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Industrial parks
Part of the Municipal Airport industrial complex, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

An industrial park (also known as industrial estate, trading estate) is an area zoned and planned for the purpose of industrial development. An industrial park can be thought of as a more "heavyweight" version of a business park or office park, which has offices and light industry, rather than heavy industry.

Industrial zone in Dakar (Senegal)
Industrial zone in Trier-Zewen, (Germany)

Industrial parks are usually located on the edges of, or outside the main residential area of a city, and normally provided with good transportation access, including road and rail.[1] One such example would be the large number of industrial estates located along the River Thames in the Thames Gateway area of London. Industrial parks are usually located close to transport facilities, especially where more than one transport modes coincide, including highways, railroads, airports and ports.

This idea of setting land aside through this type of zoning is based on several concepts:

  • To be able to concentrate dedicated infrastructure in a delimited area to reduce the per-business expense of that infrastructure. Such infrastructure includes roadways, railroad sidings, ports, high-power electric supplies (often including three-phase electric power), high-end communications cables, large-volume water supplies, and high-volume gas lines.[2]
  • To be able to attract new business by providing an integrated infrastructure in one location.
  • Eligibility of Industrial Parks for benefits[3] [4]
  • To set aside industrial uses from urban areas to try to reduce the environmental and social impact of the industrial uses.
  • To provide for localized environmental controls that are specific to the needs of an industrial area.

Different industrial parks fulfill these criteria to differing degrees. Many small communities have established industrial parks with only access to a nearby highway, and with only the basic utilities and roadways. Public transportation options may be limited or non-existent. There may be few or no special environmental safeguards.


An industrial park specializing in biotechnology is called a biotechnology industrial park. It may also be known as a bio-industrial park or eco-industrial cluster.

Flatted factories exist in cities like Singapore and Hong Kong, where land is scarce. These are typically similar to flats, but house individual industries instead. Flatted factories have cargo lifts and roads that serve each level, providing access to each factory lot.

UNIDO Viet Nam (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) has compiled a list of Industrial Parks in the ASEAN Economic Community in a report titled "Economic Zones in the ASEAN" written by Arnault Morisson.

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Jurassic Park (film)


Jurassic Park is a 1993 American science-fiction adventure film directed by Steven Spielberg and produced by Kathleen Kennedy and Gerald R. Molen . The first installment in the Jurassic Park franchise, it is based on the 1990 novel of the same name by Michael Crichton and a screenplay written by Crichton and David Koepp . The film is set on the fictional islet of Isla Nublar , located off Central America 's Pacific Coast near Costa Rica , where a billionaire philanthropist and a small team of genetic scientists have created a wildlife park of cloned dinosaurs . Before Crichton's novel was published, four studios put in bids for its film rights. With the backing of Universal Studios , Spielberg acquired the rights for $1.5 million before its publication in 1990; Crichton was hired for an additional $500,000 to adapt the novel for the screen. Koepp wrote the final draft, which left out much of the novel's exposition and violence and made numerous changes to the characters. Filming took place in California and H

China-Belarus Industrial Park


The China-Belarus Industrial Park ( Russian : Китайско-Белорусский индустриальный парк , Chinese : 中国-白俄罗斯工业园 ) is a special economic zone in Belarus , established under the intergovernmental agreement between the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of Belarus. The industrial park was created in the territory of Smolevichsky district, Minsk region, near the Minsk National Airport. History The China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park has become the prototype of the China-Belarus industrial park. In 2010, the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus and the «Chinese Engineering Corporation CAMC (CAMCE)» agreed to cooperate on the creation of a China-Belarus Industrial Park in the territory of the Republic of Belarus. In November 2011, the park was also discussed at the meeting of the Belarusian-Chinese intergovernmental commission. For the initial creation of the park the following documents were developed and signed: Cooperation agreement on the establishment of the China-Belarus Industrial Pa

Randall Park Mall


Randall Park Mall was a shopping mall located in the village of North Randall, Ohio . Despite the mall's importance to the town - it is represented by the two shopping bags appearing in the municipal seal - Randall Park Mall closed on March 12th, 2009. Demolition began on the former Higbee's/Dillard's building on December 29, 2014. History In 1966, Dominic Visconsi proposed building Garfield Mall in nearby Garfield Heights . In 1968, voters gave their blessing to the project, and the next year a proposal was revealed. Garfield Mall was to have heated underground parking, and elevator and escalator access to stores such as: JCPenney , Sears , Higbee's , and Halle's . In 1971, there were rumblings that Youngstown developer Edward J. DeBartolo was to build a shopping-apartment-office complex nearby, so Garfield Mall was scaled down and the department stores slated for Garfield Mall instead signed with DeBartolo. Randall Park Mall was built on the site of the Randall Race Track, a horse racing park immediately so

MidAmerica Industrial Park


MidAmerica Industrial Park is Oklahoma's largest industrial park. The park is located in Pryor Creek, Oklahoma . Over 70 firms are located within the industrial park including operations of seven Fortune 500 companies. The park was founded in 1960, when the Federal government sold most of the former Oklahoma Ordnance Works to a public trust, the Oklahoma Ordnance Works Authority. It covers 9,000 acres (36 km²). Recent expansion Urgent Care of Green Country [4] Urgent Care of Green Country (UCGC) opened their Pryor / MidAmerica clinic at MidAmerica Industrial Park on January 19, 2009. Independently owned, UCGC was founded in 2002 by Dr. Stephen R. Kovacs, D.O., F.A.B.H.P. and Dr. S.Addison Beeson, D.O., F.A.B.E.P. The 4,400-square-foot (410 m ) facility includes a reception area, doctor's office, eight exam / treatment rooms, EMR (Electronic Medical Records), in-house x-ray, orthopedics and lab services. The clinic will treat employees from MidAmerica industries and area businesses that require occupational

Chinese economic reform


The Chinese economic reform ( simplified Chinese : 改革开放 ; traditional Chinese : 改革開放 ; pinyin : Gǎigé kāifàng ; literally: " reform and opening-up ") refers to the program of economic reforms termed " Socialism with Chinese characteristics " in the People's Republic of China (PRC) that was started in December 1978 by reformists within the Communist Party of China , led by Deng Xiaoping . China had one of the world's largest and most advanced economies prior to the nineteenth century. In the 18th century, Adam Smith claimed China had long been one of the richest, that is, one of the most fertile, best cultivated, most industrious, most prosperous and most urbanized countries in the world. The economy stagnated beginning in the 16th century and even declined in absolute terms in the nineteenth and much of the twentieth century, with a brief recovery in the 1930s. Economic reforms introducing market principles began in 1978 and were carried out in two stages. The first stage, in the late 1970s and early 1980s

Industry in Karachi


Industry in Karachi are the various industries that are located in Karachi , Sindh , Pakistan . The commerce and industry in Karachi represents major economic activities in Pakistan. Pakistan ranks 40 among the countries of the world in nominal GDP , and number 55 in the world in factory output. Pakistan's industrial sector accounts for about 24% of GDP. Industry is the production of goods or service s within an economy . Manufacturing industry became a key sector of production and labor in European and North American countries during the Industrial Revolution , upsetting previous mercantile and feudal economies. This occurred through many successive rapid advances in technology, such as the production of steel and coal . There are many cottage industries in the city as well. Karachi is also known as software outsourcing hub of Pakistan. It has a rapidly flourishing 'Free Zone' with an annual growth rate of nearly 6.5 percent. An expo center has also been set up in Karachi, which hosts many regional and inte



Noida , short for the New Okhla Industrial Development Authority , is a systematically planned Indian city under the management of the New Okhla Industrial Development Authority (also called NOIDA). It is part of National Capital Region of India. Noida came into administrative existence on 17 April 1976 and celebrates 17 April as "Noida Day". It was set up as part of an urbanisation thrust during the controversial Emergency period (1975–1977). The city was created under the UP Industrial Area Development Act, 1976 by the initiatives of Sanjay Gandhi . The city has the highest per capita income in the whole National Capital Region. The Noida Authority is among the richest civic bodies in the country. As per provisional reports of Census India , the population of Noida in 2011 is 642,381; of which male and female are 352,577 and 289,804 respectively. Roads in Noida are lined by trees and it is considered to be India's greenest city with about 50% green cover, the highest of any city in India. Noida is loca

Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation


The Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTPC) is a non-profit statutory body set up by the Hong Kong Government , involved in technology innovation in focused clusters (Biomedical Technology, ICT, Electronics, Green Technology, Materials and Precision Engineering). History The Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation was formed on 7 May 2001 through a merger of the Hong Kong Industrial Estates Corporation, the Hong Kong Industrial Technology Centre Corporation, and the Provisional Hong Kong Science Park Company Limited. HKSTPC has also been appointed to build the superstructure and manage the new Lok Ma Chau Loop Innovation and Technology Park. Facilities Hong Kong Science Park Lok Ma Chau Loop Innovation and Technology Park InnoCentre Tai Po Industrial Estate Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate Yuen Long Industrial Estate See also Technology Incubation Programme References "Technological Infrastructure" . Innovation and Technology Commission . Retrieved 10 May 2016 . "Deal signed for

Intensive animal farming


Intensive animal farming or industrial livestock production , also known as factory farming by opponents of the practice, is a treatment towards farm animals in order to supply the vast, growing demand of meat. Intensive farming refers to animal husbandry , the keeping of livestock such as cattle , poultry , and fish at higher stocking densities than is usually the case with other forms of animal agriculture—a practice typical in industrial farming by agribusinesses . The main products of this industry are meat , milk and eggs for human consumption. There are issues regarding whether factory farming is sustainable and ethical . Confinement at high stocking density is one part of a systematic effort to produce the highest output at the lowest cost by relying on economies of scale , modern machinery, biotechnology , and global trade . There are differences in the way factory farming techniques are practiced around the world. There is a continuing debate over the benefits, risks and ethical questions of fa

Acheson, Alberta


Acheson is a locality and an industrial area in Alberta , Canada within Parkland County . Acheson is located on the Canadian National main line and Highway 60 (Devonian Way) between Highway 16A (Parkland Highway) and Highway 16 ( Yellowhead Highway ). It is 3.2 km (2.0 mi) west of the City of Edmonton , 5.7 km (3.5 mi) east of the City of Spruce Grove , and 20 km (12 mi) north of the Town of Devon . The locality is named after A. Acheson Tisdal, a railroad official. Acheson was founded as a repair facility for Canadian National with industrial development following in the 1970s. It is recognized as a major employment area by the Capital Region Board . Acheson Industrial Area The Acheson Industrial Area is the economic development hub of Parkland County. Its 10,000 acres (4,000 ha) of land is home to over 200 businesses. The Acheson Business Association established in 2004. Within the Acheson Area Structure Plan, the industrial area borders the City of Edmonton to the east, Highway 16 to the north, Spruce

Long Đức Industrial Park


The Long Đức Industrial Park ( Vietnamese : Khu công nghiệp Long Đức, KCN Long Đức / 區工業隆德 ) is an industrial park located in Long Thành District , Đồng Nai Province , Vietnam . It has a factory area of 200 ha within a 270 ha park. Access to major transport hubs: 42 km from Ho Chi Minh City 40 km from Cai Mep Thi Vai port 40 km from Cat Lai port 45 km from Tan Son Nhat International Airport 14 km from Long Thanh New International Airport (scheduled to open in 2020) References Báo Pháp Luật Việt Nam điện tử. Dự án KCN Long Đức được ưu đãi, tư nhân hưởng lợi? (Long Duc Industrial Park project incentives and private benefits?) External links vi:Khu công nghiệp Việt Nam Long Duc Industrial Park homepage The Long Đức Industrial Park ( Vietnamese : Khu công nghiệp Long Đức, KCN Long Đức / 區工業隆德 ) is an industrial park located in Long Thành District , Đồng Nai Province , Vietnam . It has a factory area of 200 ha within a 270 ha park. Access to major transport hubs: 42 km from Ho Chi Minh City 40 km from Cai Mep Thi



Latur , or Lattaluru , is a city in the Marathwada region of Maharashtra state in India . It is the administrative headquarters of Latur district and taluka . The city is a tourist hub surrounded by many historical monuments, including the Kharosa Caves . History Latur has an ancient history, which probably dates to the Rashtrakuta period. It was home to a branch of Rashtrakutas which ruled the Deccan from 753 to 973 AD. The first Rashtrakuta king, Dantidurga , was from Lattalur ( Kannada : ಲಟ್ಟಲೂರು), probably the ancient name for Latur. Ratnapur is also mentioned as an historic name for Latur. The King Amoghavarsha of Rashtrakutas developed the Latur city, originally the native place of the Rashtrakutas. The Rashtrakutas who succeeded the Chalukyas of Badami in 753 AD called themselves the residents of Lattalut. It was, over the centuries, variously ruled by the Satavahanas , the Sakas , the Chalukyas , the Yadavas of Deogiri , the Delhi Sultans , the Bahamani rulers of South India, Adilshahi , and the Mugha



Disneyland Park , originally Disneyland , is the first of two theme parks built at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California , opened on July 17, 1955. It is the only theme park designed and built under the direct supervision of Walt Disney . It was originally the only attraction on the property; its official name was changed to Disneyland Park to distinguish it from the expanding complex in the 1990s. Walt Disney came up with the concept of Disneyland after visiting various amusement parks with his daughters in the 1930s and 1940s. He initially envisioned building a tourist attraction adjacent to his studios in Burbank to entertain fans who wished to visit; however, he soon realized that the proposed site was too small. After hiring a consultant to help him determine an appropriate site for his project, Disney bought a 160-acre (65 ha) site near Anaheim in 1953. Construction began in 1954 and the park was unveiled during a special televised press event on the ABC Television Network on July 17, 1955. Since

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Energy park


An energy park is a separate area used and planned for the purpose of clean energy development, like wind and solar generation facilities. Energy parks create many other economic development benefits too. In Ohio , energy parks are creating thousands of green jobs . In Minnesota, community wind parks are also popular. In England, wind parks are commonly known as wind farms . A more "lightweight" version of an energy park is a wind park or solar park . These have one type of clean energy generation, rather than two or more technologies, as in an energy park. Some energy parks feature additional features beyond clean energy generation. Additional benefits include: green job creation, Smart grid connections, as well as new recreational, technology innovation and agricultural opportunities. The Stamford Energy Park in Vermont is one example of an integrated energy park. See also Mega-Site Notes "Clean Energy Park To Cost an Estimated 11 Billion" . Community Common. Archived from the original on 2012-03-03 . Re

Jurassic World


Jurassic World is a 2015 American science-fiction adventure film and the fourth installment of the Jurassic Park series . The film was directed and co-written by Colin Trevorrow , produced by Frank Marshall and Patrick Crowley, and stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard . The production companies were Steven Spielberg 's Amblin Entertainment , also responsible for the rest of the Jurassic Park franchise, and Thomas Tull 's Legendary Pictures . Set 22 years after the events of Jurassic Park , Jurassic World takes place on the same fictional Central American island of Isla Nublar , off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica , where a theme park populated with cloned dinosaurs has operated for ten years. The park plunges into chaos when a genetically created dinosaur breaks loose and goes on a rampage across the island. Universal Pictures intended to begin production on a fourth Jurassic Park film in 2004 for a summer 2005 release, but the film entered over a decade of development hell while the script went through



Suzhou , formerly romanized as Soochow , is a major city located in southeastern Jiangsu Province of East China , about 100 km (62 mi) northwest of Shanghai . It is a major economic center and focal point of trade and commerce, and the largest city in the province. The city is situated on the lower reaches of the Yangtze River and the shores of Lake Tai and belongs to the Yangtze River Delta region. Administratively, Suzhou is a prefecture-level city with a population of 4.33 million in its city proper, and a total resident population (as of 2013) of 10.58 million in its administrative area. Its urban population grew at an unprecedented rate of 6.5% between 2000 and 2014, which is the highest among cities with more than 5 million people. Founded in 514   BC, Suzhou has over 2,500 years of history, with an abundant display of relics and sites of historical interest. Around AD   100, during the Eastern Han Dynasty , it became one of the ten largest cities in the world mostly due to emigration from Northern Ch



Ruili ( simplified Chinese : 瑞丽 ; traditional Chinese : 瑞麗 ; pinyin : Ruìlì ; Burmese : ရွှေလီ ; Thai : เมืองมาว ) is a county-level city of Dehong Prefecture , in the west of Yunnan province, People's Republic of China. It is a major border crossing between China and Myanmar , with the town of Muse located across the border. Name 瑞 ruì means "auspicious", and 丽 lì means "beautiful"; an older name of Ruili is Měngmǎo ( 勐卯 ). Geography Ruili is on the border with Myanmar . 64% of the population of Ruili are members of five highland and lowland ethnic minorities including Dai , Jingpo , Deang , Lisu , Achang . It is an important location for trade with Myanmar, in both legal and illegal goods and services. Prostitution and drug trade in the city are not uncommon. Ruili has a warm humid subtropical climate ( Köppen Cwa), and is generally humid. Summer is long and there is virtually no "winter" as such; instead, there is a dry season (December thru April) and wet season (May thru October). A drier heat prevails f

Pennsylvania State University


The Pennsylvania State University (commonly referred to as Penn State or PSU ) is a public , land-grant , research-intensive university with campuses and facilities throughout Pennsylvania . Founded in 1855, the university has a stated threefold mission of teaching, research, and public service. Its instructional mission includes undergraduate, graduate, professional and continuing education offered through resident instruction and online delivery. Its University Park campus, the flagship campus , lies within the Borough of State College and College Township . It has two law schools, Penn State Law , on the school's University Park campus, and Dickinson Law , located in Carlisle , 90 miles south of State College. The College of Medicine is located in Hershey . Penn State has another 19 commonwealth campuses and 5 special-mission campuses located across the state. Penn State has been labeled one of the " Public Ivies ," a publicly funded university considered as providing a quality of education comparable to

Selhurst Park


Selhurst Park is an association football stadium located in the London suburb of South Norwood in the Borough of Croydon . It is the current home ground of Crystal Palace Football Club playing in the Premier League . The stadium was designed by architect Archibald Leitch and opened in 1924. The stadium has hosted one international football match as well as games for the 1948 Summer Olympics and a number of other sports. Part of the stadium incorporates a branch of Sainsbury's . The stadium was shared by Charlton Athletic F.C. from 1985 until 1991 and then by Wimbledon F.C. from 1991 until 2003. History In 1922 the site, a former brickfield, was bought from the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway Company for £2,570. The club had been pursuing a deal for the ground as early as 25 February 1919. The stadium, designed by Scottish stadium architect Archibald Leitch , was constructed by Humphreys of Kensington (a firm regularly used by Leitch) for around £30,000, and was officially opened by the Lord Mayor of

Silangan Industrial Park


Silangan Industrial Park , also known as Canlubang Industrial Estate , is an industrial zone located at barangay Canlubang , Calamba, Laguna . It is situated at Silangan Industrial Avenue and Jose Yulo Avenue. Silangan Industrial has numerous plants, factories and subdivisions. It is bounded of LISP-1 and CPIP-1. Locators A Megapack styrofoam factory fire on December 2016 ACS Manufacturing, Inc Alcem Insecticed Corp. Amresco Commercial and Industrial Corp. Argio Watsons Glass, Inc. Baxter Health Bayer Employees Multi-Porpos Bayer Philippines., Inc. Champion Powder Product, Corp. Cosmos Bottling Corp. Elline Food Products Interphil Laboratories plant 2 Laguna Carparts (MFG), Inc. Macro Ind L. Packing Mega Packaging Corp. Microchip Technology Operations (Philippines) Corporation Newpro Industrial Manufacturing Plasman Corp. San Miguel Yamamura Packing Corp. Storck Product Corp. (SPI) Sunrich Commercial Corp. Yunex Printed Circuit Corp. See also Carmelray Industrial Park 1 Silangan Industrial Park , also known a

List of special economic zones in India


A special economic zone (SEZ) is a geographical region that has economic laws that are more liberal than a country's domestic economic laws. India has specific laws for its SEZs. The category 'SEZ' covers a broad range of more specific zone types, including Free Trade Zones (FTZ), Export processing zones (EPZ), Free Zones (FZ), Industrial Estates (IE), Free ports , Urban Enterprise Zones and others. Usually the goal of a structure is to increase foreign direct investment by foreign investors, typically an international business or a Multi National Corporation (MNC) State-wise distribution of approved SEZs State-wise distribution of approved SEZs (As on 10 March 2015) State/Union Territory Formal Approvals In-principle approvals Notified SEZs Exporting SEZs (Central Govt. + State Govt./Pvt. SEZs + notified SEZs under the SEZ Act, 2005) Andhra Pradesh 33 4 29 19 Chandigarh 2 0 2 2 Chhattisgarh 2 1 1 1 Delhi 2 0 0 0 Goa 7 0 3 0 Gujarat 31 4 27 18 Haryana 29 3 25 6 Jharkhand 1 0 1 0 Karnataka 59 0 39 25 Kerala 32

Des Moines, Iowa


Des Moines is the capital and the most populous city in the U.S. state of Iowa . It is also the county seat of Polk County . A small part of the city extends into Warren County . It was incorporated on September 22, 1851, as Fort Des Moines , which was shortened to "Des Moines" in 1857. It is on and named after the Des Moines River , which likely was adapted from the French colonial name, Rivière des Moines, meaning "River of the Monks ." The city's population was 203,433 as of the 2010 census . The five-county metropolitan area is ranked 91st in terms of population in the United States with 599,789 residents according to the 2013 estimate by the United States Census Bureau . Des Moines is a major center of the U.S. insurance industry and has a sizable financial services and publishing business base. The city was credited as the "number one spot for U.S. insurance companies" in a Business Wire article and named the third-largest "insurance capital" of the world. The city is the headquarters for the Princip

Shendra – Bidkin Industrial Park


In an effort to promote industrialization and increase the share of manufacturing in India's GDP , Government of India has decided to undertake the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Project . It is an ambitious project aimed at developing an Industrial Zone spanning across six states in India. It is being developed with Japanese assistance. As part of the DMIC the state has decided to develop the Shendra - Bidkin belt in Aurangabad as planned industrial township. Shendra - Bidkin Shendra MIDC in the 1990s established the third industrial estate in the city by acquiring 902 hectares of land at Shendra village. Shendra Industrial area is a 5 star industrial estate. Shendra is located 17 km from Aurangabad on Jalna road towards the east of the city. It is 8.0 km from Aurangabad airport . The Aurangabad railway station is 19.0 km away. The Shendra Industrial Area is just a 15 mins. drive from the city Bidkin Bidkin is a large village in Paithan Taluka of Aurangabad district . Bidkin village is situated about 24 k

Engineering Square (industrial park)


Engineering Square (IDG) , or " e2 , is an Egyptian industrial park , owned and managed by Industrial Development Group (IDG). The park is designed and built on a total area of 3.1 million square meter, located in 6 October City , Giza , Egypt. The e2 Industrial Park was founded in February 2008 with the goal of accommodating prominent multinational and local companies in Egypt. An Environmental Impact Assessment was carried out in 2011. Industry fields Industries represented include Engineering , Auto spare parts , Garments, Foods, Cosmetics, and Plastic films. YTD assigned factories:106 YTD factories operating:40 YTD factories under construction:27 Among the investors Aramex Bostik Egypt Chloride Egypt Döhler Egypt Egypt Foods Group Elif Global Packing Flex P Films Egypt Naffco Nuqal Group Pegas Nonwovens Egypt LLC References https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWO4rMaH4G4 "Interview with Sameh Attia, Managing Director of Engineering Square" . Marcopolis. 31 October 2014. "New Generation Industrial Zo



Westfalenstadion ( German pronunciation: ) is a football stadium in Dortmund , North Rhine-Westphalia , Germany, which is the home of Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund . Officially called Signal Iduna Park for sponsorship reasons, the name derives from the former Prussian province of Westphalia . The stadium is one of the most famous football grounds in Europe and is renowned for its atmosphere. It has a league capacity of 81,360 (standing and seated) and an international capacity of 65,829 (seated only). It is Germany's largest stadium, the seventh-largest in Europe, and the third-largest home to a top-flight European club after Camp Nou and the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium . It holds the European record for average fan attendance, set in the 2011–2012 season with almost 1.37 million spectators. Sales of annual season tickets amounted to 55,000 in 2015. The 24,454 capacity Südtribüne (South Bank) is the largest terrace for standing spectators in European football. Famous for the intense atmosphere it bre

Bathgate Industrial Park


Bathgate Industrial Park is an industrial park located in The Bronx , New York City . It is south of the Cross Bronx Expressway , west of Third and Fulton avenues (near Crotona Park ), north of Claremont Parkway, and east of Washington Avenue in the Bathgate/Claremont neighborhoods in Bronx Community Board 3 catchment area. A joint project of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and the New York City Economic Development Corporation (the PANYNJ leasing it from the NYCEDC ) it opened in 1982 and is operated as a non profit organization. It was developed as an incentive to revitalize the South Bronx . The designation of the Bathgate Industrial Park in 1980 involved rezoning a former residential district characterized by vacant land and buildings. The park, which covers seven city blocks, or 20 acres (8.1 ha), contains eight buildings and has approximately 454,000 square feet of space for light industrial, distribution, office and educational uses. Tenants include a generic drug manufacturer and foo

Parking sensor


Parking sensors are proximity sensors for road vehicles designed to alert the driver to obstacles while parking. These systems use either electromagnetic or ultrasonic sensors. Ultrasonic systems Parking sensor on a fender These systems feature ultrasonic proximity detectors to measure the distances to nearby objects via sensors located in the front and/or rear bumper fascias or visually minimized within adjacent grills or recesses. The sensors emit acoustic pulses, with a control unit measuring the return interval of each reflected signal and calculating object distances. The system in turns warns the driver with acoustic tones, the frequency indicating object distance, with faster tones indicating closer proximity and a continuous tone indicating a minimal pre-defined distance. Systems may also include visual aids, such as LED or LCD readouts to indicate object distance. A vehicle may include a vehicle pictogram on the car's infotainment screen, with a representation of the nearby objects as coloured block

GE Appliances


GE Appliances , formerly known as GE Appliances & Lighting and GE Consumer & Industrial , along with GE Appliances, when owned by General Electric (GE), is an appliance company headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky and owned by Haier Group. It is one of the largest appliance brands in the United States. The company encompasses the appliance brands of GE, Profile, Cafe, Monogram, and Hotpoint. GE Appliances includes wholly owned subsidiary FirstBuild, a global co-creation community and state-of-the-art microfactory located in Louisville, Kentucky. GE Appliances became a brand of Chinese conglomerate Haier on June 6, 2016. History Originally part of the General Electric corporation, GE Appliances was created as a stand-alone business. In January 2004, it became part of GE Consumer & Industrial when GE Consumer Products (founded in 1905) merged with GE Industrial Systems (founded in 1930) to form GE Consumer & Industrial. From 2010 to late 2014, GE Appliances & Lighting was a sub-busines

Park Geun-hye


Park Geun-hye ( Hangul :  박근혜 ; Hanja :  朴槿惠 ; RR :  Bak Geun(-)hye ; IPA:  ; English: ; born 2 February 1952) is a former South Korean politician who served as President of South Korea from 2013 to 2017. Park — the first woman to be elected as President of South Korea  —was also the first female president popularly elected as head of state in East Asia . Prior to her presidency, Park was chairwoman of the conservative Grand National Party (GNP), which later changed its name to Saenuri Party in February 2012, from 2004 to 2006 and 2011 to 2012. She was also a member of the National Assembly , serving four consecutive parliamentary terms between 1998 and 2012. She started her fifth term as a representative elected by national list in June 2012. Her father, Park Chung-hee , was the President of South Korea from 1963 to 1979, serving five consecutive terms after he seized power in 1961 . In 2013 and 2014, Park was ranked 11th on the Forbes list of the world's 100 most powerful women and the most powerful woman



The Zoning Scheme of the General Spatial Plan for the City of Skopje , Republic of Macedonia . Different urban zoning areas are represented by different colors. Zoning is the process of dividing land in a municipality into zones (e.g. residential , industrial ) in which certain land uses are permitted or prohibited. The type of zone determines whether planning permission for a given development is granted. Zoning may specify a variety of outright and conditional uses of land. It may also indicate the size and dimensions of land area as well as the form and scale of buildings. These guidelines are set in order to guide urban growth and development. Areas of land are divided by appropriate authorities into zones within which various uses are permitted. Thus, zoning is a technique of land-use planning as a tool of urban planning used by local governments in most developed countries. The word is derived from the practice of designating mapped zones which regulate the use, form, design and compatibility of de



Sichuan , formerly romanized Szechuan , is a province in southwest China occupying most of the Sichuan Basin and the easternmost part of the Tibetan Plateau between the Jinsha River on the west, the Daba Mountains in the north, and the Yungui Plateau to the south. Sichuan's capital city is Chengdu . In antiquity, Sichuan was the home of the ancient states of Ba and Shu . Their conquest by Qin strengthened it and paved the way for the First Emperor 's unification of China under the Qin Dynasty . During the Three Kingdoms era, Liu Bei 's Shu was based in Sichuan. The area was devastated in the 17th century by Zhang Xianzhong 's rebellion and the area's subsequent Manchu conquest, but recovered to become one of China's most productive areas by the 19th century. During the Second World War , Chongqing served as the temporary capital of the Republic of China , making it the focus of Japanese bombing . It was one of the last mainland areas to fall to the Communists during the Chinese Civil War and was divided into

Kampala Industrial and Business Park


Kampala Industrial and Business Park (KIBP) , also referred to as Kampala Business and Industrial Park or Kampala Industrial Park , is an industrial and business park in Uganda . The park was developed by the Uganda Investment Authority , as a central place where investors can locate factories, warehouses, distribution centers and other business offices. Location KIBP is located in Namanve , Kira Municipality , Wakiso District . This location is approximately 15 kilometres (9.3 mi), by road, east of the central business district of Kampala , Uganda's capital and largest city, on the Kampala-Jinja Highway . The coordinates of Kampala Business and Industrial Park are:0°20'35.0"N, 32°41'55.0"E (Latitude:0.343050; Longitude:32.698600). Overview The industrial park was created by act of parliament in 1997. An area measuring 894 acres (362 ha), previously occupied by a national eucalyptus forest was de-gazetted for that purpose. Over 200 businesses acquired land and space on concessional terms, to establish their

Hampton University


Hampton University (also HU, or Home by the Sea) is a private historically black university located in Hampton, Virginia , United States . It was founded in 1868 by black and white leaders of the American Missionary Association after the American Civil War to provide education to freedmen . In 1878, it established a program for teaching Native Americans, which lasted until 1923. History The campus looking south across the harbor of Hampton Roads was founded on the grounds of "Little Scotland", a former plantation in Elizabeth City County not far from Fortress Monroe and the Grand Contraband Camp that gathered nearby. These facilities represented freedom to former slaves , who sought refuge with Union forces during the first year of the war. The American Missionary Association (AMA) responded in 1861 to the former slaves' need for education by hiring its first teacher, Mary Smith Peake , who had secretly been teaching slaves and free blacks in the area despite the state's prohibition in law. She first taught f

Newcastle, KwaZulu-Natal


Newcastle is the third-largest city in the province of KwaZulu-Natal , South Africa , with a population of 363,236 citizens as of the 2011 census. 56,144 of these citizens reside in Newcastle West, whilst the balance of the population reside in the main townships of Madadeni and Osizweni , which form Newcastle East. Set at the picturesque foothills of the northern KwaZulu-Natal Drakensberg Mountains, Newcastle is located in the north west corner of the province along the Ncandu River and is one of the country's main industrial centers. Newcastle's municipal area is 188 square kilometres (73 square miles ), consists of 31 wards and a population growth rate of 0.87%, ranking Newcastle as South Africa's tenth-largest city. The N11 and R34 are the principal roads linking the city to the rest of South Africa. Newcastle is the seat of the local municipality as well as being the seat to the Amajuba District Municipality . History Name controversy Newcastle has changed names on numerous occasions during the country's

Omaha, Nebraska


Omaha ( OH -mə-hah ) is the largest city in the state of Nebraska and the county seat of Douglas County . Omaha is located in the Midwestern United States on the Missouri River , about 10 miles (15 km) north of the mouth of the Platte River . Omaha is the anchor of the Omaha-Council Bluffs metropolitan area , which includes Council Bluffs, Iowa , across the Missouri River from Omaha. According to the 2010 census , Omaha's population was 408,958, making it the nation's 44th-largest city ; this had increased to 446,970 as of a 2016 estimate. Including its suburbs, Omaha formed the 60th-largest metropolitan area in the United States in 2013, with an estimated population of 895,151 residing in eight counties . The Omaha-Council Bluffs-Fremont, Nebraska-IA Combined Statistical Area is 931,667, according to the U.S. Census Bureau's 2013 estimate. There are nearly 1.3 million residents within the Greater Omaha area, comprising a 50-mile (80 km) radius of Downtown Omaha , the city's center. Omaha's pioneer period b

Wellesley, Western Australia


Wellesley is a locality in the Bunbury region of Western Australia , about 10 km north-east of Australind . Its local government area is the Shire of Harvey . It is bordered on the south and east by the Brunswick River and the Wellesley River . The main feature of the locality is the Kemerton Industrial Park. Kemerton Industrial Park The estate was established in 1985 as a "strategic industrial area" to provide appropriate buffered land for heavy industry. It covers an area of 7543 ha , comprising an industrial core of 2100 ha, a support industry area of 300 ha, an inter-industry buffer of 175 ha and a buffer area of 5437 ha which includes bushland, wetland, protection zones and recreational areas. A rail link connecting with the Perth-Bunbury railway is proposed. It is coordinated by the Department of Industry and Resources (WA), South West Development Commission and the Shire of Harvey. History Little is known of the area prior to 1980 - a report in 1988 noted that (p. 9) "although mainly a rural area, a



The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation ( CSIRO ) is the federal government agency for scientific research in Australia . Its chief role is to improve the economic and social performance of industry, for the benefit of the community. CSIRO works with leading organisations around the world, and CSIRO Publishing issues journals with the latest research by leading scientists on a broad range of subjects. Notable developments by CSIRO have included the invention of atomic absorption spectroscopy , essential components of Wi-Fi technology, development of the first commercially successful polymer banknote , the invention of the insect repellent in Aerogard and the introduction of a series of biological controls into Australia, such as the introduction of myxomatosis and rabbit calicivirus for the control of rabbit populations. Research groups and initiatives CSIRO Corporate Headquarters in Campbell , Australian Capital Territory CSIRO Darwin CSIRO Hobart From its headquarters in Canberra, C

Matam, Haifa


Matam (Hebrew מת"ם - מרכז תעשיות מדע Merkaz Ta'asiyot Mada lit. acronym of Scientific Industries Center), located at the southern entrance to Haifa , is the largest and oldest dedicated hi-tech park in Israel. The Park is an international technology center, with some of the world's leading hi-tech companies maintaining research and development facilities, including Intel , Microsoft , Yahoo! , Philips , Google , Qualcomm , CSR , NDS Group , Elbit Systems , Apple , Plus500 , Matrix , Aladdin Knowledge Systems , NetManage , ProcessGene , Neustar and NetApp . Location A view of the park from a nearby hill The park is situated on a main thoroughfare, between highway 2 and highway 4 , and near the public transportation hub of the Carmel Beach Railway Station and Central Bus Station . The Carmel Tunnels ' west portals, which opened in December 2010, provide easy access by car to the park from areas north and east of Haifa. History Matam Park was founded in the 1970s by the Haifa Economic Corporation, and has been g

Coke (fuel)


Raw coke Coke is a fuel with few impurities and a high carbon content, usually made from coal . It is the solid carbonaceous material derived from destructive distillation of low-ash, low-sulphur bituminous coal . Cokes made from coal are grey, hard, and porous . While coke can be formed naturally, the commonly used form is synthetic. The form known as petroleum coke , or pet coke, is derived from oil refinery coker units or other cracking processes. Coke is used in preparation of producer gas which is a mixture of carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen (N). Producer gas is produced by passing air over red-hot coke. Coke is also used to manufacture water gas . History China Historical sources dating to the 4th century describe the production of coke in ancient China . The Chinese first used coke for heating and cooking no later than the ninth century. By the first decades of the eleventh century, Chinese ironworkers in the Yellow River valley began to fuel their furnaces with coke, solving their fuel problem in t

Gas Works Park


Gas Works Park in Seattle , Washington , is a 19.1-acre (77,000 m ) public park on the site of the former Seattle Gas Light Company gasification plant , located on the north shore of Lake Union at the south end of the Wallingford neighborhood. The park was added to the National Register of Historic Places on January 2, 2013, more than a decade after being nominated. Gas Works park contains remnants of the sole remaining coal gasification plant in the United States. The plant operated from 1906 to 1956 and was bought by the City of Seattle for park purposes in 1962. The park opened to the public in 1975. The park was designed by Seattle landscape architect Richard Haag , who won the American Society of Landscape Architects Presidents Award of Design Excellence for the project. It was originally named Myrtle Edwards Park, after the city councilwoman who had spearheaded the drive to acquire the site and who died in a car crash in 1969. In 1972, the Edwards family requested that her name be taken off the park bec

Industrial estates in Malta


Many factories in Malta are located in one of the several industrial estates throughout the island. Malta Industrial Parks is a company which was created to manage industrial estates in Malta. Major The industrial estates include: Attard Industrial Estate near Attard Bulebel Industrial Estate near Żejtun Ħal Far Industrial Estate near Birżebbuġa Kordin Industrial Estate near Paola Luqa Industrial Estate near Luqa Marsa Industrial Estate near Marsa Ricasoli Industrial Estate near Kalkara (this estate removed for the development of Smart City Malta . San Ġwann Industrial Estate near San Ġwann Xewkija Industrial Estate near Xewkija , Gozo Other industrial areas Mosta Industrial Estate at Mosta Ta' Maġġi at Żabbar Ta' Dbieġi at Għarb , Gozo Ta' Qali at Attard Albert Town at Marsa Tal-Ħandaq at Qormi Mrieħel near Qormi / Birkirkara Bulebel Industrial Estate Bulebel Industrial Estate is one of the major industrial estates in Malta . Its namesake origins from milk production. Among the factories located here are: D

The Lost World: Jurassic Park


The Lost World: Jurassic Park is a 1997 American science-fiction adventure film and the second installment in the Jurassic Park film series . A sequel to 1993's Jurassic Park , the film was directed by Steven Spielberg and written by David Koepp , loosely based on Michael Crichton 's 1995 novel The Lost World . Jeff Goldblum returns as the chaos-theorist and eccentric mathematician Ian Malcolm , leading a cast that includes Julianne Moore , Pete Postlethwaite , Vince Vaughn , Vanessa Lee Chester and Arliss Howard . Goldblum is the only actor from the previous film to return with a major role. Cameos feature return appearances by Richard Attenborough as John Hammond and a brief appearance by Joseph Mazzello and Ariana Richards as Hammond's grandchildren Tim and Lex. The story is set four years after the events of the original film and centers around the fictional Isla Sorna, a deserted island located off Central America 's Pacific Coast, near Costa Rica , where the cloned dinosaurs made by John Hammond's InGen

Changhua Coastal Industrial Park


Changhua Coastal Industrial Park ( Chinese : 彰化濱海工業區 ; simply 彰濱工業區, Changbin) is located in the seacoast of Changhua County of Taiwan . It is a relatively newer industrial cluster in Taiwan, it has many different industries such as food production, spinning, chemical industries and metal processors. External links Media related to Changhua Coastal Industrial Park at Wikimedia Commons Industry developing tourism on the side, new business opportunities surfacing at Changbin Industrial Park Changhua Coastal Industrial Park ( Chinese : 彰化濱海工業區 ; simply 彰濱工業區, Changbin) is located in the seacoast of Changhua County of Taiwan . It is a relatively newer industrial cluster in Taiwan, it has many different industries such as food production, spinning, chemical industries and metal processors. External links Media related to Changhua Coastal Industrial Park at Wikimedia Commons Industry developing tourism on the side, new business opportunities surfacing at Changbin Industrial Park

East Williamsburg, Brooklyn


East Williamsburg is a name for the area in the northwestern portion of the borough of Brooklyn in New York City , United States , which lies between Williamsburg , Greenpoint , and Bushwick . Much of this area is still referred to as either Bushwick, Williamsburg, or Greenpoint with the term East Williamsburg falling out of use since the 1990s. East Williamsburg consists roughly of what was the 3rd District of the Village of Williamsburg and what is now called the East Williamsburg In-Place Industrial Park (EWIPIP), bounded by the neighborhoods of Northside and Southside Williamsburg to the west, Greenpoint to the north, Bushwick to the south and southeast, and both Maspeth and Ridgewood in Queens to the east. History Knickerbocker Avenue looking north at Thames Street Knickerbocker Avenue looking south at Grattan Street In the 18th century, Bushwick was already an established town, and the waterfront area that provided ferry service to the island of Manhattan was simply known as Bushwick Shore. The land of

Red Hook, Brooklyn


Facing the mouth of Erie Basin Red Hook is a neighborhood in the New York City borough of Brooklyn , New York . The neighborhood is part of Brooklyn Community Board 6 . History Colonization Red Hook Houses East PS 15 Red Hook has been part of the Town of Brooklyn since it was organized in the 1600s. It is named for the red clay soil and the point of land projecting into the Upper New York Bay . The village was settled by Dutch colonists of New Amsterdam in 1636, and named Roode Hoek. In Dutch "Hoek" means "point" or "corner" and not the English hook (i.e., not something curved or bent). The actual "hoek" of Red Hook was a point on an island that stuck out into Upper New York Bay at today's Dikeman Street west of Ferris Street. From the 1880s to the present time, people who live in the eastern area of Red Hook have referred to their neighborhood as "The Point". Today, the area is home to about 11,000 people. Rapelye Street in Red Hook commemorates the beginnings of one of New Amsterdam 's earliest families,

Quebec Agreement


The Quebec Agreement is an Anglo - American document outlining the terms of coordinated development of the basic science and advanced engineering developments as related to nuclear energy; and, specifically weapons that employ nuclear energy. The joint agreement was between the United Kingdom and the United States , and signed by Winston Churchill and Franklin Delano Roosevelt on August 19, 1943, two years before the end of World War II , in Quebec City , Quebec , Canada . Background and negotiations The British Government was the first to realize that such an agreement was needed. On their own, they had established beyond question that, with their knowledge of the science of atomic energy, a nuclear weapon was both feasible and practicable. However, by late 1941 the British also realized that within the time frame and scale of the ongoing war, the development of a useful nuclear weapon was completely beyond the manpower and material capability of both their country and their Empire. Only the United States po



Map showing the nine districts of Delhi . Okhla (Old Canal Housing & Land Authority) is a Suburban colony in South Delhi district located at Delhi border. It is more commonly known as Okhla Industrial Area (OIA) or Okhla Industrial Estate, an industrial suburb in South Delhi which is mainly divided into three Phases. Okhla has lent its name to the nearby planned township of NOIDA ( New Okhla Industrial Development Area ). About Okhla is among one of the oldest villages in Delhi near the bank of Yamuna river. This can be judged from the making of Okhla canal (Agra Canal) by Britrishers in 1874, presently known as Okhla Head. History Agra Canal headworks at Okhla, 1871 The Okhla barrage , which was developed by Britishers, is also the starting point of the Agra Canal built in 1874, today it is also the location of the Okhla Sanctuary , and further down the canal towards Agra , the Keetham Lake , National Bird Sanctuary. OKHLA is an acronym for Old Kanal Housing & Land Authority. K for Canal was used s

Brownsville, Brooklyn


Brownsville is a residential neighborhood located in eastern Brooklyn in New York City . The 1.163-square-mile (3.01 km ) area that comprises Brownsville has 58,300 residents as of the 2010 United States Census . Part of Brooklyn Community Board 16 , Brownsville is generally considered part of greater East New York , though it is not actually a part of East New York itself. The neighborhood's boundaries are unclear, but it is generally bordered by Crown Heights and Weeksville to the northwest; Bushwick and Cypress Hills to the north; New Lots to the east; Canarsie to the south; and East Flatbush to the west. Founded in its current incarnation in 1858, it has been characterized as a slum through most of its existence. Initially a settlement composed of Jewish factory workers, Brownsville underwent a major demographic change in the 1950s that saw an influx of African-American and Latino residents. Since then, it has consistently held one of the highest poverty and crime rates of any neighborhood in New York Cit



Guildford is a large town in Surrey , England , located 27 miles (43 km) southwest of central London on the A3 trunk road midway between the capital and Portsmouth . The town has a population of just over 137,000 and is the seat of the wider Borough of Guildford which had an estimated 146,100 inhabitants in 2015. Guildford has Saxon roots and historians attribute its location to the existence of a gap in the North Downs where the River Wey was forded by the Harrow Way . By AD 978 it was home to an early English Royal Mint . On the building of the Wey Navigation and Basingstoke Canal Guildford was connected to a network of waterways that aided its prosperity. In the 20th century, the University of Surrey and Guildford Cathedral , an Anglican cathedral, were added. Due to recent development running north from Guildford, and linking to the Woking area, Guildford now officially forms the southwestern tip of the Greater London Built-up Area , as defined by the Office for National Statistics . History Etymolog

Battle Creek, Michigan


Battle Creek is a city in the U.S. state of Michigan , in northwest Calhoun County , at the confluence of the Kalamazoo and Battle Creek rivers. It is the principal city of the Battle Creek, Michigan Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), which encompasses all of Calhoun County. As of the 2010 census , the city had a total population of 52,347, while the MSA's population was 136,146. History and name origin In about 1774, the Potawatomi and the Ottawa Native American tribes formed a joint village near the future Battle Creek, Michigan. Battle Creek was named for a minor encounter on March 14, 1825, between a federal government land survey party led by Colonel John Mullett and two Potawatomi Indians, who had approached the survey camp asking for food. They were probably hungry because the Army was late in delivering the supplies promised them by the treaty of 1820. After a protracted discussion, the Native Americans allegedly tried to steal some food. One of the surveyors grabbed his rifle and shot one of the Po

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