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ISO/IEC 8859-2

ISO/IEC 8859-2:1999, Information technology — 8-bit single-byte coded graphic character sets — Part 2: Latin alphabet No. 2, is part of the ISO/IEC 8859 series of ASCII-based standard character encodings, first edition published in 1987. It is informally referred to as "Latin-2". It is generally intended for Central[1] or "Eastern European" languages that are written in the Latin script. Note that ISO/IEC 8859-2 is very different from code page 852 (MS-DOS Latin 2, PC Latin 2) which is also referred to as "Latin-2" in Czech and Slovak regions.[2]

ISO-8859-2 is the IANA preferred charset name for this standard when supplemented with the C0 and C1 control codes from ISO/IEC 6429. 0.2% of all web pages use ISO 8859-2 in June 2016.[3] Microsoft has assigned code page 28592 a.k.a. Windows-28592 to ISO-8859-2 in Windows. IBM assigned Code page 1111 to ISO 8859-2.

Codepage 1250 a.k.a. Windows-1250 has many of the same characters but in a different arrangement.

These code values can be used for the following languages:

It can also be used for Romanian, but it is not well suited for that language, due to lacking letters s and t with commas below, although it provides s and t with similar-looking cedillas. These letters were unified in the first versions of the Unicode standard, meaning that the appearance with cedilla or with a comma was treated as a glyph choice rather than as separate characters; fonts intended for use with Romanian should therefore, in theory, have characters with a comma below at those code points.

Microsoft did not really provide such fonts for computers sold in Romania. Still, ISO/IEC 8859-2 and Windows-1250 (with the same problem) have been heavily used for Romanian. Unicode subsequently disunified the comma variants from the cedilla variants, and has since taken the lead for web pages, which however often have s and t with cedilla anyway. Unicode notes as of 2014 that disunifying the letters with comma below was a mistake, causing corruptions of Romanian data: pre-existing data and input methods would still contain the older cedilla codepoints, complicating text searching.

Code page layout

In the following table characters are shown together with their corresponding Unicode code points. Note that code values 00-1F, 7F, and 80-9F are not assigned to characters by ISO/IEC 8859-2. Code 20 is the regular SPACE character, and A0 is the NON-BREAKING SPACE. Code AD is a SOFT HYPHEN, which even in isolation may not appear at all in compliant web browsers.


ISO/IEC 8859-2 (Latin-2)
_0 _1 _2 _3 _4 _5 _6 _7 _8 _9 _A _B _C _D _E _F
  2_   SP002032 !002133 "002234 #002335 $002436 %002537 &002638 '002739 (002840 )002941 *002A42 +002B43 ,002C44 -002D45 .002E46 /002F47
  3_   0003048 1003149 2003250 3003351 4003452 5003553 6003654 7003755 8003856 9003957 :003A58 ;003B59 003C60 =003D61 >003E62 ?003F63
  4_   @004064 A004165 B004266 C004367 D004468 E004569 F004670 G004771 H004872 I004973 J004A74 K004B75 L004C76 M004D77 N004E78 O004F79
  5_   P005080 Q005181 R005282 S005383 T005484 U005585 V005686 W005787 X005888 Y005989 Z005A90 [005B91 \005C92 ]005D93 ^005E94 _005F95
  6_   `006096 a006197 b006298 c006399 d0064100 e0065101 f0066102 g0067103 h0068104 i0069105 j006A106 k006B107 l006C108 m006D109 n006E110 o006F111
  7_   p0070112 q0071113 r0072114 s0073115 t0074116 u0075117 v0076118 w0077119 x0078120 y0079121 z007A122 {007B123 |007C124 }007D125 ~007E126  
  A_   NBSP00A0160 Ą0104161 ˘02D8162 Ł0141163 ¤00A4164 Ľ013D165 Ś015A166 §00A7167 ¨00A8168 Š0160169 Ş015E170 Ť0164171 Ź0179172 SHY00AD173 Ž017D174 Ż017B175
  B_   °00B0176 ą0105177 ˛02DB178 ł0142179 ´00B4180 ľ013E181 ś015B182 ˇ02C7183 ¸00B8184 š0161185 ş015F186 ť0165187 ź017A188 ˝02DD189 ž017E190 ż017C191
  C_   Ŕ0154192 Á00C1193 Â00C2194 Ă0102195 Ä00C4196 Ĺ0139197 Ć0106198 Ç00C7199 Č010C200 É00C9201 Ę0118202 Ë00CB203 Ě011A204 Í00CD205 Î00CE206 Ď010E207
  D_   Đ0110208 Ń0143209 Ň0147210 Ó00D3211 Ô00D4212 Ő0150213 Ö00D6214 ×00D7215 Ř0158216 Ů016E217 Ú00DA218 Ű0170219 Ü00DC220 Ý00DD221 Ţ0162222 ß00DF223
  E_   ŕ0155224 á00E1225 â00E2226 ă0103227 ä00E4228 ĺ013A229 ć0107230 ç00E7231 č010D232 é00E9233 ę0119234 ë00EB235 ě011B236 í00ED237 î00EE238 ď010F239
  F_   đ0111240 ń0144241 ň0148242 ó00F3243 ô00F4244 ő0151245 ö00F6246 ÷00F7247 ř0159248 ů016F249 ú00FA250 ű0171251 ü00FC252 ý00FD253 ţ0163254 ˙02D9255
_0 _1 _2 _3 _4 _5 _6 _7 _8 _9 _A _B _C _D _E _F
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