin of approximately 130 square miles, a watershed that includes numerous aquifers, wetlands, streams and surrounding upland areas. Some 250,000 people live in the Neponset River watershed, which in addition to the towns listed above, includes portions of Stoughton , Medfiel ...more...

Edwin Stanton


Edwin McMasters Stanton (December 19, 1814 – December 24, 1869) was an American lawyer and politician who served as Secretary of War under the Lincoln Administration during most of the American Civil War. Stanton's management helped organize the massive military resources of the North and guide the Union to victory. He also organized the manhunt for Lincoln's killer, John Wilkes Booth. However, he was criticized by many Union generals for perceived over-cautiousness and micromanagement. After Lincoln's assassination, Stanton remained as the Secretary of War under the new President Andrew Johnson during the first years of Reconstruction. He opposed the lenient policies of Johnson towards the former Confederate States. Johnson's attempt to dismiss Stanton ultimately led to President Johnson being impeached by the Radical Republicans in the House of Representatives. Stanton returned to law after retiring as Secretary of War, and in 1869 was nominated as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court by Johnson's su ...more...

Boston African American National Historic Site


The Boston African American National Historic Site , in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts 's Beacon Hill neighborhood, interprets 15 pre-Civil War structures relating to the history of Boston's 19th-century African-American community. These include the 1806 African Meeting House , the oldest standing black church in the United States. Overview The historical site is located on Beacon Hill , a neighborhood just north of the Boston Common . The site was designated in 1980 to "preserve and commemorate original buildings that housed the nineteenth-century free African-American community on Beacon Hill." That year President Jimmy Carter signed bills authorizing this and the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site , as well as one to establish the National Afro-American Museum and Cultural Center in Wilberforce, Ohio . He said: The two bills that I will sign today represent a three-pronged effort to preserve a vital, but long neglected, part of American heritage; the history and culture of Americans of Afr ...more...

Western Gateway Heritage State Park


Western Gateway Heritage State Park is a history-focused Massachusetts state park in the city of North Adams managed by the Department of Conservation and Recreation . Exhibits at the park, which is located in a former railyard, tell the story of the creation of the Hoosac Tunnel . The freight yard was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1972 as the Freight Yard Historic District . History The city of North Adams was relatively isolated in the early 19th century, separated from the rest of Massachusetts to the east by Hoosac Mountain , and on the west by the Taconic Mountains . With the advent of the railroad in the late 1820s, proposals were developed for rail connections to other parts of Massachusetts and eastern New York . In 1846, the first rail connection was made, with Pittsfield to the south. The Troy and Greenfield Railroad was chartered in 1848 to develop a rail line that would connect Troy, New York , to Greenfield, Massachusetts , via North Adams and a tunnel through Hoosac Moun ...more...

Cutler Park


Cutler Park is a state-owned nature preserve and public recreation area that lies between Route 128/I-95 and the Charles River in Needham , Massachusetts . The state park 's 739 acres (299 ha) contain the largest remaining freshwater marsh on the middle Charles River. Parts of its major trail run directly through the marsh via boardwalks; over 100 species of birds have been sighted here. The park is part of a plan by the Town of Needham to connect 18 public areas by 35 proposed trails. It is managed by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation . History Along the west side of Kendrick Pond remains the imprint where soil was removed in the 19th century to fill the area now known as the Back Bay in Boston . An extension of the railroad was added so the soil could be transported into Boston. Some of the old tracks are visible near the north entrance of the park on Kendrick Street. The large marsh in the park is not natural, but rather was created by flooding from the Silk Mill Dam in Newton U ...more...

Joint Base Cape Cod


The Joint Base Cape Cod is a joint base created by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the United States War Department in 1935. Governor James Curley signed the state bill to allocate and purchase land for a military facility, and establishing a formal commission to manage this new state military property and personnel. After 22,000 acres (89 km ) of land was secured in Cape Cod, the Massachusetts National Guard began erecting tents and a basic training program in the following year. Formerly the Massachusetts Military Reservation, it was renamed in 2013 to Joint Base Cape Cod. 1970s Otis Air National Guard Base underwent boundary changes in 1975. This realignment included these installations: Otis Air National Guard Base, Camp Edwards, and the Coast Guard Air Station Cape Cod. Cape Cod Air Force Station was created when the air force returned in 1978. The U.S. Air Force constructed the Precision Acquisition Vehicle Entry Phased Array Warning System (PAVE PAWS). PAVE PAWS is designed to detect air ...more...

Piru Creek


Piru Creek is a major stream , about 71 miles (114 km) long, in northern Los Angeles County and eastern Ventura County, California . It is a tributary of the Santa Clara River , the largest stream system in Southern California that is still relatively natural. The creek drains an area of about 497 square miles (1,290 km ), making it the Santa Clara River's biggest tributary in terms of watershed size. Most of the creek above Lake Piru is located in the Los Padres National Forest . There are two major reservoirs on Piru Creek, Lake Piru and Pyramid Lake , which respectively store water for local irrigation and the California State Water Project . Course Piru Creek originates as several small springs on the north side of Pine Mountain Ridge in the Santa Ynez Mountains , in the Los Padres National Forest. It flows eastwards through a gentle valley, where it is joined by Cedar Creek from the right. After the Cedar Creek confluence the stream turns northeast, receives Sheep Creek from the left, and Mutau Creek fr ...more...

Dinosaur Footprints Reservation


A footprint of Eubrontes , the most common dinosaur ichnogenus found at Dinosaur Footprints. Dinosaur Footprints in Holyoke, Massachusetts , USA is an 8-acre (3 ha) wilderness reservation purchased for the public in 1935 by The Trustees of Reservations . The Reservation is currently being managed with the assistance from the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR). The fossil and plant resources on the adjacent Holyoke Gas and Electric (HG&E) riverfront property are being managed cooperatively by The Trustees, Mass DCR, and HG&E. the footprints in a row, as the dinosaurs walked The dinosaur tracks at this site were among the first to be scientifically described in 1836, and are still visible to visitors. Hundreds of tracks, which were made by as many as four distinct types of two-legged dinosaur, are present in the sandstone outcrops. Additional fossils that have been found at the site or nearby include invertebrate burrows, fish, and plants (including charcoalified logs and l ...more...

Wompatuck State Park


Wompatuck State Park is a state-owned, public recreation area of about 3,500 acres (1,400 ha) in size located primarily in the town of Hingham with portions in the neighboring towns of Cohasset , Norwell , and Scituate , Massachusetts , in the United States . In addition to a large campground and an extensive trail system, the park is noted for the free spring water that can be obtained at Mt. Blue Spring , which has been in operation since the mid-19th century. The park is managed by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation and protects forests of the northeastern coastal forests ecoregion . History The land was originally the property of Indian chief Josiah Wompatuck , who deeded the land to English settlers in 1655. The park is built on the former Hingham Naval Ammunition Depot Annex (known by natives as the "Cohasset Annex"), which was in use from 1941 until 1965. It contains over 100 decommissioned military bunkers , many of which have been backfilled, but some of which remain exposed, ...more...

Revere Beach


Revere Beach is a public beach in Revere, Massachusetts , USA, located about 4 miles north of downtown Boston . Revere Beach was founded in 1895 as the first public beach in the United States. More than 250,000 bathers might relax along Revere's shores on hot summer afternoons. History Watching the Bathers in 1910 In 1875, the Boston, Revere Beach & Lynn Railroad or "Narrow Gauge" came to Revere Beach, making it more accessible and greatly increasing its popularity as a summer recreation area. Various beach-related and recreational buildings sprang up along the beach itself, which was constrained by the nearness of the railroad to the high tide mark. In 1896, the Beach was taken over by the Metropolitan Park Commission (which was later to become the Metropolitan District Commission ). That year, the process of clearing the beach of the buildings and moving the narrow gauge tracks of the BRB&L back to the alignment now used by the MBTA Blue Line began. On July 12, Revere Beach was opened as the firs ...more...

South River State Forest


South River State Forest is located in Conway, Massachusetts . The forest is managed by the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR). Description The South River State Forest consists of two separate sections - one adjacent to Bardwell's Ferry Bridge and the other where the old Conway Electric Street Railway met the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad line. Its name comes from the river that runs through it, part of the Deerfield River watershed. The Mahican-Mohawk Trail runs through the park, often following the location of the abandoned New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad . Recreational opportunities Fishing Hiking Hunting (restricted) Picnicking Skiing (Cross-Country) Swimming Walking Trails See also List of Massachusetts state forests List of Massachusetts State Parks External links South River State Forest - Conway Station - South River State Forest is located in Conway, Massachusetts . The forest is managed by the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR). Desc ...more...

Blackstone River and Canal Heritage State Park


The Blackstone River and Canal Heritage State Park is a part of the state park system of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts , managed by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR). This 1,000-acre (4.0 km ) park "recalls the role of canals in transporting raw materials and manufactured goods between emerging industrial centers." The Blackstone River and Canal Heritage State Park at Uxbridge, Massachusetts , is the midpoint of the Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor of the National Park System . The Blackstone River and Valley is where the industrial revolution was born in America. The southern entrance to this state park is the site of the historic Stanley Woolen Mill , currently being redeveloped for commercial and tourism. The Native American Nipmuc name for the village here was "Wacentug", translated as "bend in the river". History The Blackstone Canal Transportation of goods from the upper Blackstone Valley was a growing concern by 1818. Teamsters drove huge wagons ...more...

Canalside Rail Trail


The Canalside Rail Trail is a 3.8-mile (6.1 km) trail, partially on old railroad beds, from East Deerfield, Massachusetts , to Turners Falls, town of Montague, Massachusetts . A short portion of the trail runs along town streets, but the majority is on a paved trail from which motor vehicles are prohibited. The northern terminus is Unity Park, on Barton's Cove, in Turners Falls. The trail was completed in Spring 2008. The southernmost portion crosses the Connecticut River on the Canalside Rail Trail Bridge . Looking down the length of the old rail bridge References "Canalside Rail Trail" . MassParks. Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs . Retrieved March 2, 2017 . "Biking and Hiking" . Turners Falls RiverCulture . Retrieved March 2, 2017 . External links Wikimedia Commons has media related to Canalside Rail Trail Bridge . Canalside Rail Trail Department of Conservation and Recreation Canalside Rail Trail Map Department of Conservation and Recreation The Canalside Rail Trail is a 3.8-mile (6.1  ...more...

J. A. Skinner State Park


Joseph Allen Skinner State Park is a state-owned, public recreation area located in the towns of Hadley and South Hadley in the Connecticut River Valley of western Massachusetts . The state park surrounds Mount Holyoke , the westernmost peak of the Mount Holyoke Range . At the summit is the historic Prospect House , an old hotel first opened in 1851. The park is managed by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation . History In its heyday, a steamer would pick up guests at the Smiths Ferry railroad station across the Connecticut River in what was then Northampton, ferrying them to a tramway leading to the Half Way House. From there guests could take a steep inclined tram to the summit. The Prospect House, under the proprietorship of John and Fanny French, was expanded twice, first in 1861 and nearly doubled in size with the construction of an annex in 1894. In 1908 the property was sold to the Mt. Holyoke Hotel Company. This corporation was formed by Joseph Skinner, a local industrialist, L. ...more...

Gateway Regional High School (Massachusetts)


Gateway Regional High School (GRHS) , commonly referred to as "Gateway" or "Gateway Regional," is a high-performing and well-regarded public high school located in Huntington, Massachusetts . It is the only high school in the Gateway Regional School District , serving students from Blandford , Chester , Huntington , Middlefield , Montgomery , Russell , and Worthington . History It is said that before the abolition of slavery, a branch of the Underground Railroad , which was developed to assist fugitive slaves in their escape to Canada, ran through Huntington (then Murrayfield). Millers' Tavern operated as a "station," and, being the last "hiding place" en route, became known as "The Gateway." Today, the High School, Junior High School, Middle School, and Littleville Elementary stand on the old Moore farm property, the house and barns of which once served as Millers' Tavern and Stage Coach Inn. Therefore, it was natural to take the suggestion for a name for the school and district from the history and heritag ...more...

Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge


Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge , (formerly referred to as the U.S. Army's Fort Devens-Sudbury Training Annex ), is a 2,230-acre (9.0 km ) protected National Wildlife Refuge located approximately 25 miles (40 km) west of Boston , and 4 miles (6.4 km) west of the Eastern Massachusetts National Wildlife Refuge Complex Headquarters, along the Assabet River . It is located in portions of the Towns of Hudson , Maynard , Stow and Sudbury . The Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge consists of two separate pieces of land. The larger northern section is just north of Hudson Road, extending north to the Assabet River. The southern section is located to the south of Hudson Road. There is a visitor center located in the northern section, on Winterberry Way. Wildlife and habitat Marsh in ARNWR The refuge contains a diverse mixture of pine and hardwood forest, old fields, and wetland habitats, including vernal pools . The Refuge is an "important feeding and breeding areas for migratory birds and other wildlife." ...more...

Spencer State Forest


Spencer State Forest is a Massachusetts state forest and recreation reserve located in the town of Spencer , managed by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation . The 92 mile (148 km) Midstate Trail passes through the state forest. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts also conducts logging in some parts of the property. Geography Spencer State Forest is divided among three non-contiguous parcels. The most notable of these, located in south Spencer, is the Howe Pond parcel, an estate formerly belonging to Elias Howe , the inventor of the sewing machine . The Howe family of Spencer did much to make the town famous in the annals of ingenious Americans. William Howe of Spencer developed a wooden truss bridge named for him, his brother, Tyler Howe, patented a spring bed. Their nephew, Elias Howe, Jr., may well have eclipsed them when he invented the lockstitch sewing machine. The Howe Pond parcel (historically referred to as Howe State Park) includes a mill pond and dam constructed by the invento ...more...

Silvio O. Conte National Fish and Wildlife Refuge


Silvio O. Conte National Fish and Wildlife Refuge was established in 1997 to conserve, protect and enhance the abundance and diversity of native plant, fish and wildlife species and the ecosystems on which they depend throughout the 7,200,000-acre (29,000 km ) Connecticut River watershed . The watershed covers large areas of Vermont , New Hampshire , Massachusetts and Connecticut . It contains a great diversity of habitats, notably: northern forest valuable as nesting habitat for migrant thrushes , warblers and other birds; rivers and streams used by shad , salmon , herring and other migratory fishes; and an internationally significant complex of high-quality tidal fresh, brackish and salt marshes . The refuge works in partnership with a wide variety of individuals and organizations to provide environmental education, to encourage and support appropriate habitat conservation and management on public and private lands, and to protect additional habitat. The refuge has three cooperative visitor centers: in Cole ...more...

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